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      Authentic James Conner Jersey , at some point The NFL season hasn’t even kicked off yet, and I’m already tired of all the Le’Veon Bell drama. Will he show up for Week 1 or won’t he? Will Mike Tomlin and the players get tired of answering the same questions concerning Bell, not so cleverly asked in a variety of ways,week after week? In a larger sense, are the Steelers and Bell simply in a no-win situation this season, which promises to be an even bigger distraction than last season’s circus? You better believe it. At least last season there was still hope Bell and the team might meet somewhere in the middle on a long-term contract deal during the offseason. Now we all know that, at the end of the season, he’s gone.One thing’s for certain, Bell’s contract drama has separated Steelers Nation in a manner similar to how the modern political landscape has divided our nation — definitely not in a good way.A large portion of Steelers Nation is beyond fed up with Bell’s antics and wants the Steelers to rescind his franchise tag or work out some sign-and-trade scenario. These options aren’t realistic, though, and they’re out of the realm of possibility. Like it or not, Bell and the Steelers are bound together at the hip this season. If he plays at all, it will almost assuredly be for the Steelers.Another portion of Steelers Nation just wants to see the situation work out for the best for all parties involved. They don’t begrudge Bell’s pursuit of a fat contract, any more than they accept the Steelers financially motivated decision not to budge on their contract offer they felt was mutually responsible.That leaves a small group of fans in a place where Mr. Le’Veon Bell can do no wrong. Salary cap be damned and screw the long-term success of the team — Bell deserves whatever his little heart desires and the mean ol’ Rooney family are a greedy bunch of rich jerks for refusing to give it to him. After all, he’s only trying to take care of his family.This might sound funny, but that rationale reminds me of my parents. Growing up, my friends and I would play football in the front yard. It was about the size of half a football field. It was a great place to play football, but my dad was always concerned we were going to break the picture window in the front of the house. He warned me one time that if we broke that picture window, I could pack my bags and leave for good. Was he serious? I don’t think so, but I sure didn’t want to find out.Fast forward a couple of decades and suddenly my parents have become grandparents, and they’re singing a whole different tune. My son was the apple of my parent’s eye and could do no wrong. He could have stood in front of their house and threw the football straight through that window on purpose, and guess what my father would have said. “Did you see the arm on that boy?” That’s pretty much how some of Bell’s biggest supporters view his many questionable decisions. Maybe instead of allowing all this drama to separate us fans Youth JuJu Smith-Schuster Jersey , we can actually have a little fun with it this season and even maybe let it have some kind of unifying effect. There are a lot of hilarious moments sprinkled through all this drama, if we will only take the time to look for them. Some of this stuff writes itself. Like Bell patronizing strip clubs with his significant other. Some great material came from that little adventure, but it’s been well covered.There are countless other moments that may have slipped under the rug. Like how Bell has been working on his street cred to gain acceptance in the rap community. He has been seen hanging out with many accomplished rappers like 50 Cent and Snopp Dogg. Bell has insisted that he doesn’t need to be shot to gain entrance into the esteemed fraternity, because he already bears the scars left behind from the Steelers insulting contract offers and the ultimate betrayal perpetrated on him by so many Steelers fans.There have also been reports of Bell working this offseason on his punting and place-kicking skills. This has been a concerted effort to assure Bell would never have to come off of the field for any offensive possession and therefore would increase his overall value to any potential suitor. Any franchise willing to run a wildcat package as their predominant offense may prove to be an attractive destination for Mr. Bell next season. Who needs a quarterback anyway? Just snap Bell the ball and get out of the way.Now before any of Bell’s biggest supporters get their bloomers in a bunch, I’m writing all of this tongue-in-cheek. This is an attempt to make light of a situation that has the potential to derail a promising season. Hopefully Bell will sign his contract, have a wonderful season, lead the Steelers to another Super Bowl title and, in the end, everyone gets what they deserve.Wouldn’t that be a happy ending? Now, have you heard the one about Bell, a nun, and Todd Haley walking into a bar? The Pittsburgh Steelers’ season is over, but if you think the news surrounding the black-and-gold is over — think again. For the drama-filled Steelers, things are just heating up, and this is where the daily links article comes in. You might have missed some key news, and we fill you in and give you the latest, and sometimes greatest, news surrounding the Steelers.Today in the Black-and-gold links article we take a look at the scathing criticism by Steelers great Hines Ward very well could right on the money. Like it or not, sometimes hear these things just doesn’t sit well, but it doesn’t make it fiction.Let’s get to the news:Tim Benz: Hines Ward is right – Steelers are now the Bengals, must become the PatriotsBy: Tim Benz, Pittsburgh Tribune-ReviewIf you don’t value my opinion on the declining state of the Steelers , that’s fine. Maybe you’ll value the opinion of another guy many folks said was too short. Except he did play in the NFL.He was pretty good at it. You might remember him. His name is Hines Ward.”When we’re talking about the Steelers off the field more than we’re talking about the Steelers on the field, it’s a problem,” Ward said to USA Today. “Remember those Cincinnati Bengals, when they were worried about the shenanigans with (Chad) Ochocinco and T.J. (Houshmandzadeh)? That’s who the Steelers are now.”Sounds familiar, no?”I just think the culture that Mike Tomlin has created, or that exists in Pittsburgh, that’s not the standard of the Pittsburgh Steelers,” Ward added.The former Steelers receiver made those comments during Super Bowl week, a few days after I sent that tweet. So, apparently, we are of like mind on this front. The one-time Super Bowl MVP also used the word ”circus” to describe the Steelers. That’s another word I have used myself, much to the chagrin of Steelers management.Ward is right. The Steelers have become like those other teams: A talented but disorganized and underachieving lot that’s more known for their headlines off the field than the ones they make on it.The only people refuting that belief are those in the organization trying polish the horse droppings of 2018, some fans who can’t bring themselves to admit the truth, and some media members who feel like carrying water for the team.Ward said those things from a place of concern for his NFL alma mater. Not to get folks retweeting his quote with flame emojis.Frankly, I was doing the same. I hate admitting what the Steelers have become. I’d love to see the team get back to what it was when Ward was playing.It wasn’t the smoothest of times back then either, mind you. Ward played a role in that. He once griped about not getting the ball enough ... in training camp. He questioned Ben Roethlisberger for not playing when the quarterback had a concussion.Roethlisberger created a monsoon of negative press. Joey Porter constantly found himself in off-the-field situations. Plaxico Burress, too. Not to mention Cedric Wilson and James Harrison.But when it was time to play — and practice — in the early 2000s, those guys shelved those issues and took care of business and went to Super Bowls.Remind you of anyone else?(To read more, click in the link in the headline above...)Steelers still considering using transition tag on Le’Veon BellBy: Adam Schefter, ESPNThe Pittsburgh Steelers are still considering using their transition tag on Le’Veon Bell, which would give them the right to match any offer sheet the free-agent-to-be signs with any other team, a league source told ESPN.The prospect of using the transition tag on the star running back creates an interesting situation Chris Boswell Jersey , considering the fact that receiver Antonio Brown is likely to be traded, while Bell could possibly be back in Pittsburgh for 2019.Pittsburgh’s decision depends on how much another team would value Bell and whether the Steelers would be willing to match the offer sheet.There also is a battle brewing between the NFL and and NFL Players Association over the value of what the transition tag would be on Bell if the Steelers did use it. Bell and the NFLPA will argue that the transition tag is close to $14.5 million based on the escalating value of tags, and the Steelers and the NFL will say it’s closer to $9.5 million because Bell sat out this past season.No player has ever been in a situation like this. If the league wins the ruling, it will add even more leverage to teams using franchise and transition tags. If the NFLPA wins, it will give players more rights if they decide to skip seasons when tagged.Kansas City Chiefs early favorites to win Super Bowl LIV next seasonBy: Ben Fawkes, ESPNThe New England Patriots are champions for the second time in three seasons after defeating the Los Angeles Rams, but Las Vegas doesn’t believe they are the favorites to win the Super Bowl again next season.Instead, the Kansas City Chiefs and NFL MVP QB Patrick Mahomes are getting oddmakers’ respect.The Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook opened odds to win Super Bowl LIV in early January. The Chiefs had the second-best odds at 7-1, with the Rams as the favorite at 6-1. However, in the weeks since, Kansas City has shifted to the 6-1 favorite there and at multiple other Las Vegas sportsbooks.New England, Los Angeles and the New Orleans Saints have the second-best odds at 8-1 at Westgate. No other team has odds in the single digits.The teams with the next-best odds are the Pittsburgh Steelers, Los Angeles Chargers and Chicago Bearsat 14-1 at the SuperBook. The Cleveland Browns are among six teams with 20-1 odds.”One word: Mahomes,” Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook director John Murray told ESPN, citing why the Chiefs are now the favorite.”We’ve got the Chiefs as the favorite,” vice president of risk at CG Technology Jason Simbal told ESPN. “We’ve taken the most bets and money on them so far.”The story is the same in New Jersey, where the Chiefs are the 6-1 favorites at SugarHouse and DraftKings. Kansas City is the second favorite (9-1) behind New England (8-1) at DraftKings.(To read more, click in the link in the headline above...) Custom San Francisco 49ers Jerseys

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      Bad calls Cheap Maurkice Pouncey Jersey , dropped balls, diva falls, we've got them all. The Super Bowl will contain at least one team that shouldn’t be there. The Patriots will be there, though they likely shouldn’t have been last year. Our Steelers this year should have been in the playoffs, and while it mattered little, we showed this year we know how to beat the Patriots. Meanwhile, the Rams are in the fitting room trying on Roger Maris’s asterisk.I know it’s all so disgusting. It starts with the Steelers and their many unfathomable failures along the way. Ben on the bench in Oakland, the ball on the ground after a free kick, Antonio Brown playing a hippopotamus, and Chris Boswell playing Shank-opotamus. Now Youth Bud Dupree Jersey , however, we’re not even playing anymore and the bile and disgust keep on flowing. Now it’s not just the Steelers in danger, but the game itself. Something must be done.And something will be done. The Super Bowl will be played. The winner will celebrate. The draft order will be finalized. The combine will happen. The draft will draw interest and give birth to more opinions than there are stars in the galaxy. Football’s version of hot stove will take place, then reports from OTAs, followed eventually by camp, preseason football and next season. For which I can’t wait, despite my own swelling reserves of disgust.What I’m trying to get at is that all the stuff we grumble about that is ruining the game, has always been a part of the game. Tuck rule anyone? Horrible calls, bad decision making, unlucky bounces Cheap Antonio Brown Jersey , prima donna players have been around as long as the ball has not been round. The league can hold a summit on officiating. It can add this technology or that to the mix. Coaches will be fired, then hired elsewhere. Locker room distractions will get traded, and distract other locker rooms. Nothing can be and nothing will be done to “fix” what are not bugs with the NFL, but features. As long as we feed off the drama, even if by feeding we mean bemoaning it, denouncing it, it too will continue. We seem to think that blind zebras and bad attitudes and roughing calls for gentle tackles are bad for the brand. Because we think the brand is football. But the brand is actually our eyeballs. We are the product, delivered by the NFL to the advertisers, who write the checks that make it all happen. Football is the bait, and we are the catch. “Football” is year round now Authentic Artie Burns Jersey , because our eyes are on the game all year.OK. I’ll bite. And I’ll keep on biting. I will keep paying attention even though there will be no meaningful games for the next six months. All because come September it will still matter to me. I will still watch every Steeler game, waving my towels. I will complain about the same things I complained about this season. But I will put up with just about anything just to make the season last another week longer, until we get back to the show.Random Thoughts From a Black-and-Gold Mind: Dynamic duos, bad behavior and Cincy week edition It’s Bengals week. Typically a time when tempers flare with the white-hot intensity of a Supreme Court confirmation hearing or the Applebee’s customer base upon hearing that the riblet supply has run out. With all of the noise and bulletin board material rising to a fevered pitch, my black-and-gold brain is swirling with the nervous energy surrounding a pregnancy stick test in a college dorm. As always, I will pass the ravings on to you. But first I should really offer up a pumpkin patch of apologies for what and to who found offense with my thoughts last time out.Walter WhiteRipping on Disney straight-to-video sequelsAdam West’s closetMaking anybody picture Ving Rhames on a jet skiPinkPeaches and HerbThe Burger King Drive ThruAnd now the latest edition of Random Thoughts from a Black-and-Gold Mind.JuJu Smith-Schuster is the ultimate WR2. Pairing him with Antonio Brown is on par with Lennon/McCartney, Ponch/Jon and Zach Morris/AC Slater. Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY SportsMike Tomlin, the coach, gets a ton of criticism. I’m not saying it’s 100% undeserved. But Mike Tomlin, the human being , is top notch. His involvement in the crusade to combat sex trafficking and his wearing Duquesne garb (to show support to the college after the death of football player Marquis Brown) is a grand indicator of the quality of his character. Memo to Keith Butler: Blitzing the opposing QB does not need to be a limited engagement. It works. And in other news...water is wet, puppies are cute and over exposure to Flo from the Progressive commercials causes seizures.‘Cowboy Ben’ is back and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. That guy racks up wins like Charlie Sheen racks up tabs with escort services. However, a few months of ‘Consistent Ben’ would be nice.The Brothers Watt currently lead the NFL with six sacks a piece. That news made me want to call up my brother and chastise him for being the reason our parents are disappointed in us for not leading in any aspect of life. Then I came to a stark realization...I don’t have a brother and I need to see a therapist.At this point of the season, Joe Haden could possibly be the most integral part of the Pittsburgh Steelers defense. Mike Mitchell is back in the NFL with the Indianapolis Colts. There goes the Steelers stranglehold as the most-penalized team in the NFL.Speaking of Steeler penalties, I’ve seen more discipline at an early-80s high school kegger in Maryland.My crystal ball shows me getting major s#@t for that one.I blame the Bengals for a lot of things like excessive thuggery, global warming and the JFK assassination. However, Bud Dupree’s implying that Cincinnati was even remotely responsible for Ryan Shazier’s injury last December 4th is ridiculous.Speaking of Bud’s comments, the war of words for Bengals Week is officially underway and I find myself a little more than mildly entertained.Speaking of Bengals thuggery, does anybody else wonder if Le’Veon Bell’s alleged choice to wait until the bye week and after the Steelers play Cincinnati is more than just a co-inkydink?Could it be possible that the media is overthinking the allegations that Antonio Brown threw a vase and furniture out a 14-story window? Maybe he was trying to throw that stuff to himself and, at that moment Authentic Chris Boswell Jersey , inspired his recent “I can’t throw the ball to myself” comments as gospel.And finally,I wonder what Andre Coleman is doing these days.Until next time, I implore you all to offer up $1.29 to the iTune gods and download the ditty that offers hope to the Steelers for the remainder of 2018...Frank Stallone’s Far From Over.Back in the race I’m movin’ in ‘cause I am getting closer.I’m diggin’ inI want it more than anything I’ve wanted.Save me darlin’I am down but I am far from over.Save me darlin’I am down but I am far from over.Give me somethin’I need it all ‘cause I am runnin’ overTake that for what its’ worth, Go Steelers and Don’t Stop Shalievin’. Custom Houston Texans Jerseys

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      Johnathan Abram , SafetySchool: Mississippi State | Conference: SECCollege Experience: Senior | Age: 22Height / Weight: 5-11 / 205 lbsProjected Draft Status: 2nd or 3rd RoundNFL Comparison: DJ SwearingerCollege StatisticsPlayer OverviewJohnathan Abram is going to be a savage in the secondary for the team that drafts him in April.The Columbia, Mississippi native was considered a three-star recruit coming out of East Marion High School.Abram originally committed to playing for the University of Georgia as a result of heavy recruitment by defensive coordinator, Jeremy Pruitt.Abram played his Freshmen season in Athens before current Head Coach Kirby Smart was hired by the Bulldogs and Pruitt left to become the defensive coordinator at the University of Alabama.After this coaching personnel shift, Abram decided to leave Georgia.For his Sophomore season he would play at Jones County Junior College in Mississippi.After that year 24/7 Sports ranked him as the 10th overall JUCO prospect.By leaving the conference completely, Abram was allowed to play in the conference of his choosing for his Junior and Senior seasons. For Johnathan’s Junior and Senior campaigns he returned to the SEC Conference, enrolled at Mississippi State University, and became a terror on the back end of their defense.Abram quickly became known as a big-hitter and enforcer in the SEC.In 2018, the Mississippi State Bulldog defense was the number one scoring defense in the country.Abram was a big part of that, along with his fellow draft prospect teammates Montez Sweat and Jeffery Simmons.Abram’s outstanding Senior season earned him AP First-Team All-SEC & Third-Team All-American honors.Abram is a downhill force against the run game and a more than acceptable coverage man in the passing game.He is a Safety who appears to diagnose a play quickly and get to the ball in a hurry.And in watching film, one thing is certain, he is not afraid of contact.However , his aggression can get the best of him at times as his adrenaline seems to send him into plays a bit out of control.With the correct coaching and patience, this should be able to get cleaned up at the next level.Strengths Hard hitting classic Strong Safety who plays with violent intentions. His coaches and teammates love his high motor and energy.Was not observed “taking plays off” on film Vocal team leader on the back end of the defense and in the huddleHas the range and speed in run support to get downhill in a hurry. Had 9 tackles for a loss as a Senior Above average blitzing skills that are ideal for an in-the-box type SafetyConsistently observed attempting to strip the ball away from the ball carrierPossesses a thick frame, which should help him stand up to the violent contact that comes with playing Safety in the NFLWeaknessesNeeds to improve his ball skills, only generated two interceptions in his college career. Seems to struggle with tracking the ball in the air. Aggressive style at times has led him to overrun plays and take bad angles. Needs to do a better job of playing under control and cutting down the missed tacklesPlays with stiffness in his hips, which can be a liability in man coverageHe could stand to raise his target as many times he just throws himself at the ankles of the running back or receiverLet’s See His Work:How He Would Fit On The RedskinsWith a hole at Safety created by the release of defensive captain DJ Swearinger the Redskins could look to the draft to fill a need.Currently the roster has Montae Nicholson (probable suspension coming for involvement in a physical altercation), Troy Apke (a project at the position who would need to make enormous strides to be a large contributor this year), Adonis Alexander (Another project and former supplemental draft pick), and Deshazor Everett (meh) slotted as possible starters at Safety for next season.Ha Ha Clinton-Dix is an unrestricted free agent and may decide to sign elsewhere.Even if they were to re-sign Clinton-Dix, more help is needed.Abram could come in and immediately start at Strong Safety for the Redskins.His playing style is eerily similar to Swearinger, so the defense could move forward without missing much of a beat.While he may not have the “swag” or the mouth that DJ had, he has the potential to be an early contributor and future defensive leader.Plus , it would be wise for the Redskins to bring in a player with his prowess for attacking running backs.After all, we play in a division that features Ezekiel Elliott and Saquon Barkley.Should he be available when the Skins are picking on day two of the draft, Abram could be just what the doctor ordered for the team’s secondary.Will he even still be on the board by then?Stay tuned Skins fans. The last mock draft I did was solely based on Senior Bowl prospects. While that turned out fairly well, I wanted to do a mock that encompassed every prospect as a potential pick. For this mock I didn’t go in with a particular thought process in mind, and wanted to make selections based on how the draft played out. I used just the standard On the Clock, and didn’t incorporate any trade options. You can follow along with the draft here!15:QB DREW LOCK, MISSOURI-Right now I think three quarterbacks have separated themselves from the rest of the group in Dwayne Haskins, Drew Lock and Kyler Murray. All three carry questions with them and involve a bit more risk than we’ve seen from recent first round QBs. While it’s quite possible that all three are off the board before the Redskins select, it’s also possible that they slide given their questions.Lock has succeeded in the SEC with big passing yard and TD numbers, but his accuracy hasn’t been where you’d like it. In watching his games you see inconsistency throughout, with some incredible throws and then others that leave you scratching your head. That being said his arm talent is very high and he has the potential to be a true franchise QB. There are likely to be growing pains with him , but given where the Redskins are at with the position it’s something they can handle. 46:WR MARQUISE BROWN, OKLAHOMA-If you are looking for a receiver who can give the Redskins a Tyreek Hill type of impact, Marquise Brown is the top option in this class. Brown is a dynamic receiver who can beat you vertically and has the quickness to turn short slants and screens into huge games. While he often gets compared to DeSean Jackson, I do see more Tyreek Hill or T.Y. Hilton in his game as I believe while undersized, he’s more than a deep threat. Brown would be a major addition to the Redskins passing attack and would be a fantastic weapon to develop with your brand new QB. 76:C ELGTON JENKINS, MISSISSIPPI STATE-Though listed as a center and that is his primary position, Jenkins has the ability to play guard as well and I believe he could be a day one starter for the Redskins at LG. His center ability is a plus as well as he could move over if Rouiller was ever injured. Jenkins is better as a pass blocker, but he’s still very capable as a run blocker. 96:EDGE OSHANE XIMINES, ODU-Ximines has led ODU in sacks for four straight years tallying 33 in his career. He’s a long speed rusher off the edge, who has the upside to be a very good starter at the next level. He was a little one dimensional at the Senior Bowl (which is why I believe he’s more likely a 3rd RD prospect), and struggled to get off blocks when he didn’t win with his speed. I think he can contribute early on as a pass rush specialist who comes in on pass rushing situations. While he won’t replace Preston Smith entirely as a rookie , he can contribute a fair amount and develop into more down the road. 154:CB JUSTIN LAYNE, MICHIGAN STATE-Layne started his career at Michigan State as a receiver, but switched to the defensive side of the ball his freshman year. For the last two seasons Layne has been a full time starting corner for the Spartans. While he only has 3 career interceptions, he’s really strong in coverage and can match-up with bigger receivers given his 6’3” size. He’s still developing some and could even fall back as a safety given his size and range. Layne is a solid mid-round pick for the Redskins, who has some future starting potential. 172:WR KEELAN DOSS, CALIFORNIA-DAVIS-Doss is a highly productive FCS receiver who is a good blend of size and speed. At 6’2” Doss has good size and shows decent leaping ability making him a quality big target and capable of jump ball situations. Doss shows the ability to attack vertically and gain separation deep. While we will need to see his speed at the Combine, but it wouldn’t be surprising if he’s in the high 4.4’s which is really good for his size. The Redskins have only two WR spots locked up for next season with Josh Doctson and Paul Richardson at this time, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see them double up at this spot in the draft. 207:OT OLI UDOH, ELON-Udoh was a four year starter at Elon who never missed a game. He’s a big physical offensive tackle who is almost 6’6” and 330 lbs, and showed well both at the East West Game and the Senior Bowl. He’s raw with heavy feet, but the size and strength are real. While he’s been primarily a tackle some believe he may be a better guard at the next level. With the Redskins lacking offensive line depth , he’s a solid late round target.229:LB CAMERON SMITH, USCSmith was a four year starter at USC and led the Trojans in tackles the past three years. He’s really strong in run defense capable of fighting off blocks and still making the play. His coverage ability is lacking as he figures to be a bit limited at the next level. As a day three pick I think he gives a decent bit of value as a back-up LB, who can contribute a lot on special teams as well. Overview:I’m a bit indifferent with this draft class as it’s got more questions than I’d ideally like. While I don’t dislike the idea of drafting Lock, I do believe that like all the QBs in this class he’s more of a project. It could take 2-3 years before you really see him pay off. The same is true with most of the other picks who have high upside, but questions of will they reach it. Xmines and Layne have a lot of potential, but both are raw and might not develop as expected. Jenkins is clearly best at center, so while he can handle the guard position it’s not maximizing his strengths. Despite that I do this this draft can produce three starters in Lock, Brown and Jenkins, with potentially a fourth or fifth if Xmines and Layne develop. That is pretty good haul, but obviously this class will live or die by just what type of starter Lock develops into. What do you think? How would you change this draft? Do you think the Redskins should take Lock at 15 if they don’t have to trade up? Custom Seattle Seahawks Jerseys

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      The Redskins got off to a great start against the New England Patriots in their pre-season opener. The decision to give the starters the night off was extremely questionable given the circumstances. Washington has had a significant amount of turnover in the off-season Womens Dustin Hopkins Jersey , regardless of how many repetitions the starters get in the outing against New England, the bottom line is the starters should have seen some time on the field. Nonetheless, the Redskins got off to a 17-0 start offensively and allowed just one first down in the first 29 minutes of the game. The second-string offense, led by quarterback Colt McCoy, was able to pick apart the New England secondary ending his night going 13-18 for 189 yards and two touchdowns. Solid night overall for McCoy as multiple times he was able to extend plays outside of the pocket and convert for first downs and touchdowns. While receiver Maurice Harris had a good outing, second-year receiver Robert Davis and rookie Cam Sims had even better showings. The two, who combined for five catches for 109 yards, connected with Colt on numerous occasions and showed an ability to gain yards after the catch. Although his time was ended short due to a knee injury, rookie Derrius Guice displayed strength and vision in a couple of his carries. Unfortunately for Guice, his best run of the night was negated and happened to be the play he was injured on. Guice ended the night on six carries for just 19 yards, but it was his abilities with the football in his hand that made him separate himself from others on the depth chart.Defensively, inside linebacker Martrell Spaight and defensive end, Matt Ioannidis led the front seven in the first half. Washington’s second-string defense stifled the Patriots offense until the end of the second quarter’s final minute, when they began to show cracks in their armor. Rookies Greg Stroman and Tim Settle were very impressive in their debut with Washington as well. Stroman also displayed his versatility in being able to return punts and gain positive yards doing so. Although the Redskins third-string defense was putrid, allowing the Patriots to score 23 second-half points, Tim Settle dominated at the nose tackle position for Washington. Settle’s performance is an encouraging sign for the Redskins staff, he displayed his strength and motor with the ability to penetrate the offensive line the backfield nearly every snap. The lead did not last. The Patriots scored 26 unanswered, dominating the time of possession in the second half outgaining the Redskin by a large margin. Third-year quarterback Kevin Hogan had a very dull performance along with the other members of the third-string unit, ending his night with seven completions for just 44 yards and a fumble on the night. There were positives and negatives on the night, with all the positives belonging to the second team, and Tim Settle. The negatives Authentic Deshazor Everett Jersey , injuries to key players Derruis Guice and Matt Ioannidis whom both left with knee injuries, and the third string units on both sides of the football. It will be hard to say who made a case for themselves after this outing. The Redskins will owe Brandon Scherff $12.5m in 2019, with every dollar of that salary being charged to the salary cap.This is true every year for every former first round draft pick who is playing on his 5th year option.This also means that there is no dead cap hit if the team decides to cut the player, as the Redskins did with RG3 in 2016.Let’s be clear about one thing - Brandon Scherff is one of the best players on the Redskins team.He should be extended — not because it will provide salary cap benefit — but because it is the right thing to do.Personally, I count the beginning of the end of the Redskins playoff-bound 2018 season, not from when Alex Smith was so dramatically injured in Week 11, but from when Scherff’s season came to an end in Week 10.That was when the Redskins offensive line was so weakened that the team was no longer able to execute its offensive game plan.Yes... the Redskins right guard is that important to the team.It was a no-brainer to give Trent Williams a 5-year, $66m extension in 2015, six years after the Redskins had drafted him, and it should now be a similarly simple decision for the Redskins to extend Scherff on a similarly lucrative contract.It’s the right thing to do.It’s also the smart thing to do from a salary cap standpoint, and some time between now and March 13th, the Redskins should finalize a contract extension with Brandon Scherff.For a year or two, it’s been common for comments to appear in threads saying that the team needed to keep an eye on the cap space for the purpose of extending Scherff, Crowder and/or Preston Smith when the 2018 season came to an end.We’ve gotten so used to the idea being repeated in the comments section that many people have lost sight of the fact that the 2019 salary cap situation is different for Scherff than it is for the other two because the Redskins have already exercised the 5th year option that came with his status as a first-round draft pick.People still think in terms of a contract extension for Scherff eating into the Redskins salary cap.On the contrary, an extension for Scherff will reduce the 2019 salary cap and increase the available cap space for the franchise.In the cases of the slot receiver (Crowder) and the outside linebacker (Smith), extensions will certainly cut into the Redskins’ already limited cap space, but extending Brandon Scherff won’t put pressure on Washington’s 2019 cap space. In fact, through the magic of accrual accounting, the extension will change the distribution of Scherff’s cap charges, and actually give the Redskins more money to spend on other players, not less Cheap Josh Norman Jersey , if that’s what they want.The “extension” of Scherff’s contract will, in effect, involve the ‘tearing up’ of his current 1-year, $12.5m deal, and replacing it with a long-term agreement that will redistribute his money and cap charges.It’s always hard to project the exact effect of a contract on the salary cap without knowing the structure of the deal.The only way to reasonably project the salary cap impact is to make an educated guess as to what the new contract will look like, year-by-year, in order to assess its overall cap hit, and — most importantly to the Redskins — the immediate impact on the cap in 2019 and 2020, when the team needs to negotiate the difficult salary cap situation created by the Alex Smith injury.I have found that it is often good to have a “proxy” contract to guide my thinking for the purposes of projecting what the Redskins are likely to do with any given contract.Eric Schaffer, who is responsible for negotiating Redskin player contracts and managing salary cap, follows patterns that do not often vary, although he has shown the ability to adapt to specific circumstances, as he did with the large Josh Norman contract that was structured to be molded around the franchise tag(s) of Kirk Cousins, and leave the Redskins with a tradeable commodity in the final two years of Norman’s contract.While contracts for guards have traditionally not been as rich as those of offensive tackles in the NFL, the guard market was reset last season, and the years that have passed since the Trent Williams extension was signed in 2015 have resulted in a situation where Trent’s 5-year, $66m contract provides very good approximate value for a Brandon Scherff extension, with the added advantage, for our purposes, of also providing a model for the structure of the contract itself.There’s every reason to believe that the Scherff 2019 contract extension will be similar in structure to the Trent Williams 2015 contract extension, but that it will be tailored to help the Redskins get past the unusual and specific cap and roster challenges they face as a result of the Alex Smith injury.First of all Cheap Derrius Guice Jersey , let me clarify that — because Brandon Scherff is already signed to a contract in 2019 via the 5th-year option that exists under the current CBA (which did not exist when Trent was extended) — I’m talking about adding 5 years and $66m of new money to his current contract.The effect of this is that the contract that I am proposing for Brandon Scherff will equal his current deal + the proposed new money, resulting in a 6-year, $78.5m contract that will run from 2019 to 2024.Let’s look at the structure of the projected Scherff deal, with the cap hits from the 2015 Trent Williams extension laid in for reference.The Williams contract came with a $20m signing bonus on a $66m contract, meaning that TW received 30% of his contract money at signing, but the first two years of his contract had higher base salary numbers than I am proposing for Scherff and were fully guaranteed, meaning that he received 47% of his contract money (fully guaranteed) in the first two years.I have increased Scherff’s signing bonus to 38%, but reduced his base salary numbers in order to give the Redskins as much salary cap flexibility as is practical in ‘19 and ‘20.I am not addressing the structure of guarantees (beyond the signing bonus) in this model, since my purpose is simply to assess the salary cap impact of the extension.Overall, under this proposed structure, Scherff will receive 43% of his total contract money in the first two years.The slight differences between the Williams & Scherff deals are intended to work around the Alex Smith cap hits in 2019 & 2020.The immediate net effect of this contract extension in 2019 is to reduce Brandon Scherff’s cap hit from $12.5m to $8m, adding $4.5m to Washington’s available cap space.Based on salary cap projections from OverTheCap, this is what would happen to the Redskins available cap:To put a fine point on it, the Redskins do not need to cut, trade or restructure any other players to “make room” for Brandon Scherff’s extension.On the contrary, the extension itself should free up available cap space that can be used for signing other players to contracts in 2019.Not only is the extension the right move for the Redskins roster, it is also the right move for the Redskins salary cap.Signing Brandon Scherff to a multi-year extension in the coming weeks will have the effect of helping to solidify the Redskins offensive line for years to come, as well as increasing the Redskins available cap space in the season ahead.It’s the very definition of a no-brainer, win-win decision. 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      Eli Manning has taken a lot of heat Landon Collins Jersey , from a lot of directions.And the latest to take shots at the Giants quarterback had a hand in not putting enough talent around him to help him succeed.Former when the former college scouting director was fired along with former General Manager Jerry Reese.That means Ross would have had a chance to give them more options, such as the 2017 third-rounder they spent on quarterback Davis Webb (who was cut this year). Ross was also part of the decision-making process which led to back-to-back first-rounders on cornerback Eli Apple (traded to the Saints for a fourth rounder) and left tackle Ereck Flowers (moved to the right Authentic Jon Halapio Jersey , benched, then cut).That kind of resume makes it clear why Ross is available on a weekday morning to say things on television shows. Davis Webb was just as surprised as everyone else when he was cut by the Giants.The second-year quarterback wasn't out of a job for long, though. And, he's ready to move forward with the Jets, who signed him to their practice squad Tuesday."You never see it coming," Webb said after his first practice with his new team. "I think everybody was kind of shocked. At the same time, they made a decision. I don't have to agree with it. But I'm excited to be here and just be the best teammate I can be and just continue to grow."Webb was the Giants' third-round pick in last year's draft Cheap Evan Engram Jersey , but was surprisingly waived Sunday during final roster cuts . The Giants initially had four quarterbacks on their roster before cutting Webb and keeping rookie Kyle Lauletta and veteran Alex Tanney as backups to Eli Manning.Webb didn't play in a regular-season game last season and was inconsistent this summer in three preseason games."I didn't need a reason," he said. "They made a decision. I didn't agree with it. I don't think many people did, especially my teammates. At the same time, I've moved on and I wish them nothing but the best."Webb added that he had an "emotional conversation" with Manning when he was cut after growing close last season.To make room on the practice squad Tuesday, the Jets released quarterback John Wolford.The former Wake Forest star signed with the Jets in August as an undrafted free agent, played the bulk of the preseason finale at Philadelphia and was waived as New York made its final cuts. He was signed to the practice squad Monday.Once Webb was available, the Jets were among the first teams to contact him about an opportunity with them."I felt like this was the best decision for me ," Webb said. "They showed a lot of interest and I felt wanted. I'm excited to be here. There's no doubt about that. I get to keep my house, too."After three years at Texas Tech, Webb transferred to Cal and played one season there. He had a terrific season for the Golden Bears while throwing for 4,295 yards and 37 touchdown passes, and was selected the MVP of the Senior Bowl."He was somebody we looked at coming out (of college)," coach Todd Bowles said. "To have him available and be able to work with him on the practice squad is something that intrigued us about him, with the size and the arm."Webb ended up being the fifth quarterback drafted last year and appeared to be a potential future replacement for Manning.But the Giants B.J. Goodson Jersey , with a new general manager in Dave Gettleman and coach in Pat Shurmur, drafted Lauletta in the fourth round. Davis' future with the franchise then became murky with his uneven preseason during which he was 28 of 53 for 283 yards and one touchdown with no interceptions."I wouldn't say ticked off," Webb said when asked if that's how he felt about the Giants' decision. "I think that's kind of a trick question. I think you have to earn it every single day in this league. I have another opportunity, and I'm excited to be the best quarterback I can be and just continue to grow."Webb joins a Jets offense that has some familiar faces. He got to know offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates while preparing for the NFL draft in 2016.Webb also met quarterback Sam Darnold when the Jets rookie starter was a junior in high school and attending an Elite 11 camp — where Webb was a counselor."I knew he could spin it then," Webb said with a smile. "A few years later, everybody knows he can spin it."

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      Youth Sterling Shepard Jersey , right? Saquon Barkley is coming off of one of the best rookie seasons for a runner in NFL history, and Wayne Gallman has proven to be an effective change-up who should probably be used more. However, running backs are a dime-a-dozen and it never hurts to bring a few extra into camp and see what happens. It is possible that the Giants could want to bring in another late-round or UDFA back to compete with Gallman and Robert Martin. If so, they might look at LSU running back Nick Brossette. Brossette certainly isn’t the collegiate star that Leonard Fournette and Darius Guice were, but his game is well-rounded (resembling that of Orleans Darkwa), and his attitude could catch the coaches’ eye.MeasurablesHeight: 6-foot (listed)Weight: 215 pounds (listed)ProsPrototypical build for an NFL running back.Hard-nosed, no-nonsense runner.Shows some elusiveness near the line of scrimmage. Solid vision when going north-south. Willing pass protector and solid hands as a receiver.Highly regarded by coaches as a “team-first” player.ConsOne-speed runner. Doesn’t have the burst or second gear to run away from defenders.North-South, one-cut runner. Best in inside zone or man-gap schemes. Can show some hesitancy behind the LOS if running lanes are clogged. Does several things well enough, but nothing truly special.Numbers Of NoteAdvanced analytics from Dan PizzutaAmong 50 running backs with at least 200 carries this season, Brossette’s 14.2 percent broken tackle rate ranked 43rd, per Sports Info Solutions. His 25.8 percent first down rate ranked 39th. However, he did run behind a line ranked 81st in Adjusted Line Yards, per Football Outsiders.Prospect VideoWhat They’re Saying “Brossette is balanced enough as a player to provide a capable option on all three downs, but nothing about his skill set will be considered special or irreplaceable. He looks like a day three pick that will need to shine on special teams to ensure his spot on the depth chart.” -The Draft Network (draft profile)Does He Fit The Giants?Probably not.The Giants should be all set at running back between Saquon Barkley and Wayne Gallman. If anything, they underused Gallman throughout the season in an effort to get Barkley touches. Brossette is a one-speed, one-cut runner who can make a defender miss at the line of scrimmage on occasion, but nothing about his game truly stands out. He has some burst behind the line of scrimmage Alec Ogletree Jersey , but not better than Gallman, and while he can pick up chunk yardage when it is mostly blocked for him, he can’t make it happen on his own. Coaches will love the attitude that made him a great teammate waiting his turn behind Leonard Fournette and Darius Guice, and he offers enough physically to earn looks. He will likely catch on somewhere and could be a solid option as a number two or number three back. But with Barkley, Gallman, Paul Perkins (he’s still around), and Robert Martinalready in-house, that somewhere probably isn’t with the Giants.NFL roster cuts 2018: 10 recently released players who could interest the Giants The 4 p.m. deadline for the New York Giants, and the rest of the NFL, to trim their rosters to 53 players has come and gone. But that doesn’t mean that the roster shuffling is over with and this 53-man roster is the one with which the Giants will take the field against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Well over 1,000 players have just lost their roster spots, and at least some of them could be improvements at certain spots for the Giants’ depth chart.Between the waiver wire and veteran free agents, here are 10 players who might interest the Giants. The Giants shouldn’t be looking for starters among the rest of the league’s castoffs, but they might find useful depth or players to develop who were forced off the roster due to the numbers game.Offensive lineJonathan Cooper (OG) - Cooper has been on five teams since being drafted seventh overall in 2013. He has never capitalized on the athleticism that got him drafted so highly, but teams keep giving him chances. He is coming off an injury but could be an upgrade to the Giants’ interior offensive line depth.Austin Howard (OT) - Howard was a solid right tackle for the Baltimore Ravens. However, the 31-year-old, 6-foot-7 4Dalvin Tomlinson Jersey , 330-pound tackle seemed to regress badly after being signed by the Indianapolis Colts. However, the Giants wouldn’t need him to be a starter, just a better back-up option than Chad Wheeler.Dorian Johnson (OG) - Johnson was considered one of the top offensive line prospects to come out in 2017, but fell to the 4th round after being diagnosed with a liver condition. He struggled in his rookie training camp and was released by the Arizona Cardinals. Johnson was praised in college for his easy movement in pass protection and run blocking, as well as his power. He could be intriguing developmental depth.Linebacker Kevin Minter (ILB) - Minter was drafted by the Arizon Cardinals in the second round of the 2013 draft. He spent the first four years of his career with the Cardinals, having his best years with new Giants defensive coordinator James Bettcher. Scooby Wright III (ILB) - Another familiar face for Bettcher, Wright was signed off the Cleveland Browns’ practice squad in December of 2016. Wright isn’t an athletic linebacker, but he is incredibly instinctive and plays with a great competitive fire. He was also insanely productive at Arizona, notching 164 tackles, 31.5 tackles for a loss, and 15 sacks in his 2014 season (only played three games in 2015).CornerbackTony Lippett - Well known to Giants’ DB coach Lou Anarumo, Lippett is a 6-2 former wide receiver. He is returning from a torn Achilles, but he has impressive measurables and upside.Quenton Meeks - A surprise cut from the Jacksonville Jaguars who signed him as an undrafted free agent this off-season, Meeks is a well put together corner at 6-1, 210 pounds with easy hips and quick feet. Meeks is also the son of a long-time NFL coach and has a reputation as a smart player with a strong work ethic in the film room.Cre’von LeBlanc - Another undersized slot corner, LeBlanc isn’t a great athlete, but he has quick feet Eli Manning Jersey , and excellent footwork to match receivers in short areas — not to mention an aggressive play style.KickerDan Bailey - Bailey might have been THE surprise cut of 2018. Bailey has been one of the best kickers in the NFL since his second season. Bailey had a down 2017 season, making just 75 percent of his field goal attempts (none blocked), but before that he routinely completed more than 90 percent of his attempts. The Giants could believe that the odds are better that he will improve than will Aldrick Rosas. Daeshon Hall (DL/EDGE) - Dave Gettleman drafted Hall for the Panthers in the third round of the 2017 draft. Hall has a powerful lower body, long (35-inch) arms, and the frame to either fill a role similar to Kareem Martin or Romeo Okwara as an outside linebacker on base downs who plays on the defensive line in nickel situations. He could add muscle and play the 5-technique. 2018 Waiver Wire OrderOrderTeamOrderTeamFun bonusesThese players might not be on the Giants’ radar, but they could be fun additions. Doran Grant - Drafted out of Ohio State in 2015, Grant is a former All Big 10 selection, Grant is short at 5-10, but is still a stout 200 pounds. He is experienced in press coverage and has the quickness to play in the slot. Braxton Miller (WR) - Miller is a converted quarterback, who is still learning the wide receiver craft, but he is an incredible athlete who is dangerous with the ball in his hand. The Giants might want to try and develop a talent capable of plays like this: Dimitri Flowers (H-back) - This is a personal desire. Flowers wasn’t one of the best players in the 2018 NFL Draft, but the fullback/h-back from Oklahoma was one of my favorite players to watch on tape. He was also a favorite target for Baker Mayfield. It isn’t often you find a player capable of lead blocking or catching a pass and picking up a chunk gain from the backfield or slot. The Giants want to use alignments to isolate defenders and force mismatches, and a player with Flowers’ skill set could be a weapon for them.Who would you like to see the Giants sign or claim off waivers?

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      that they have hired former Denver Broncos defensive coordinator Joe Woods to serve as defensive backs coach and passing game coordinator. He replaces Jeff Hafley Authentic Laken Tomlinson Jersey , who departed after three seasons with the team to serve as co-defensive coordinator at Ohio State.Head coach Kyle Shanahan had this to say about the hiring decision.It will be a quick turnaround for Woods as the 49ers coaching staff heads to Mobile this weekend for Senior Bowl week. The 49ers are coaching the South roster with a week of practices followed by the game on January 26th.Here is a rundown of Woods’ biography, courtesy of 49ers PR.Woods, 48, joins the 49ers after spending the previous four seasons with the Denver Broncos as the team’s defensive coordinator (2017-18) and defensive backs coach (2015-16).Prior to Denver Womens Brock Coyle Jersey , Woods spent 11 years as defensive backs coach with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2004-05), Minnesota Vikings (2006-13) and Oakland Raiders (2014). Before his time in the NFL, Woods served as defensive backs coach at Western Michigan University (2001-03), Hofstra University (1998-2000) Womens Adrian Colbert Jersey , Kent State University (1997) and Grand Valley State University (1994-96). He began his coaching career as defensive backs coach at Muskingum College in 1992, followed by one season as a graduate assistant at Eastern Michigan University (1993). He also spent the spring of 1994 as linebackers coach at Northwestern State University.A native of North Vandergrift, PA, Woods played cornerback and safety at Illinois State University where he was a team captain as a senior in 1991 and earned First-Team All-Gateway Conference honors. I really hope this is the last year the 49ers are not making the playoffs. I’d love to go into the Super Bowl next year angry about how a call hosed the 49ers in the playoffs , or (here’s a novel idea) watching the 49ers in the championship game. I’ve gone back and forth on who I’m rooting for and it’s the commercials. Give me a good football game, but it’s a game I’m already knowing I won’t be interested in. I’ll be more interested in the food at the party I go to rather than the game. So I hope I get to laugh hard for some great commercials. Either team winning is going to make me angry, so might as well focus on something else. Beyond that depression, there’s the other depression:football is coming to an end again. I never can appreciate the joy of games on TV until there are no games at all. So I’m sure as the clock winds down I’ll be savoring every last play until we go into the offseason to prepare for the draft. Kyle Shanahan surprised 49ers assistants were raided after 4-12 season (Maiocco)NFL draft prospect Nick Bosa fully healthy heading into combine (Madson)2019 season marks turning point for 49ers (Madson)2019 NFL draft: New name emerges for 49ers in mock draftNFL draft target Nick Bosa met with John Lynch , hopes to get to know 49ers (Maiocco)49ers’ George Kittle on recruiting Antonio Brown: Jimmy Garoppolo started it (Branch)You pick the free agents the 49ers should sign (Cohn)What a horrible night to have a curse...

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      It was not pretty Youth Arik Armstead Jersey , and the San Francisco 49ers found a new way to blow a game. The 49ers led 15-10 in the fourth quarter, and Josh Rosen drove 73 yards to get the game-winning score. The Cardinals won 18-15 after the 49ers blew a snap and Beathard threw incomplete as time expired. It was about as fitting a finish for this team as possible.It was a thrilling finish for the general football fan, and probably if you are rooting for draft positioning, but it was another disappointing finish for a 49ers team that can’t close out a game to save their lives.It was an ugly game early, with neither team able to find the end zone. The 49ers got a safety in the first quarter, and an exchange of field goals had a score of 5-3 49ers at the half. The 49ers finally got things going in the second half, with Marquise Goodwin catching a short pass and turning it into a 55-yard touchdown. The 49ers added a field goal and seemed in control with a 15-3 lead.However, the defense folded in the fourth quarter. The Cardinals drove 75 yards on six plays to cut the lead to 15-10 Womens Jimmy Garoppolo Jersey , capped by a Larry Fitzgerald touchdown. After a 49ers punt, the Cardinals fumbled back to the 49ers but San Francisco could get nothing done. Josh Rosen had a bit of a coming out on the Cardinals final drive, leading them 73 yards in 1:42 for the game winning score.Injury reportThe 49ers once again dealt with more injuries. Teams get banged up fairly regularly, but it seems like the 49ers just can’t stay healthy. This time, strong safety Jaquiski Tartt and linebacker Reuben Foster were lost to injury. Foster suffered a hamstring injury, and was ruled questionable to return. He was replaced by Elijah Lee, and never returned to the game.Tartt injured his shoulder and was replaced by Antone Exum. Tartt was ruled out, and the 49ers later lost Exum to a head injury. He was replaced by Tyvis Powell.George Kittle suffered an injury at one point when he took a huge hit , but returned the next series.Up next: vs. Oakland Raiders (TNF)The final Battle of the Bay Area gets to go under the lights. And given that it’s not Sunday evening, it could not be flexed out! The Raiders dropped to 1-6 following their 42-28 loss to the Indianapolis Colts. I’m sure the NFL is thrilled about this matchup. The San Francisco 49ers are set to name Wes Welker their wide receivers coach. Welker spent the past two seasons as an offensive assistant with the Houston Texans and interviewed with the 49ers a week ago Monday.Beat writer John McClain had the first report that Welker was leaving for the 49ers, and Matt Barrows followed up to confirm it would be as wide receivers coach. The team has yet to announce the hiring.Welker was a plenty talented receiver, and it will be fascinating to see what he can do with the 49ers receiving corps. As Kevin Jones noted, the team has a host of shifty receivers that could benefit from someone like Welker. It remains to be seen how he will operate as a coach, but if he is a good coach, that bodes well for Dante Pettis, Trent Taylor Womens DeForest Buckner Jersey , Marquise Goodwin, and others.When the 49ers announce the Welker hiring, it is a safe bet they will also announce a new job title for Mike LaFleur. He has served as the 49ers wide receivers coach and passing game coordinator. The team is expected to hire Shane Day as quarterbacks coach, so I am not quite sure what the plan is for LaFleur. Maybe an assistant head coach/offense type of title makes sense.

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      could miss game against Chiefs While cornerback Joe Haden was the only player forced from the field early due to injury on Sunday for the Pittsburgh Steelers Chris Boswell Jersey , very little has been heard from the team or Haden about the severity of the problem since his hamstring injury was first reported. Declining to speak to the press at any length after the game, Haden merely confirmed he was due to have an MRI on Monday, offering little else of substance to allay the fears of Steelers Nation. However, if a report from Jeremy Fowler on Monday is to be believed, the injury might not be as significant as first imagined.As per Google, ever reliable when it comes to medical diagnosis , a Grade-1 hamstring pull can take anywhere from two days to two weeks to heal. With the Steelers set to face the Kansas City Chiefs at Heinz Field in five days, that would seem to leave Haden questionable for Sunday but probable for Week 3. Cameron Sutton was the next man up on the depth chart against the Browns and he would figure to be the starter versus the Chiefs if the veteran cornerback cannot play. Haden’s level of participation in practice this week will determine his availability in Week 2, as Mike Tomlin might say, and he’s likely to be characterized as day-to-day when Tomlin addresses the media on Tuesday.For what it’s worth, members of the press who saw Haden at the team facilities on Monday reported no obvious signs of injury, nor any visible limp. If you are like me Alejandro Villanueva Jersey , NFL game days don’t involve much of the pre-game festivities. As a father of 5, and plenty of things on the to-do list, listening to the ‘talking heads’ just don’t rank high on my priority list. I will sit down around 12:45 p.m. ET and settle in to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers do battle with any number of opponents. Much to my surprise this week, when Mike Tomlin was heading into the locker room before the Steelers played the Ravens, ESPN’s Dianna Russini asked Tomlin about several different topics, but none larger than the question about Le’Veon Bell.Tomlin , the constant wordsmith, gave Russini, and media outlets everywhere, a tremendous quote on his All-Pro running back who has passed up $7.7 million dollars and has watched James Conner turn in an All-Pro performance of his own.Just watch his response below:As I dug a bit deeper, the fan and media reaction to Tomlin’s remarks were outstanding. People were reading so much into Tomlin’s remarks, when they should just be taking them at face value.How often does Tomlin have to tell the media he is only concerned about the players who are there in the facility working everyday? How many times does he have to refuse to talk about Bell Cheap Artie Burns Jersey , because he isn’t there> This was just a unique way of saying the exact same thing. He wants volunteers, or people willing to do work, not hostages who are trying to leverage something for themselves.Maybe this was Tomlin being more candid than he had been previously, but his stance on Bell’s absence has remained strong throughout offseason workouts, training camp, the preseason and the first half of the regular season. If/when Bell returns , Tomlin will then have to make some tough decisions, but until then he will do what he has been saying he will do since the start of the season — focusing on those “volunteers” who are a part of this 5-2-1 team who has won four games in a row.Tomlin loves to make comments like this, and it shouldn’t surprise anyone he used the words he used. But while some want to dissect his words, I suggest we all do something a bit more constructive...Praise James Conner for his ridiculous play throughout the four games during this winning streak. Custom San Francisco 49ers Jerseys

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      losing when the Steelers took the field against Carolina on Prime Time television. The Steelers were winners again Youth Xavier Grimble Jersey , and with a lot of games remaining, the playoff contenders and pretenders are becoming more defined...but contests will increase in importance by the week. Most of the time, Steelers fans know who to root for. But here’s a guide to significant matchups, and whose losses the Steelers would benefit more from, this weekend.If the season ended today Youth JuJu Smith-Schuster Jersey , the Steelers would be the third seed in the AFC, but there are plenty of teams to root for in other action. Here are the current AFC playoff standings.Kansas City Chiefs 8-1 (Would win AFC West and would earn them a First Round Bye)New England Patriots 7-2 (Would win AFC East and would earn them a First Round Bye)Pittsburgh Steelers 6-2-1 (Would win AFC North and host Wild Card Cincinnati)Houston Texans 6-3 (Would win AFC South and host Wild Card Los Angeles Chargers)Los Angeles Chargers 6-2 (Would earn Wild Card and travel to Houston)Cincinnati Bengals 5-3 (Would earn Wild Card and travel to Pittsburgh)Miami Dolphins 5-4Tennessee Titans 4-4Baltimore Ravens 4-5Jacksonville Jaguars 3-5Indianapolis Colts 3-5New York Jets 3-6Denver Broncos 3-6Cleveland Browns 2-6-1Buffalo Bills 2-7Oakland Raiders 1-7Atlanta Falcons at Cleveland Browns - Sunday 1:00 PMThis game is of little to no consequence to the playoff chances of the Steelers. But the Browns are the Browns and we root against the Browns, no matter how sorry we feel for them.Who to root for: Atlanta Falcons New Orleans Saints at Cincinnati Bengals - Sunday 1:00 PMWho Dey think are gonna beat those Bengals? Hopefully Who Dat. My hatred for the Bengals eclipses my abhorrence of these idiotic catch phrases. Go Saints.Who to root for: New Orleans SaintsArizona Cardinals at Kansas City Chiefs - Sunday 1:00 PMKC isn’t winning out. But they are safe this week. For the Steelers sake, that stinks.Who to root for: Arizona CardinalsNew England Patriots at Tennessee Titans - Sunday 1:00 PMNo Brainer. The Steelers need to vault past the Pats. A former Belichickean (Mike Vrabel) could do the trick against his former team.Who to root for: Tennessee TitansJacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts - Sunday 1:00 PMThis game probably doesn’t matter, but after last season...I want to make sure Jacksonville is golfing come January. Go Colts.Who to root for: Indianapolis ColtsLos Angeles Chargers at Oakland Raiders - Sunday 4:05 PMThe Chargers keep gaining momentum. Slowing that down would be good Youth Jon Bostic Jersey , I feel dirty, but “just win baby”.Who to root for: Oakland RaidersMiami Dolphins at Green Bay Packers - Sunday 4:25 PMWould love to see Miami beat New England for the division crown. Would also love to fit into my size 38 jeans again. Neither are going to happen, but ‘Go Dolphins’ anyhow.Who to root for: Miami Dolphins...AFC Bye-Weekers: Baltimore Ravens, Denver Broncos, Houston TexansOther games featuring AFC teams:Buffalo Bills at New York Jets - Sunday 1:00 PM The opening few days of the offseason have been a nightmare for Pittsburgh Steelers fans so far Youth Javon Hargrave Jersey , with no obvious end to the drama in sight. But while there has been little to smile about as of late, it would appear Cleveland Browns safety Damarious Randall did his best to give Pittsburgh fans a good laugh during when talking to the media on Tuesday.Despite wrapping up an 11th straight losing season on Sunday, it would seem that confidence is rather high in Cleveland these days, with Randall predicting a new era of football for the AFC North in the future. As reported by Mary Kay Cabot of there can be no question that the Browns were one of the league’s most improved teams in 2018, it is quite a leap from there to the prolonged era of dominance Randall is expecting. Considering Cleveland’s history selecting head coaches Youth James Conner Jersey , some might suggest the safety would be wise to wait and see who gets the job before making his postseason plans for 2019, even if Randall doesn’t quite see it that way.However, until the Browns have at least appointed a new head coach, Randall might want to lay off the Kool-Aid given his team has not won the division since 1989. Custom New York Giants Jerseys

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      It has been refreshing. My entire adult life the Redskins have always had some sort of nagging issue with a player Cheap Josh Norman Jersey , coach, or front office official being in some sort of petty feud, being disgruntled, or otherwise. Recently it appeared the team has been on a path that largely avoids such malcontent from making its way onto the field or even getting very far in the locker room. The team is starting to see the emergence of a new leader in Jonathan Allen who will chew into a teammate before he let’s them off the hook for playing poorly. The team actually is trying to adhere to a ‘code of conduct’ if you will. Generally it is the veterans that set this standard for the younger players to follow. That’s is why I find this latest PFT report disturbing.I work in an environment where myself and my colleagues constantly wear headphones. Music, Youtube, podcasts help get us through the day as be build things on our computers. If our Senior comes into our space and demands our attention to address us the headphones come out without question. I can’t see any reason why Josh Norman, a 7-year veteran, would not pay attention to what the Head Coach has to say during halftime unless he simply didn’t care. We all have our opinions about Jay Gruden but I don’t think any of us would condone a player being so cavalier and disrespectful toward him during a game. This behavior is apparently what got Norman benched during the Saints game according to PFT. The word comes from Kevin Sheehan whose source says that Jay asked Josh to take out his headphones and when he didn’t, he came up to him and removed them himself. Let’s have an exercise in optimism for one moment. We have all spaced out before and not heard something that was said to us Cheap Derrius Guice Jersey , much less if he had something obstructing our hearing. Maybe Norman was just that into his tunes at half time? The problem I see with that is Norman is not a rookie. Norman has been in many a halftime locker room. All of which feature some sort of address from the Head Coach, assistant coaches, or teammates. Furthermore he has been with the Redskins for 3 seasons now so it is not like he doesn’t have a sense of the environment during this moment in a game. There is no sense beating around the bush. Norman was signed to a big contract after having a career year in Carolina. The signing was completely fine with me then and I have no hindsight quarrel with it. Norman played very well his first season with the Redskins. He played all 16 games in 2016 and registered 3 picks, 19 passes defended, and 2 FFs to highlight some of his stats. Since 2016 his play has fallen off a cliff. He was injured in 2017 and didn’t come close to the numbers he posted before in coverage and takeaways. This year he looks even worse. He has lost his edge, he is playing softer, and he is not nearly as effective in reading a QB or sticking with a WR. We saw this in the preseason. We see it now. This does not mean that Norman ought to pack his bags and get out of the NFL. It simply means he is not a shutdown coverage corner like he used to be. I don’t know how many of you listen to Cris Carter, Shannon Sharpe, or any other former pro football player of choice on talk shows and podcasts but it is well known according to those guys that once a player realizes he is in decline it can have a profound impact on him. I don’t doubt if Josh Norman has lost confidence these past couple of seasons it is manifesting itself on the field. I don’t know if he watches the game broadcast as well but when a broadcaster says you are no long a number 1 corner and that your colleague - a converted WR - is the best cornerback on the team that must make you feel a certain type of way. It would sting if I were in his shoes. This brings us back to the issue at hand. If the above is in the realm of possibility and is leaning towards reality does that mean Josh is starting to checkout from his Head Coach Cheap Da'Ron Payne Jersey , his coaches, and his teammates? I think he may be. The report also hints that Norman may be starting to rub his coaches the wrong way and that their may be animosity building. This is not good. This is how we get to the problems we saw so publicly in the early 2010’s. Some may be of the opinion that if all of this bad blood is brewing there is still a chance that it can be rectified by Norman, Jay Gruden, and whoever else is involved. Maybe. I have worked professionally in my field for 6 whole years now (almost 7!) and what has become obvious to me is that when a boss has a problem with an employee or vice versa one of them is going to leave and its only a matter of time and a question of who. If this thing is not going to workout I believe Norman and Jay already know that. If you know that start making plans for the benefit of the team. Propose a trade, make an exit plan for next year, etc. This team has been on the precipice for so long and a positive influence like Jon Allen can easily be dwarfed by negative energy between player and coach that can spread to the locker room. We have enough case studies in the NFL to see how that can derail a team. If that is the case and if I had any power I would not be willing to risk the locker room. If you think the relationship stands a chance work though I suppose but is the effort worth it? Also think about who you would rather be here beyond the season Jay Gruden or Josh Norman? This may surprise some but if I were choosing I’d choose Gruden. 炉\_(銉?_/炉. If this issue is what Sheehan says it is the team needs to do something about it quickly.UPDATE: Derrius Guice tore ACL, out for the season UPDATE: Torn ACL for Derrius Guice, season over.Redskins fans held their breath last night as they saw rookie RB Derrius Guice break off a nice run, then go down hard at the end of it. He was seen on the sidelines getting medical attention and then walking with a limp. He said he was fine after the game Youth Brandon Scherff Jersey , but Head Coach Jay Gruren said he would still need an MRI today to be sure. According to NFL Network's Ian Rapoport, Guice's initial diagnosis was a sprained MCL. Guice said his foot landed awkwardly and he hypextended his knee a little bit. This is the same knee that affected him during his last year at LSU.The Redskins had big expectations for Guice in their offense this year, and he has impressed coaches, players, and fans since joining the team. Any injury hurts his development with the team, and now he waits another year to make his debut in the NFL.The Redskins return to training camp practices tomorrow, and will host the New York Jets from Sunday-Tuesday. The Redskins then host the Jets for their second preseason game on Thursday. Custom Denver Broncos Jerseys

    • linhui95 hat den Blog-Artikel "DETROIT (0-1) at SAN FRANCISCO (0-1)Sunday" geschrieben. 26.02.2019 , 4:05 p.m. ET, FoxOPENING LINE - 49ers by 3 1/2RECORD VS. SPREAD - Detroit 0-1, San Francisco 0-1SERIES RECORD - 49ers lead 37-28-1LAST MEETING - Lions beat 49ers 32-17, Dec. 27, 2015LAST WEEK - Lions lost to Jets 48-17; 49ers lost at Vikings 24-16AP PRO32 RANKING - Lions No. 30, 49ers No. 23LIONS OFFENSE - OVERALL (17), RUSH (32), PASS (8).LIONS DEFENSE - OVERALL (19) , RUSH (30), PASS (10).49ERS OFFENSE - OVERALL (20), RUSH (24), PASS (15).49ERS DEFENSE - OVERALL (18), RUSH (17), PASS (16).STREAKS, STATS AND NOTES - Lions lost nine straight in series before win in 2015. ... Detroit lost 12 straight at San Francisco since 28-17 win Nov. 2, 1975. ... Lions coming off most lopsided season-opening loss since 45-0 defeat at Washington in 1991. ... Detroit allowed TDs on run , pass, punt return, INT return vs. Jets. ... Lions QB Matthew Stafford threw four INTs in opener. ... Detroit gained league-low 39 yards rushing in opener. ... San Francisco QB Jimmy Garoppolo had first loss in eight NFL starts last week. Garoppolo is first 49ers QB with three INTs in opener since Steve Young in 1993. ... San Francisco has 12 TDs on 28 red-zone drives with Garoppolo as starter past two seasons. ... 49ers went three-and-out on three of 12 drives in opener after doing it on 4 of 49 non-kneeldown drives in Garoppolo's starts last year. ... Rookie WR Dante Pettis became first 49er to score TD on first career catch since Vernon Davis in 2006. ... San Francisco DL DeForest Buckner had 2 1/2 sacks last week after only three in all of 2017. ... 49ers LB Fred Warner led all rookies with 12 tackles last week. Warner also forced fumble. ... San Francisco K Robbie Gould made 26 straight FGs, one shy of Phil Dawson's franchise record. ... Fantasy tip: San Francisco's George Kittle had fourth-most targets of any TE in Week 1 with nine. He caught five for 50 yards and Lions had trouble covering everybody vs. Jets. Michael Jackson, CBSchool: Miami | Conference: ACCCollege Experience: Senior | Age: 22?Height / Weight: 6-0 / 207 lbsProjected Draft Status: 3rd or 4th RoundNFL Comparison: M.J. StewartCollege StatisticsPlayer OverviewJackson had a good high school career enough to earn him 3 starts by the recruiting boards so it was surprising that the Birmingham, Alabama native did not receiver offers from Auburn or Alabama. Instead Jackson looked to leave the state and chose Miami despite a late offer from Clemson. Known as ‘Mike Jack’ on campus Jackson quickly contributed to Miami largely on special teams his first two seasons in Coral Gables. Jackson got his first starting opportunity in 2017 and had a really impressive season, so much so that he was projected as a possible 1st round pick in preseason draft boards going into the 2018 season. Jackson has always been an instinctive corner who is highly competitive and who uses his size and length to his advantage. Unfortunately for Jackson he won’t sniff the first round in part because he couldn’t match his 2017 totals as far as interceptions are concerned and also in part because he will likely test as a ‘slow’ corner (4.55-4.65). Still Jackson has the skills and enough athleticism to be an effective boundary corner in the NFL. Testing will be huge for him. StrengthsExcellent size, good athleticism , and length for the position. Arms came in at 32 3/8” when he measured at the East West Shrine game. Calm and measured in defense. Natural in pass coverage with good instincts. Shows good fluidity in his turns and a smooth back peddle. Knows how to play with physicality and finesse. Can jam receivers at the LOS and bait passes by allowing some space before he closes to the ball. Displayed some versatility in position as he worked as safety also during his career. His experience there could entice some teams to convert his position in the NFL.Solid in run support, a reliable tackler, and can even bring pressure on blitzes.Natural hands, has made some impressive interceptions in his career.WeaknessesDoesn’t have elite speed or quickness for the position and will be unable to stick with some of the faster receivers in the NFL.Can give too much space to opposition and allow them to make the catch. I think he overestimates his closing speed and agility at times.One season interception production. I think its fair to call him hot and cold at least for right now when it comes to turnovers. While just being a good cover corner is fine in the NFL turnovers separate top players from the rest hopefully he can be more consistent in this regard. Much better in man coverage than in zone, I don’t think that moving him to safety (due to speed concerns) is that clear cut. Let’s see his work:More Michael Jackson videosHow He Would Fit On The RedskinsI don’t know anything about Ray Horton but he apparently is not only in charge of coaching defensive backs but possibly also ‘calling coverages’ for them which would be apart from what the defensive coordinator would do (if I have this incorrect please correct me). I have no idea how this strategy may work out for the Redskins or how it affects their assessments of corners and safeties going forward. Though my personal preference are corners with strong man cover skills in the past I would have said Jackson would not be a perfect fit because of how much zone coverage the Redskins play. Could this change under Horton? Maybe. If the Redskins are interested in playing more man coverage I think Jackson could fit in nicely. I think he has a lot of potential as a CB3 or CB4 starting out and is a player who could improve and eventually start on the boundary. You may think the Redskins have a lot of boundary corners (they do) but the team may move on from Norman and Dunbar will be entering the final two years of his contract starting next season. The position could once again be in flux very soon. You can never have too many corners will always be my motto and I think while the Redskins should be invested in developing and affording opportunity to their later round and supplemental selections at the position I also think its fair to say that these options are limited at best and likely will not achieve starting status under good circumstances. The big question is do you think Jackson is better than Alexander (who I assume will finally get some playing time next year) is he better than Greg Stroman? The answer may depend on if the Redskins add another boundary guy. Custom New Orleans Saints Jerseys

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      Will the good times Womens Curtis Riley Jersey , and the playoff dreams, keep rolling for the New York Giants on Sunday against the Tennesee Titans? Here is what your Big Blue View contributors think.Chris Pflum Not for the first time, I have to confess to having no real idea of what to expect from the Giants. The Giants have been on a winning streak of late, scoring 27.2 points per game and somehow managing to (arguably) be the best team in the NFC East in spite of how they started the season. But that being said, they needed all the help they could get from back-up quarterbacks, with three pick-sixes (Two of which covered the margin of victory in separate games) and extra offensive possessions after taking advantage of errors by the other team. We also saw the Giants run the ball 12 times for 40 yards against Washington (outside of Barkley’s two runs for 130 yards), the team need a pick 6, a trick play, and overtime to sneak past the Chicago Bears, and the offense reduced to 65 yards and 3 points in an entire half against the Philadelphia Eagles. We have seen flashes of that woebegone team from the first half, and against better competition, will that be all we see?And the Titans are better competition than what we’ve seen over the last few weeks. However, they are incredibly inconsistent in their own right, on top of missing key contributors in Jack Conklin and Jonnu Smith. But, the Giants have tackled terribly on the perimeter and generally melted in the face of mobile quarterbacks. That doesn’t bode well when they’re facing a team that thrives on using a hard-to-tackle running back on off-tackle runs and has one of the most athletic quarterbacks in the NFL.I don’t mean to be a pessimist or a downer. Instead, I’m looking at the final three games of the season, particularly these games against the Titans and the Indianapolis Colts as a litmus test for what kind of team the Giants actually are now. Have they truly grown and improved after the bye week, or was it a mirage and they are still the team we thought they were in week 8? I would feel much better with Odell Beckham Jr., who’s receiving ability makes it much easier for the offense to overcome their inefficient running game, active for the game. But I still believe the Giants have the offensive talent to out-score Tennessee should they commit to using it. This game is anybody’s to win, and will likely come down to which team (and coaching staff) makes the fewest mistakes. I’m defaulting to my early-season stance that this team needs to earn my confidence. Final score: Titans 24, Giants 20Season record: 6-7Dan PizzutaTo pick a game against the Titans is to figure out who the Titans are and which Titans team is going to show up in a given week. That’s been damn near impossible. Football Outsiders captures Variance Womens Jon Halapio Jersey , which is the week-to-week consistency in DVOA over the course of the season. Tennessee ranks 30th, which means only two teams have been less consistent on a week-to-week basis. The Titans can blowout the Patriots one week then get blown out by the Colts the next. That happened in Weeks 10 and 11.One thing the Giants have to stop is the play-action game. Tennessee runs the seventh-highest rate of play-action in the league per Sports Info Solutions charting from Football Outsiders. Their 8.1 yards per play on play-action is 13th in the league and 1.9 yards better than their average on straight drop back passes. The Giants are still a team that gets fooled by the fake. Only six defenses get play-action run on them more than the Giants and only six allow more yards per play on those attempts.The Giants will have to take advantage of no Jack Conklin at tackle to get some pressure on Mariota. Taylor Lewan was limited earlier in the week, but was a full practice participant Thursday and Friday.On offense, the Giants have to figure out their game plan without Odell Beckham. Last week it was hoping for a big Saquon Barkley run against a defense that was bad against the run. The Titans, though, are a much better defense against the run (13th in DVOA) than they are against the pass (22nd). Despite the resources spent at cornerback, Tennessee is 30th against No. 1 receivers and 28th against No. 2’s. Sterling Shepard should be a big part of the plan, but I’m not sure it will be. Instead, it will probably be a run-heavy offense and dump offs to Barkley against a team that’s fifth in DVOA defending running backs in the passing game.Final score: Titans 28, Giants 20Season record: 9-4Patricia TrainaWhich Titans team is going to show up Sunday? Will it even matter given how red hot the Giants have been?The answer is probably not. The Giants pretty much match up well against the Titans, but here’s the thing: They need to shut down Derrick Henry and force Marcus Mariota to beat them, something he’s struggled to do in five of the Titans’ six losses this season when opponents have shut down the Titans running game. On the flip side, if the Giants can control Jurrell Casey, who is a major disruptive force, there should be no reason why Saquon Barkley and friends won’t be able to run all over the Titans, much like they did last week against Washington.Bottom line: The Giants are in the zone as they try to do their part to sneak into the playoffs. It’s still a long shot and still unlikely that all the dominoes they need will fall into place, but it we’re looking at what they can control, which is this game, their chances are looking pretty good.Final score:Giants 33, Titans 24Season record: 4-9Joe DeLeoneWhile the Giants have been on a tear as of late, their success has been the product of tremendous luck. Every team they have beat has been decimated by a major injury at quarterback, or at multiple positions. The Tennessee Titans are the first complete team they will face since their bye week. While Marcus Mariota continues to be below average , he is supported by a very strong defense. Saquon Barkley will likely have another heroic effort, but his shoulders can only carry so much of the weight. Eli Manning has been sub par recently, and will not be anything short of a disappointment on Sunday. The game will be a tight one, but do not expect the Giants to be on the right side of it. Final score: Titans 27, Giants 24Season record: 6-7Kevin HaswellThe Giants are one of the hottest teams in all of football, reeling off four wins in their last five games. Sunday, I believe, Big Blue wins its fifth game in six tries, against a very stingy Tennessee Titans defense. I can see EliManning struggling a bit but I think that Saquon Barkley will carry the load offensively for New York. The Giants will pull this one out with a last-second Aldrick Rosas kick. Final score: Giants 23, Titans 20Season record: 7-5Ed ValentineThe dominoes will continue to fall.So many things have to break properly for the Giants to make the playoffs that it’s almost impossible to believe all of them will happen. The first domino is that the Giants need to continue to win, and this weekend I believe they will do their part.I know Odell Beckham Jr. isn’t playing. I know the Titans are a better team than the 49ers, Buccaneers or Redskins. I know Marcus Mariota is real, live, starting quarterback. I have serious doubts that the Giants are going to win out and get to 8-8. I just don’t think the dream dies this week.Final score: Giants 24, Titans 17Season record: 6-7[E-mail Ed at or via the Big Blue View Contact Page | Follow Big Blue View on Twitter | ‘Like’ Big Blue View on Facebook | Follow Big Blue View on Instagram] The lost season left him unknown and nearly unwanted. B.J. Hill had rare athleticism and size. He was a high school running back and linebacker playing in a defensive lineman’s body.But when he showed up at a North Carolina State football camp in 2013, he was practically a mystery, a player without pedigree or a single Power Five offer.Hill had dislocated his knee at West Stanly High School as a junior, a crucial year for recruiting. And he hailed from tiny Oakboro, N.C. — population 1,900 — an old railroad town in the center of the state, off the beaten path of college recruiters.“That was a long season, because I got hurt and only played in the first game Womens Riley Dixon Jersey ,” Hill told his hometown Stanly County Journal in 2017. “That year taught me that whenever you lose, all you can do is just move on to the next game and strive to be better.” He earned a scholarship to N.C. State the hard way the following spring — impressing in college camps — only to be overshadowed on the defensive line by future top-five pick Bradley Chubb and fellow NFL draftees Kentavius Street and Justin Jones. But once again, Hill has opened eyes and exceeded expectations — this time in the NFL. He is leading the Giants with 5.0 sacks, tying the franchise rookie record. The defensive tackle is just one of a number of rookie defenders who have shown promise in this Giants season. Hill may be the headliner, but outside linebacker Lorenzo Carter — an athletic pass rusher selected three picks ahead of him in April at 66th overall — ranks third on the team with 3.0 sacks. He also has 35 tackles despite a backup role. Carter is viewed as having more upside than even Hill.Undrafted rookie cornerback Grant Haley has 23 tackles and made six starts. And second-year defensive tackle Dalvin Tomlinson has 47 tackles and started in all 13 games this season and all 16 as a rookie after being drafted in the 2017 second round.While the attention this season has focused on the jaw-dropping skills of second-overall pick Saquon Barkley, the debate over Eli Manning’s future and the struggles of the offensive line, a number of young, rather unheralded defenders has shined for the Giants (5-8). They will have a chance to shine again Sunday when they host the Tennessee Titans (7-6).More opportunitiesIn their 40-16 victory Sunday over Washington, the Giants registered five sacks — two by rookies. The 6-foot-5, 252-pound Carter — who has 4.46 speed — recorded a sack and five tackles. Undrafted rookie safety Sean Chandler had a sack and three tackles. Defensive tackle R.J. McIntosh, a fifth-round pick, had two tackles. Haley had five tackles, and while undrafted rookie linebacker Tae Davis didn’t record a tackle, he has started two games and registered a sack.Playing time has increased for some of the young linemen since October, when Damon Harrison was traded to Detroit.“It’s been an opportunity not just for Dalvin, but an opportunity for about three or four other guys that were maybe playing eight snaps or five snaps or 10 snaps a game,” defensive coordinator James Bettcher said. “All those guys are getting more and getting more opportunities. With RJ coming back now, RJ’s getting more and more opportunities and he’s getting better each week.”And Chandler earned extended playing time Sunday after Landon Collins was lost for the season to surgery.Overlooked. Underrated. Unheralded. But Hill has captured coaches’ attention since the very first practice of training camp.Three of his five sacks came in a dominant Week 13 performance against the Chicago Bears, in which he tied the Giants rookie sacks record shared by LB Andy Headen (1983) and DT Cornelius Griffin (2000) (although he still trails Lawrence Taylor’s 9.5 sacks in 1981, which came a year before the NFL recognized it as an official statistic). A week after recording those three sacks, Hill and company provided stalwart run defense against Washington. The Giants limited Adrian Peterson to just 16 yards on 10 carries.”He was strong at the point of attack, penetrated and was able to separate himself from blocks to get the ball carrier Authentic Dalvin Tomlinson Jersey ,”’s John Schmeelk wrote in his weekly film review. “He had the benefit of playing against a pair of tackles playing out of position at guard, but the rookie continues to show improvement.”The 6-foot-3, 311-pound Hill has started nine games, recording 41 tackles and playing a vital role since Harrison’s departure. He once might have been overlooked. Underrated. Unheralded. But now he is getting noticed around the NFL.This week, Sports Illustrated’s MMQB listed him as among “the best of a great crop of defensive rookies.”“Now we’re seeing him play with faster, sharper technique, which happens when a young guy gets more comfortable,” Andy Benoit wrote. “Hill might not have the initial burst to ever be a dominant top-shelf playmaker, but his mechanics, awareness and tenacity can make him an every down force.”And Hill and Carter were chosen in November by Football Outsiders as part of its midseason top 25 breakout prospects list. Carter came in at No. 8 and Hill at No. 25.Hill impressed Bettcher in camp and continues to do so.“The thing that stood out the most is that he’s ahead of his time in terms of his maturity level,” the defensive coordinator said. “In the meeting room, on the practice field, the way he works, the conversation, you can rip his butt, you can coach him hard, lift him up, he can handle all that beyond what many rookies I’ve been around have been able to. “And I think that’s why you’ve been able to see him [perform] late in the season. A rookie playing well late in the season is probably [seen] not as much as you see rookies flash early in the season. That probably speaks to his maturity level and how he’s worked in the process.”The question now is, how far can he, Carter and their young teammates go.

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      saying after Friday’s victory What were the New York Giants saying after Friday’s 22-16 preseason Week 3 victory over the New York Jets? Let’s go inside the locker room and find out.Coach Pat Shurmur summarizing the game ...“That punt return [by Hunter Sharp for a 55-yard touchdown] was just the spark that we needed and it was a terrific run Cheap Jon Halapio Jersey , it was well blocked. There were a couple situations, a couple of blocks on that play where guys pulled off and it could’ve been penalties, so really smart play, an explosive play that got us going. (We) got better on defense, we found a way to score enough points, and ultimately win the game. There’s plenty to clean up. I was pleased with the way we threw the ball, especially with the ones. Not pleased with the way we ran the ball, certainly. But at the end, we found a way to carve out enough yardage running the ball to make it acceptable. We need to run the ball for our offense , but also for our team, and then we need to be efficient throwing the ball.”Shurmur on Jonathan Stewart’s rough night ...“We’ve just got to look at it. He’s a veteran player, he’s played football a very long time and he’s an outstanding player. So, we’ll just look at it as we go.”Shurmur on Hunter Sharp’s night ...“He had a throw on the boundary on the left side early in the game which I think we’ll just have to look at it, I’d like to be able to complete that. Then we had one later against pressure that kind of hit him. I’ve really liked what he’s done through training camp. Those are two isolated plays, but he also got us in the end zone on a punt return, so there’s a lot of good things he did tonight.”Eli Manning on beginning the season ...“I thought it was good tonight to get out there and get a full half of playing with the new offense. It’s just little things, hearing the calls, getting used to running the offense with the new offense and new things and the play clock and everything going. So Cheap Will Hernandez Jersey , I’m good either way, whatever he (Coach Shurmur) wants to do, we have to get better this week though, still have practice this week. Still get to practice this week and maybe play but still have some things I want to work on and get better this week.”Olivier Vernon on his preseason ...“I’m just trying to make something happen. (Defensive Coordinator James) Bettcher wants us to be aggressive. So, I’m just playing my part.”Shurmur on why Odell Beckham Jr. did not play ...“Just not quite ready yet. We want to be safe with Odell. He’s doing a lot of great things, and just wasn’t quite ready.” Happy Thursday and game day, New York Giants fans. Tonight, we have a Thursday Night Football matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles (2-3) and the New York Giants (1-4).Here is how to watch, listen to Cheap Eli Manning Jersey , and wager on the game. Use this as your open thread.In-game updatesFIRST QUARTER: Giants trail, 14-3. See our first-half live thread.Pre-game updatesThe Giants have reportedly fined Odell Beckham Jr. for the comments he made to Josina Anderson in a recent ESPN interview.Linebacker Olivier Vernon is active and will make his 2018 debut Thursday. The Giants will be without tight end Rhett Ellison (foot). With Evan Engram (knee) still sidelined, the Giants will be without their top two tight ends.Placekicker Aldrick Rosas, who had been dealing with a sore quad earlier in the week, is playing.Giants’ inactivesTE Evan Engram (knee)WR Russell Shepard (neck) QB Kyle LaulettaTE Rhett Ellison (foot)S Kamrin MooreC Evan BrownDT John JenkinsGame detailsWhat: Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York GiantsWhen: Thursday, Oct. 11Where: MetLife StadiumGame time: 8:20 p.m.TV: FOX, NFL Network, AmazonAnnouncers: FOX — Joe Buck (Play-by-Play), Troy Aikman (Analyst) , Erin Andrews and Kristina Pink (Sideline Reporters). Radio: National — SiriusCh. 88, XM 225, Internet 822 | Westwood One (Ian Eagle and Tony Boselli) | Tune-In Premium; Giants Radio Network — WFAN 660-AM and 101.9-FM and local affiliates (Bob Papa, Carl Banks, Howard Cross); Giants Spanish Radio — WADO 1280-AM (Nestor Rosario, Frances Adames)Odds: Eagles -2.5 [Odds Shark]Prediction: Odds Shark predicts a 23-21 Eagles victoryOnline Stream: Amazon Prime, the NFL app on your phone, smart TV or gaming system with a cable login, Sling TV subscription or free 7-day trial Cheap Sterling Shepard Jersey , FuboTV subscription or free 7-day trial.Weather: 72 degrees at kickoff, rainy [NFL Weather]SB Nation Eagles website:Bleeding Green NationCheck the @BigBlueView Twitter account for in-game updates. As always, there will first and second-half threads for you to comment in. There will be plenty of post-game coverage as well, so make sure you don’t miss any of that.Remaining regular-season scheduleWeek 7 (Oct. 22): @ Atlanta Falcons (8:15 p.m. | ESPN)Week 8 (Oct. 28): vs. Washington Redskins (1 p.m. | FOX)Week 9: BYEWeek 10 (Nov. 12): @ San Francisco 49ers (8:15 p.m. | ESPN)Week 11 (Nov. 18): vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1 p.m. | FOX)Week 12 (Nov. 25): @ Philadelphia Eagles (1 p.m. | FOX)Week 13 (Dec. 2): vs. Chicago Bears (1 p.m. | FOX)Week 14 (Dec. 9): @ Washington Redskins (1 p.m. | FOX)Week 15 (Dec. 16): vs. Tennessee Titans (1 p.m. | CBS)Week 16 (TBD): @ Indianapolis Colts (TBD)Week 17: Dec. 30): vs. Dallas Cowboys (1 p.m. | FOX)

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      I admit Youth Weston Richburg Jersey , we’re clawing for any new nuggets of information on Antonio Brown Watch, but this latest one provides amusement if anything. The news of the Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver was contained to some tweets with the offense—namely tight end George Kittle. Trolling went hard from then on, but when asked straight-up Brown didn’t have much to say about a trade. Well, he’s still talking with those who play for the San Francisco 49ers, if this picture says anything: That is Antonio Brown and safety Adrian Colbert hanging out at a Super Bowl party. Does this really change anything? Nope. But, things always need to get blown out of proportion Cheap Fred Warner Jersey , and that’s what Marquise Goodwin is for in the comments of that photo: Again, NFL players are going to hang out with NFL players at the Super Bowl. That’s a given. Speaking rationally, there’s nothing to see here. That said, seeing Brown with Colbert, and then Goodwin chiming in is at the very least amusing. Goodwin had some words about the Antonio Brown/Pittsburgh Steelers/San Francisco 49ers news in an interview over the weekend, saying he saw himself as the Antonio Brown of the team. Antonio Brown Watch is going to keep going until the NFL Combine when either a trade is worked out or more information on Brown’s future is made apparent. Until then Youth Brock Coyle Jersey , Instagram and Twitter are our friends.Talking Aaron Rodgers and the Packers offense with Acme Packing Company The San Francisco 49ers travel to face the Green Bay Packers on Monday, in a matchup that will present a serious challenge to the young 49ers defense. There’s not much left to be said about Aaron Rodgers at this point, but it has been a bit of a struggle for the Packers offense the first five weeks. They rank in the middle of the pack in points scored, and Rodgers has openly expressed frustration about the inconsistency of the group.I chatted with Acme Packing Company writer Jason Hirschhorn this week in preparation for the game and wanted to get his thoughts on the state of the Packers offense. On Friday, he talked about the strengths and weaknesses of the defense. Today, he gets into the offense.While Green Bay does indeed rank seventh in offensive efficiency by DVOA entering Week 6 Youth Arik Armstead Jersey , that mark gives a misleading impression. Prior to last week’s tilt in Detroit, the Packers ranked right in the middle of the league (No. 14). That game saw them get behind 24-0 before halftime, at which point the Lions simply played to prevent quick scores and gave up a lot of easy yardage underneath. In a more typical game script, a considerable amount of those easy conversions wouldn’t have transpired, and the Packers’ offensive DVOA ranking wouldn’t have made that leap into the top 10.And that underscores Aaron Rodgers’ apparent frustrations. The offense does do some things that work, but it doesn’t maximize the talent at its disposal. For example Womens Jimmy Garoppolo Jersey , Aaron Jones leads all qualified players with 5.67 yards per carry since the start of 2017, outpacing Alvin Kamara and Matt Breida for the top mark. And yet, head coach Mike McCarthy gave him fewer snaps this past week than Jamaal Williams and Ty Montgomery, two players with inferior running ability. Jones doesn’t cure everything wrong with the Packers offense, but he would give the unit a playmaker it needs in the backfield.Personnel usage doesn’t represent the entire problem. Unlike some of the league’s best offenses, the Packers haven’t adopted enough ways to manufacture easy completions for the quarterback. That hasn’t killed Green Bay given the presence of Rodgers , but it puts considerable strain on him when multiple key members of the receiving corps miss time and the offensive line struggles. Absent meaningful adjustments to the scheme, this could prove the final blow to the McCarthy era in Green Bay.

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      I spent the past week in Denmark , where football is called “fodbold.” That also refers to soccer, so to be specific, the NFL is called “Amerikansk fodbold.” And it’s not like the Danish don’t understand the NFL -- Denmark’s own Morten Andersen is a Hall of Famer, who was the all time NFL points leader until he was passed by Adam Vinateri this past weekend, ironically enough. Andersen’s excellence is what sparked Denmark’s interest in NFL, and while it certainly has not swept the nation, it did motivate them air the games there.The Danish even gave an Amerikansk fodbold league called the DAFF. Copenhagen has two teams, which makes it the Los Angeles, New York, or bat area of Denmark. One of Copenhagen’s teams used to be called the “Vikings,” but I guess that was too on the nose, so they changed it. Now they have teams like the “Tomahawks,” “Demons,” and “Rebels.” There’s no 49ers, but there are the 89ers and also the “Gold Diggers.” which is pretty damn close if you think about it. Their championship game is called “The Mermaid Bowl.” This is what the DAFF version of the conference championship game looks like (backed by some traditional Danish guitar rock):As for the NFL I saw, it was like the football we know and love in America, but just slightly different. In fodbold, the Sunday games start at 7pm and end at 6am. You cannot stream fodbold, no matter how hard you try to illegally fake your IP address. (Don’t ask me how I know this.) So to watch fodbold, I had to find a traditional English pub that stays open until 5pm, traverse through the bottom floor , where they play soccer on all the TV’s, and head upstairs, where a small but devoted and very friendly group of ex-pats watching the games on satellite -- including the Sky Sports version of the Red Zone channel, featuring Rob Ryan and former Niner Takeo Spikes. I had to ask them to put on the 49ers game, the idea of which made the bartender and several patrons laugh at the idea anybody would actually want to see that, but they took pity on me and agreed to put on one tiny TV in the corner so nobody else has to be subjected to it.For most of the game, fodbold looked much different than regular football. I found that in fodbold, the 49ers not only create multiple turnovers — including a real live interception (their second of the year!) — they actually win the turnover battle. In fodbold, the 49ers not only hold an opposing team to three points through three quarters, they actually score two points themselves. In fodbold, the 49ers sack the quarterback like a real football team. In fodbold, the teams scored in twos and threes like basketball -- none of this six-pointers you usually see -- and score at the frequency and totals of a typical baseball game. Sure, Richard Sherman actually got beat -- against a rookie QB, no less -- but the 49ers defense was really good (which might have had more to do with them playing against said rookie, Josh Rosen, and Byron Leftwich, who still had that new offensive coordinator smell. But eventually, somewhere around the end of the third quarter, fodbold morphed back into the football we’ve grown to know and love be nauseated by. Just as the 2018 49ers have morphed back into the 2017 squad, even managing to exactly match last year’s loss in Arizona -- 18-15 on a late TD. Despite having an interception, Jacquiski Tartt left the game with his customary shoulder injury. Reuben Foster also had his weekly injury exit , those this time he shook it up by hurting his hamstring instead of his shoulder. The pressure the Niners put on the QB disappeared right when it should’ve thrived most -- once every play was a predictable passing situation. The defensive backs stop covering anybody -- even Sherman saved his worst play for a late toasting by Christian Kirk (though he did make one beautiful pass breakup on a potential game winning TD pass on the very next play). The 49ers defense gave up yards and points like they were on clearance. Robert Saleh couldn’t call a defense that worked -- even against a coordinator less experienced than he (or anyone else) is. Beathard absorbed unnecessary abuse. The team made untimely and unforced errors. Stop me if this all sounds familiar.They lost, of course. That’s what these 49ers do. Say what you like about Kyle Shanahan -- and I personally like him quite a bit -- the thing his teams do best is lose, even when they every chance to avoid it. The 49ers have now played a full season of games Jimmy Garoppolo has not finished, and they are 1-15 in them. Chip Kelly and Blaine Gabbert think that’s unacceptable.I will say this about Shanny: He’s not taking it lying down. He was much more animated and annoyed in this game than I think I’d seen him before. He chastised Beathard on the sideline. He yelled at Kendrick Bourne for screwing up. He ranted into the headset to anyone listening about penalties. He screamed and waved his arm at the refs. But none of that stopped the 49ers from making it a clown show at the end. Just like this season has turned out to be. They’ve become such a joke, they get laughed at in Scandinavia and their own esteemed beat writers can’t wait for the end of the first quarter before they’re firing off snarky tweets making fun of what they’re forced to watch.I can’t blame them. My name may not be Matt, but I write about the 49ers too, and more than ever that actually feels like hard work.Who’s got it better worse than us?This week, it’s the 49ers upcoming opponent, the Oakland Raiders.I know what you’re thinking: “You already used this a couple of weeks ago.” Or maybe you’re thinking “Actually, I had no idea you already used them because I never read your column, I just stumbled across it on a Google search for C.J. Beathard nudes.”I’m In either case, it’s a good news/bad news situation. The bad news: we’re just about out of teams which are even potentially worse than the Niners. Only the Giants remain, and that could end as soon as next week. The good news: the Raiders are so laughable they deserve to be ridiculed twice. Honestly, I really only scratched the surface last time. Besides, this week’s game could determine the No. 1 overall pick -- which is way better than a coin flip (even with a specially made coin by the way.I’m certainly not the only one who has been pointing at laughing -- or holding their nose -- at the Raiders. Deadspin named them their “Ass Team of the Week.”Before the year even started, they had issues. They are, of course, lame ducks in Oakland since they officially announced their move to Las Vegas -- which is already having issues, and could face delays. Still playing in a city you’re leaving is weird, especially when it’s the second time you’ve ditched them. It’s like going back to your wife after leaving her for another woman, convincing her you’ve changed and still love her Youth Brock Coyle Jersey , then leaving her for yet another woman a few years later. And when you leave for LA and Las Vegas, it’s like that same story except the women you keep leaving her for are strippers. At this point, they’re lucky Oakland is just suing them, because the spurned wife in the above story would probably go Lorena Bobbitt on her man, and I doubt there’s a court in the land that would convict her. Then, into this quagmire, walked the $100 million man, Jon Gruden. Sure, he hadn’t coached in a decade, but his reputation as a QB whisperer — built on helping Rich Gannon become an MVP with Oakland — made Raider fans hope he could revitalize Derek Carr’s career. But those fans may have ignored Gruden’s history in Tampa, where he went through lots of QB’s very quickly and without much success. That tendency followed Gruden to Oakland, where Carr has been inconsistent. Now, there’s talk this past week of how Gruden might want to ditch Carr before next year, especially considering how little dead money would be left in his wake. Not to mention the fact his brother (not that one) felt the need to defend him on Twitter, and Carr himself felt the need to respond to tell him he didn’t actually need to defend him — using the opportunity to deny crying on the field (which is a sentence I never thought I’d find an occasion to write).The idea the Raiders could trade the QB who was clearly their franchise guy just two years ago, and who they gave a contract befitting that, would seem shocking if not for the fact they have been in the process of blowing it up for some time now. First Gruden denied he was trying to trade Khalil Mack, right before he traded Khalil Mack. Then Gruden denied he was trying to trade Amari Cooper, right before he traded Amari Cooper. Now Gruden has denied he’s trying to trade Carr, and also that he’s tanking. You can imagine where it goes from here. (He fixes the cable?)But give Gruden credit where it’s due -- people laughed when it was rumored he wanted a first round pick, but now who’s laughing? Well White Mike McGlinchey Jersey , lots of people -- now there just laughing at Jerry Jones for actually giving up a first round pick for Cooper.All this after releasing Michael Crabtree and Marquette King in the offseason leaves has left the team nearly unrecognizable. Which isn’t necessary a bad thing since they weren’t very good to begin with. So blowing it up isn’t necessarily a bad idea. And now they have 416 first round picks in next years draft, leaving them in a good position to restock their roster with talent. But that doesn’t change the fact they stink -- and not just because they got skunked.And if remaking the team is the plan, and this is all going as expected, that doesn’t explain some of the bizarre quotes from Gruden. And even if the Raiders can’t rush the passer to save their lives (something we 49er fans wouldn’t know anything about), maybe Chucky shouldn’t talk about it so much. That he can’t seem to do that makes one wonder about Gruden’s mental health, and makes Raiders fans just want him gone. But with more than nine years and $90 million remaining on his contract, he’s not going anywhere anytime soon.If that’s not a completely untenable mess, it’ll do until one arrives. Which, considering how the Gruden error era has gone so far, shouldn’t be long now. But on the bright side, at least he has one of the great parody Twitter accounts there is, right up there with Capt. Andrew Luck for the NFL’s best. The San Francisco 49ers are looking to the NHL, not the NFL, for their next hire. The Athletic’s Matt Barrows reports that the organization is looking to hire Ben Peterson to oversee both the medical and strength-training staffs. The role is a new one, meant to bring together both departments and make things more collaborative. If the name isn’t familiar to football fans, that’s because Peterson comes after a two-year stint with the NHL’s Philadelphia Flyers as their director of sports science. Being the manager of both departments, the first thing Peterson will need to do is hire replacements to recently fired Ray Wright (strength and conditioning) and Jeff Ferguson (head medical trainer). The plan is that Peterson will oversee both departments as a bridge of sorts. This followsreports from a few weeks back where the 49ers said they wanted to bring both the medical and strength staff together rather than have them as two separate departments in the building. John Lynch said in that the 49ers interviewed eight candidates and had two to follow-up with after the Super Bowl. Peterson may be that guy. In Barrows’ article, he pointed to a YouTube presentation Peterson made on how to keep hockey players healthy and on the ice. The 49ers have their director of sorts. Now it will be interesting to see who he puts in for each department and if they can stave the injury bug.

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      Womens Jaquiski Tartt Jersey , things may be very different in Sunday’s rematch.The Cardinals fired OC Mike McCoy a week ago, and former QB Byron Leftwich will call his first game as their new offensive coordinator Sunday.So can we expect a radically different offense? No, we can’t. The plays and formations have all been installed for months. You can’t start all over mid-season, especially not with a rookie starting at quarterback.For that matter, Leftwich is pretty green himself (as a coach anyway; he was an NFL QB for 9 years, 2003-2012). Bruce Arians hired him as a coaching intern in May of2016 and made him the QB coach last year; in his entire life, he has only called plays for a couple of preseason games. This is a huge contrast with Arians, who had coached for 25 years before his NFL play-calling debut in 2001.So what might change under Leftwich’s watch?By all accounts — including Leftwich’s — we can expect him to bring back a lot of Arians’ approach, since he coached in that system and most of the team’s players are familiar with it. QB Rosen hilariously told reporters that Arians is “sort of a ghostly legend in this building here.” DUDE! He was the coach last year. You could just call him up and ask him questions, cause he’s old and those people still talk on phones. Arians, ever the hipster,told the Doug and Wolf program (on Phoenix’s 98.7 FM sports station) that he and Leftwich have “texted a bunch” since his protege was promoted last week.Bruce Arians is one of the great characters in the NFL. The guy wears a beret.He was in the Bear Bryant coaching tree. When he left after two years as Alabama’s Running Backs coach, the legendary HC gave him this advice: “Coach ‘em hard and hug ‘em later.”He also convinced Arians that coaches should go home at reasonable hours and spend time with their families.Here are some things that Leftwich will likely pick up from his mentor:1) “No risk it, no biscuit.”Arians loved to play aggressively, often calling deep shots in unusual situations (fourth-and-two, targeting a running back, for example). There are obviously deep passes in Mike McCoy’s playbook, but the problem for Leftwich is that Rosen is not a big arm guy Youth Dustin Hopkins Jersey , relying more on footwork and mechanics. Still, newly promoted safety D.J. Reed better spend Saturday studying all the Bruce Arians tape he can find.Robert Mays wrote a very interesting feature on top play-calling coaches last year, strangely omitting Kyle Shanahan. (Maybe he didn’t agree to be interviewed.) He notes that Bill Walsh invented the game-opening script, and that Arians scripted 30 plays each game, 15 runs and 15 passes. He brought about six deep shots to every game, four of them scripted. That’s more than one in four pass plays in his script.2) Free David Johnson! Speaking to Doug and Wolf, Arians himself mentioned RB David Johnson as a likely beneficiary of the change at OC. In 2016, before his injury, Johnson had 1,239 yards rushing and another 879 receiving. This year, in almost half a season, he has just 335 yards rushing — 3.2 yards per carry — and only 166 more through the air. Since he’s one of the team’s two best offensive weapons, that is not nearly enough.A lot of it is the Cardinals’ terrible offensive line, which was a problem for Arians too in his last two years.But McCoy was strikingly uncreative in scheming up ways to use Johnson’s talent.So linebackers, look out for those wheel routes!3) (and Larry Fitzgerald, while you’re at it.)The Cards’ star WR has 15,800 yards in his NFL career, but only 255 of those yards have come this year. That’s just 10 yards more than San Francisco fullback Kyle Juszczyk Rookie Nick Mullens Jersey , who has 245 yards on 7 fewer receptions. Granted, Fitzgerald is 35 and not the player he once was, but he’ still one of Arizona’s top weapons and McCoy did nothing with him, Fitz had over 1,000 yards receiving in each of the last 3 years so it’s unlikely he just fell off a cliff.Leftwich is making no secret of his plan to get Fitzgerald more involved.“Not dead yet”? That ought to motivate the future Hall of Famer. If Richard Sherman plays, it would be very interesting to see him cover Fitzgerald (if the matchups go that way). His height would be a plus, not to mention their long history against each other.While Mike McCoy was strikingly old-fashioned and ineffective in his play-calling, things won’t be easy for Leftwich, either. Johnson is coming off an injury that caused him to miss 15 games last year, and Fitzgerald is 35. There’s nothing he can do this season about those realities, or the terrible offensive line.And to be fair, Arians himself did poorly in 2016 and 2017, struggling to win 8 games after stellar seasons in 2013-2015, which was a big part of why he retired.So if he couldn’t figure out how to win with this personnel group, it’s hard to see how his ideas are going to make his much less experienced protegesuccessful.If nothing else, though, a bit of that Bruce Arians swagger should make Sunday’s game more interesting, whoever ends up winning. “This is why you play the game! Nick Mullens 49ers Jersey ,” quarterback Nick Mullens yelled as he broke down the post-game cheer in the 49ers’ locker room. It was all smiles on the home side, as San Francisco finally break through without quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, 34-3. It might not have been the Thursday Night Football showdown everyone was expecting, but it turned into a 49ers’ rout of their cross-town rivals. Never did I think that Shanahan and his third-string quarterback could run circles around a healthy, Jon Gruden-led Raiders’ team, but oh boy did it happen on Thursday.Shanahan’s group came out blistering hot on an opening touchdown drive and didn’t look back the rest of the way. Let’s take a look at the pre-game keys and see how the 49ers performed on a short week.1. Take the ball out of the 49ers’ quarterbacks hands and lean heavily on the running gameI figured that un-drafted free agent Nick Mullens would struggle in his debut, especially on a short week, under the lights in an extremely complicated offense. Subsequently, that meant running backs Matt Breida and Raheem Mostert would need to shoulder the load on offense.Boy, could I have not been more wrong. Mullens finished the night 16-of-22 for 262 yards, three touchdowns and a passer rating over 150 — the maximum score is 158.3, just saying. The 49ers’ ran 32 rushing plays, compared to 22 passing attempts, but the number is slightly skewed because San Francisco led by so much at the end of the game, forcing them to run the ball more.In the pivotal moments early, Shanahan put faith in his third-string quarterback and decided to let it fly against a poor Raiders’ pass defense. The 49ers definitely didn’t follow this key closely, but managed to easily win on Thursday night.2. Limit the Raiders’ most productive pass-catchers, TE Jared Cook and RB Jalen RichardRaiders’ quarterback Derek Carr has a lot of weapons at his disposal Authentic George Kittle Jersey , but prefers to throw to large target tight end Jared Cook and shifty running back Jalen Richard. The 49ers haven’t been very effective in covering these two positions, due to multiple linebacker injuries, so it was an area of concern.In the absence of linebacker Reuben Foster, linebackers Fred Warner and Malcolm Smith stepped up, making numerous plays in the passing game to limit Carr’s favorite targets. Richard led the Raiders in catches with four for 45 yards, while Cook only had two catches for 20 yards. The 49ers’ linebackers did an outstanding job in coverage, limiting the yards after the catch. This allowed them to get off the field in key third-down situations.3. Don’t give Derek Carr extra chances against the 49ers’ defenseWith a third-string signal caller in for the 49ers, I was terrified of the potential turnovers on Thursday — but Mullens did a fantastic job protecting the ball.Unlike backup quarterback C.J. Beathard, Mullens tends to release the ball sooner, preventing defenders from creating a sack or strip fumble. The former Southern Missisippi quarterback was particularly accurate too, not allowing Raiders’ defensive backs a chance at interceptions.Fumbles have been another issue for the 49ers, but it’s something they didn’t allow on Thursday. With zero turnovers on Thursday, San Francisco employed its best defense against Carr and the Raiders — keeping the 49ers’ offense on the field.With the Giants up next on the schedule, will Mullens and Co. be able to string together two wins?

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      Survivor , entering the fifth week of the season, with most of the NFL through the first quarter of their schedule. Washington and Carolina had a bye last week, and Chicago and Tampa Bay are on bye this week. The week gets started with old rivals not real in the same sphere right now squaring off as the New England Patriots host the Indianapolis Colts on Thursday Night Football.It’s time once again for our pick ‘em and Survivor pool contest options. We have the weekly prediction contest this season, and you can make those picks here. We also have a traditional “Pick ‘Em” contest. If you still want to join, the group name is Niners Nation, the group ID is 45734, and the password is go49ers. You’re pretty far behind, but feel free to join.After a wild Week 3 knocked out a lot of Survivor contestants (or game them their first of two strikes), things settled down in Week 4 with most of the big favorites winning.This week, the San Francisco 49ers might actually be an option for some folks in their Survivor pools. They host the Arizona Cardinals, and are 4.5 point favorites. The 49ers almost knocked out a whole bunch of folks this past week when they came close to upsetting the Los Angeles Chargers. I suspect we see some people try and sneak through Week 5 with the 49ers.Divisional picks are shaky in Survivor, which is why this game and the Raiders-Chargers game have me a bit hesitant. The easiest pick is the Patriots over the Colts tonight, but I suspect we see a fair amount of people picking the Carolina Panthers to beat the New York Giants this Sunday. The Giants are not good Womens Jaquiski Tartt Jersey , and the Panthers are coming in rested. I’m leaning that way, but we’ll see.Tonight, Week 5 opens with the Patriots hosting the Colts. The Patriots are a 10-point favorite, although sportsbooks monitored by OddsShark have seen the line climb up to 11. touchdown favorite in this one, even with a host of injuries piling up. I think the Colts defense keeps this game close enough, and while I’m not loving it, I’ll take the points with Indy.Here are the rest of my straight-up picks. I was 12-3 last week, bringing my season record to 41-20-2. I’ll have my picks against the spread later this weekend.Colts @ Patriots: PatriotsTitans @ Bills: BillsDolphins @ Bengals: BengalsRavens @ Browns: RavensPackers @ Lions: PackersJaguars @ Chiefs: ChiefsBroncos @ Jets: JetsFalcons @ Steelers: SteelersGiants @ Panthers: PanthersRaiders @ Chargers: ChargersVikings @ Eagles: VikingsCardinals @ 49ers: 49ersRams @ Seahawks: RamsCowboys @ Texans: TexansWashington @ Saints: Washington Serena Williams said every athlete "should be completely grateful and honored" for the protests started by former NFL players Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid.Kaepernick and Reid, two former San Francisco 49ers now out of the league, were each given huge ovations when they were introduced and shown on the big screen during the match between Serena and Venus Williams at the U.S. Open on Friday night. Serena Williams said she was focused on the match and did not notice the pair in the stands. Reid raised his fist and Kaepernick smiled for the fans.Kaepernick tweeted a photo of his young niece with Serena and wrote, "Lani lost it when Serena surprised her after the match!!! Thank you so much Serena !!!"Serena said she was grateful for the stand they took that has seen both players take on the NFL. An arbitrator is sending Kaepernick's grievance with the NFL to trial, denying the league's request to throw out the quarterback's claims that owners conspired to keep him out of the league because of his protests of social injustice. A similar grievance is still pending by unsigned safety Eric Reid, who played with Kaepernick in San Francisco and joined in the protests.Kaepernick began a wave of protests by NFL players two seasons ago Youth Dustin Hopkins Jersey , kneeling during the national anthem to protest police brutality and racial inequality. The protests have grown into one of the most polarizing issues in sports, with President Donald Trump loudly urging the league to suspend or fire players who demonstrate during the anthem."I think every athlete, every human, and definitely every African-American should be completely grateful and honored how Colin and Eric are doing so much more for the greater good, so to say," Serena said. "They really use their platform in ways that is really unfathomable. I feel like they obviously have great respect from a lot of their peers, especially other athletes, people that really are looking for social change."Serena Williams equaled her most-lopsided victory ever in 30 professional meetings with sister Venus, beating her 6-1, 6-2 in the third round.

    • linhui95 hat den Blog-Artikel "Week 5 college football watch list" geschrieben. 11.02.2019 , game thread Greetings 49ers Faithful! Week 5 of the college football season is upon us, and after the gut-punching loss of our beloved Jimmy Garoppolo for the season, we grudgingly pull ourselves away from the pits of despair with the mindset on refocusing our eyes towards the future of the team. Therefore, we are back offering our continued breakdown of college football’s weekly action - keeping our sights set on the 2019 NFL Draft.Each week throughout the college season Josh Eccles, Alex Eisen, and Greg Valerio will break down a few college football games providing highlights and profiles of a few notable draft-eligible prospects you should pay attention to. This will help people build a list of names to know when we get into the offseason.For this week, Josh, Alex, and Greg each picked two players to talk about. All prospects highlighted are featured today; nonetheless, feel free to drop in the prospects you are watching.Josh EcclesBrian Burns, DE, No. 99 - Florida StateHeight: 6’5” | Weight: 235Florida State at Louisville | 12:30 p.m. (PT) Saturday, September 29 | ESPN/WatchESPNPossesses high football IQ and has drawn praise for his ability to diagnose plays before the ball snap. His tackling needs work - which may seem to some to some as a deal-breaker given the 49ers’ recent woes on defense in that particular department. He lounges, he leans, he’ll hold on and weigh ball carriers down to the ground but it all works out. Burns led all freshmen in 2016 with 9.5 sacks and has done nothing to hurt his image among scouts as a highly athletic defensive prospect.He needs to improve against the run and needs to grow into his body a little bit more but that shouldn’t shy teams away from taking a serious look at him. The Seminoles will look to move to 3-2 against a rebuilding Louisville team that has shown some improvements on both side of the ball these last couple of weeks.Bobby Evans, OT, No. 71 - OklahomaHeight: 6’5” | Weight: 301Baylor at #6 Oklahoma | 12:30 p.m. (PT) Saturday, September 29 | ABC/WatchESPNThe Sooner tout one of the most talented offenses in the country, led by the likes of starting quarterback Kyler Murray and formerly starting running back Rodney Anderson (whose season ended early due to an ACL injury). One of the strengths of this team - a strength which has played a large role in the success this offense has seen thus far - comes from the offensive line. Their ability to open up wide running lanes for the ground game and have given Murray enough time to make his progressions have this team setting its sights on the College Football Playoff. Enter Bobby Evans who finds himself replacing offensive tackle Orlando Brown, who now has a home in the NFL playing for the Baltimore Ravens. Evans played tight end in high school and that makes sense when you watch him play and realize just how quick and athletic he truly is. If there’s one thing we know it’s that a Kyle Shanahan offense necessitates having athletes up and down the o-line. San Francisco could serve themselves right in investing in future tackles , especially given the fact that Joe Staley is getting up there in age. Alex EisenDexter Lawerence, DT, No. 90 - ClemsonHeight: 6’4” | Weight: 351Syracuse at #3 Clemson | 9:00 a.m. (PT ) Saturday, September 29 | ABCDexter Lawrence has outstanding size and power along the defensive line. He is one of the best defensive lineman against the run. While there is still room for growth in the pass rushing department, his raw talent to create chaos and disruption in the opponent’s backfield is second to none. Lawerence uses his lengthy arms and pro-ready frame to deflect and bat down passes, and break up plays along the line of scrimmage. He uses a blend of raw power and limited moves to create pressure on the quarterback. Has clean footwork off the snap, with sudden burst off the line. Don’t let his size frighten you鈥awerence might be one of the fastest draft-eligible defensive lineman. He has that natural blend of size and athleticism that scouts and evaluators seek at the next level.Health has been a factor for Lawrence and this season he would benefit from having a complete and healthy season, that is injury free. Other than his football traits, Lawrence has great character and a team-first attitude. Lawerence is coachable, and continues to discover growth and potential in his game. If you are still unsure about Lawrence, his head coach says it all in one telling statement, “When you have great talent and skill plus great work ethic and character, you usually become a superstar” - Dabo Swinney. At the moment, Lawerence is looking like a top fifteen overall pick in next year’s draft.Parris Campbell, WR, No. 21 - Ohio StateHeight: 6’1” | Weight: 207#9 Penn State at #4 Ohio State |4:30 p.m. (PT) September 29 | ABCThe wide receiver out of Ohio State is quite the explosive playmaker who can stretch the field. Last season Campbell had 40 receptions for 584 yards and 3 touchdowns. I know the stats seem a little underwhelming, however I will point out to quarterback play last season ( J.T. Barrett) who had difficulties throwing the ball vertically down the field. Campbell has burst and blistering speed off the line and is expected to be one of the fastest prospects in next year’s draft. Campbell has the ability to run at all there levels, running the short, intermediate, and deep routes. There is big-play ability with Campbell Authentic Laken Tomlinson Jersey , with the potential for growth. I honestly don’t believe we have seen the full package with Campbell. Already this season Campbell has 19 receptions for 299 yards and 5 touchdowns. In four games he already has two more touchdowns than he had all of last year. An extra bonus is that Campbell has experience on special teams as well returning kickoffs. Drops were a concern for Campbell last season. However, so far this season he seems to have cleaned up that area of concern. This week against Penn State, Campbell will be up against a challenging and stiff defense. This will be a big week for Campbell to improve and raise his draft stock. At the moment I have Campbell as a day two selection. The arrow is pointing up and with a strong, consistent season, Campbell could be a fringe, first round prospect by next spring.Greg ValerioOshane Ximines, DE, No. 7 - Old DominionHeight: 6’4” | Weight: 255Old Dominion at East Carolina | 12:30 p.m. (PT) Saturday, September 29 | ESPN 3A leader on the field, Oshane Ximines is an explosive LEO prospect with destructive tendencies wreaking havoc in opponents’ backfields. A standout athlete, Ximines is an impressive pass rush talent with great first-step explosion, length, fluid change-of-direction skills, quickness, agility, strength, and athleticism. Ximines displays good bend off the edge (nice flexibility) maintaining balance and burst closing with speed and violence. He does a good job utilizing his active hands and is quick to transition into his pass rush moves with smoothness winning with speed, power, and awareness.It is no secret the 49ers lack an ideal presence off the edge when rushing the passer. Ximines is one of many draft eligible edge prospects capable of improving the 49ers’ edge presence potentially helping the defense flourish in reaching its potential. Along with the toughness, passion for the game Womens Brock Coyle Jersey , and lauded leadership skills, Ximines is a somewhat under-the-radar prospect worth noting.Collin Johnson, WR, No. 9 - TexasHeight: 6’6” | Weight: 215No. 18 Texas at Kansas State | 12:30 p.m. (PT) Saturday, September 29 | FS1Standing at 6-foot-6-inches, Collin Johnson is a massive target sporting vines for limbs and an impressive catching radius making him an ideal threat all over the field, and most importantly, as a red zone target flashing his explosive leaping ability. The junior is a big physical receiver with great speed and length displaying good explosion and burst off the line of scrimmage. He does a great job working his strong hands and quick feet in concert to win at the point of attack and shows fluidity in route running. A fluid athlete, Johnson lulls defenders with his long strides eating up ground quickly and displays impressive suddenness and smoothness for his size going in and out of his breaks creating separation. He shows a superb ability to elevate above the rim attacking balls at its highest point with excellent body control extending his arms snatching the catch with his strong hands and excellent ball skills. He shows the physicality and toughness to win in a crowd, but also offers the suddenness and flexibility to create separation making him an ideal open target with a condor-like wingspan. The San Francisco 49ers have reached the halfway point of their schedule, and it fittingly comes at the same time as the 2018 NFL trade deadline. NFL rules allow for player trade up until 1 p.m. PT on Tuesday, October 30th. After that, deals cannot be formally executed until the new league year starts next March.The 49ers are in the midst of their rebuilding process, and at a bit of a curious period in it. They entered the season looking to push for a playoff berth. They had plenty of holes to fill, but with Jimmy Garoppolo, I think most of us thought they could at least hang around the playoff chase into the latter part of the season.The loss of Jerick McKinnon to a torn ACL in training camp lowered expectations a little bit, but we still saw Garoppolo as the guy who could guide this ship. Once Garoppolo went down, expectations changed drastically. C.J. Beathard returned to the starting lineup, and the team is playing out the string looking to 2019 and Garoppolo’s return from ACL surgery.The 49ers are looking at a high draft pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, which could bring a serious impact edge rusher or cornerback (or another position). That coupled with the return of Garoppolo and McKinnon likely raises expectations back to the playoff level. We don’t know how Garoppolo or McKinnon will respond coming off a torn ACL Womens Adrian Colbert Jersey , but that won’t stop people from thinking this is a playoff team.And so, as the trade deadline approaches, the team has to balance a potential 2019 playoff push with the long-term process. We’ve heard trade rumors thus far about Pierre Gar莽on and Jimmie Ward. Gar莽on is struggling with injuries and might be hitting the end of the road, while Ward has been shuffled around every year and is in the option year of his rookie contract. I could see both being dealt if the 49ers can get some draft pick compensation.There has been some mention of Richard Sherman as a potential trade option, but that won’t be happening this year. John Lynch has said he is part of the future, and Sherman himself has said they told him as much. A Godfather offer could come along, but that seems unlikely at this point.Matt Maiocco brought up an interesting name in his trade deadline primer: guard Joshua Garnett. The 2016 first round pick spent last season on injured reserve, and has been inactive six of the eight games thus far in 2018. An injury cost him a chance at starting over Mike Person, but it remains to be seen if he was going to claim a starting job even if healthy. Person signed a one-year contract this year, so his future is uncertain. The 49ers might very well not be able to get even a seventh for Garnett at this point, but he will be someone to track as the deadline approaches this afternoon.Another name is occasionally mentioned, but makes little to no sense given the current status of the team. I’ve had people ask if Joe Staley should be traded. ESPN’s Mike Sando recently put together a rundown of deals NFL executives have either suggested to him or he has vetted with them. He included a deal that had the Los Angeles Chargers sending a third round pick to the 49ers for Staley.I get that the 49ers could move McGlinchey to left tackle and draft or sign another tackle next year, but this where looking to be competitive in 2019 comes into play. Long-term, the 49ers will need to replace Joe Staley. But for a potential playoff push in 2019 and maybe 2020, Staley would seem to be the best answer if you want to fill other needs with higher impact picks. If the 49ers think he will take a step back, that’s another discussion entirely, but to trade him for any other reason doesn’t make sense to me.Do you actually expect to see any deals today? We’ve heard talk of this deadline being busier than any in recent memory, but NFL trades are slow to develop. I would be pleasantly surprised to see it turn into a busy day, but I’m not holding my breath.

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      Giants news , again, more Good morning, New York Giants fans! Here are a few headlines for your Saturday.The band is back togetherRussell Shepard and Odell Beckham Jr. were teammates at LSU. With Cody Latimer (knee) already ruled out for Sunday, Shepard will almost certainly be the third wide receiver on Sunday vs. the New Orleans Saints. After Beckham, Russell Shepard and Sterling Shepard the only receivers on the roster are Stacy Coley and newly-signed undrafted rookie Jawill Davis.Shepard is excited to line up with Beckham again.“Last time I played with Odell Beckham, we were like 20, 21 so extremely excited to get to go out there and make plays for this team, help put this team in great position going down this big run,” Shepard said.Shurmur: Giants need to maintain urgencyAt 0-2, the Giants knew they desperately needed a victory last Sunday vs. the Houston Texans. They got it. Now, coach Pat Shurmur believes a key heading into this weekend’s game vs. New Orleans is to keep that mentality.“You have to play with the same urgency and confidence as you did the week before. So part of what you try to do is if you believe in the work that’s necessary to get you to Sunday, you have to try to replicate the work you did last week and make it even better. I think that’s where we’re at.”Around the Inter-GoogleNFL Week 4 picks, predictions: New York Giants vs. New Orleans Saints | Eli Manning or Drew Brees win QB showdown? | ESPN Color Rush Riley Dixon Jersey , CBS Sports, more | NJ.comThe Giants aim to build momentum against Drew Brees, Alvin Kamara, Michael Thomas and the New Orleans Saints on Sunday.History tells Giants just how far a little momentum can take themThe 2007 Tom Coughlin Giants were 0-2 when they staged that memorable goal-line stand on the road against the Redskins.“I think it just raised everybody up...Saints: NY Giants rookie Saquon Barkley is great, but not this SundayStar power on display for Giants-Saints at QB (Eli Manning, Drew Brees), WR (Odell Beckham Jr., Mike Thomas) and RB (Saquon Barkley, Alvin Kamara)NY Giants TE Garrett Dickerson's patience pays off as NFL long shotFormer Bergen Catholic star and Englewood native Garrett Dickerson's journey from rookie tryout to active roster culminates Sunday against the SaintsDamon Harrison: The New York Giants' one-man run-stopping machine - New York Giants Blog- ESPNThere's no room in the middle of the Giants' defensive line for opposing run games, so it might help New Orleans that it's more of a pass-first team. In a short week and in the rain, the New York Giants played host to bitter NFC East rivals the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday night. With their season hanging in the balance — or at the very least their ability to be competitive in the division — the Giants just couldn’t match up in any phase of the game. New York is now 1-5 on the season. Things started poorly for the Giants offense, with Eli Manning picked off by Eagles linebacker Kamu Grugier-Hill on his second throw of the game. That led to a Carson Wentz touchdown pass to Alshon Jeffery. The Giants then found themselves down 14-3 by the end of the first quarter, with the Eagles’ second score coming via a 1-yard run by Corey Clement on a drive born of a short Riley Dixon punt.With an early deficit to overcome Color Rush Landon Collins Jersey , the Giants reverted to the mean, with Manning throwing short passes at or behind the line of scrimmage and punts being the most frequent end to their offensive drives. Manning was often under pressure, but the conservative offensive approach the Giants took in response didn’t yield many positive results. Most of Manning’s deep deep attempts weren’t on target either.The Giants converted only four of their 14 third downs (their first since Week 4) and reached the red zone three times. Twice in the first half, Saquon Barkley tallied huge gains to get them into scoring position, but both appearances resulted in Aldrick Rosas field goals and not much-needed touchdowns. Once Wentz connected with tight end Zach Ertz for a 10-yard touchdown near the end of the first half, the Giants’ fate was seemingly sealed. That was followed by a Jake Elliot field goal that put the Giants down 24-6 at halftime. Jeffery had another touchdown grab in the second half. While Barkley’s third big play of the night was a 50-yard scoring run in the third quarter, the Eagles already had 31 points to their name. They added three more in the form of an Elliott field goal, while the Giants fell silent. There was to be no big comeback to make the game competitive at the end as there was against the Carolina Panthers in Week 5.Manning completed 24 of his 43 pass attempts for 281 yards, zero scores and one interceptions. He was also sacked four times and hit 13 times. Barkley surpassed the 100-yards from scrimmage mark for the sixth consecutive week by rushing 13 times for 130 yards and a score and catching nine passes for 99 yards. He had the best plays of the game for New York’s offense, the first, a 46-yard run in the first quarter:And the second, for a catch-and-run for 55 yards, in the second quarter:His third was a 50-yard third quarter touchdown run to bring the game to 31-13 in favor of the Eagles:Beckham had six catches on 10 targets for 44 yards. He also muffed a punt return in the second quarter that he managed to recover and walked to the locker room prior to halftime despite the Giants offense still being on the field.Defensively Youth Sterling Shepard Jersey , the Giants appeared to give up in the second half. In total, they allowed 379 yards to the Eagles offense, with Wentz completing 26 of his 36 pass attempts for 278 yards and three scores. Pressure wasn’t an issue; Wentz was hit five times but only sacked once.Moments that matteredFIRST DRIVE TURNOVER: A tipped pass intended for tight end Scott Simonson on Eli Manning’s second throw of the game was intercepted by Eagles linebacker Kamu Grugier-Hill. Three plays later, the Eagles reached the red zone, with Carson Wentz connecting with Alshon Jeffery for a touchdown. Manning was also lucky not to lose a fumble on a sack later in the first quarter; Nate Solder recovered the ball at New York’s one-yard line.BIG GAINS FOR BARKLEY: The Giants’ best plays on offense came via Barkley. His 46-yard run and his 55-yard after-catch master class alone put him over the 100-all-purpose-yardage mark for the sixth straight week and he added another 50-yard rushing touchdown. He is the second rookie in NFL history to earn 100 or more yards in his first six career games and ended the night with a combined 229 yards rushing and receiving.GAME-BREAKING PLAY: Late in the second quarter, Eagles receiver Nelson Agholor broke away from coverage for a 58-yard gain. That set up a 10-yard touchdown to tight end Zach Ertz, which extended their lead too far for the Giants to catch up.QUIET NIGHT FOR ODELL: Beckham was held to just six catches on his 10 targets for 44 yards, his longest gain totaling 12 yards.MANNING UNDER PRESSURE: Manning was under pressure throughout the contest, taking four sacks and 13 total hits.Injury updatesLinebacker Ray-Ray Armstrong was ruled out with a concussion. He was injured covering the kickoff to open the second half.Receiver Cody Latimer was ruled out with a hamstring injury in the fourth quarter.What’s next?The Giants travel to Atlanta to take on the Falcons for Week 7’s Monday Night Football matchup. Kickoff is set for 8:15 p.m. ET.


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