#1 Factors Influencing the Production Capacity of Raymond Mill von luckhoney 10.01.2019 04:25

Raymond mill is a small and medium-sized mill equipment, which is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, mining and other industries. Raymond mill can also be flexibly applied to cement production. In the process of cement grinding, the following factors will affect the production capacity of Raymond mill:

1. Hardness of materials. The grinding hardness has a great test on the equipment. The materials with higher hardness will not only delay the grinding time, but also increase the loss of the parts of the mill equipment. According to the statistics of relevant data, the wear rate of equipment will increase by 10%-20% with the increase of hardness. Therefore, for cement grinding, Raymond grinding is fully competent, and the wear rate is within the normal range.

2. Grinding fineness. If you want to grind the cement finer, it will also increase grinding time.

3. Water content of grinding material. When the moisture content of grinding material is relatively high, the material is extremely easy to adhere to the machine cavity, resulting in blockage of the discharging material and affecting the output of Raymond mill.

4. Equipment quality factors. Small-sized Raymond mill has the same structure in manufacturing, but it pays attention to the precision of parts and the use of materials. Raymond mill is relatively good in wear resistance and structure. These product details can be fully reflected in later grinding. The performance of grinding machine products is more than 10% higher than that of the same industry, and the equipment is more durable.

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