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      Sometime in the next week or so White Eric Kendricks Jersey , we’ll be opening the sign-ups for our annual Daily Norseman NFL Pick ‘Em and Survivor Football Leagues, so that fans of the Minnesota Vikings can pit their NFL knowledge against one another. As we’ve done every year, we’ll give everyone a heads-up as to when the doors will open, and at that time we’ll provide everyone with the group name/ID number and password so that folks can start signing up.This year, however, we’d like a little bit of input on one of the parameters for one of those pools.Every year we’ve done the Pick ‘Em pool, we’ve gone with just straight-up picks, without the point spreads being involved. This year, we’re wondering whether or not we should implement the spread into the picks. It would certainly add a different element to things, and while I have no doubt that we would rapidly reach the 100 participants that Yahoo! Sports limits the pool to every year, the point spread might make people more or less willing to toss their hat in the ring as part of the pool.So, we’re going to put this to you folks out there. We’ll leave the poll on this one open for a few days, and then get the pool set up in accordance with what everyone decides.With that, what’s your take on implementing point spreads into this year’s Daily Norseman NFL Pick ‘Em Pool? One quarter of the way through the NFL season, and everything is going according to plan.The Bears lead the division, followed by the Packers, Vikings, and finally the Lions.Just like everyone thought.Wait, what was the plan?Wow.O.K.Umm..Well, let’s start there then, shall we?Yeah, so the Chicago Bears are leading the division at 3-1, after absolutely abusing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last Sunday, 48-10.Tampa Bay’s defense was so bad that Mitchell Trubisky actually threw more touchdown passes (6) in his game than Jared Goff did in his (5).That’s right, the young gunslinger from North Carolina gave Bears fans - at least for one game - a little glimpse of the stuff that convinced GM Ryan Pace to make him the first quarterback selected in the 2017 draft - ahead of some kid from Texas Tech named Mahomes.This week, the Bears become the NFC North’s first team to have a bye week.In Green Bay, the Packers shut out Josh Allen and the vaunted Buffalo Bills offense, winning by a 22-0 margin.The Bills’ second-year quarterback was sacked seven times, threw two picks, and lost a fumble.Allen was sacked twice on his team’s final drive - both by Packers linebacker Kyle Fackrell, who led the team with three on the day.Aaron Rodgers was merely human in this one, throwing for 298 yards, with one TD and and one INT.The Packers moved to 2-1-1, a half game back of Chicago, and a game ahead of Minnesota, and will travel to Detroit to take on the Lions.The Detroit Lions - fresh off their first win under new coach Matt Patricia - headed to Dallas, intent on building on that momentum.They gave the Cowboys a good run, and took a one point lead with a little over two minutes to play.But Dallas was able to move the ball just enough - thanks to a 34-yard completion to Zeke Elliott - and kicker Brett Maher booted a 38 yard field goal to win the game, 26-24.It has now been one game since the Lions had a 100-yard rusher, as Kerryon Johnson led the team with just 55 yards.The Lions fell to 1-3 with the loss, and, again Kirk Cousins Jersey , host the Packers on Sunday.Chicago BearsAs mentioned, Mitchell Trubisky had a bit of a (an?) historic afternoon against the depleted Bucs secondary.He became the third Bears passer to throw for six touchdowns in a game.The last time it happened, players may or may not have been wearing leather helmets.I’ll need to check with the Daily Norseman research department to find that answer.*One thing is certain - the forward pass definitely had been invented by then.At any rate, it was Johnny Lujack who did it last, nearly seventy years ago.And the other was Bears great Sid Luckman (no relation) - who still holds a share of the NFL record with seven passing touchdowns in a single game, which he accomplished all the way back in 1943.* Nope, according to our friends at Wikipedia, they were still leather until around the 1950 season.Speaking of Mr. Biscuit (no, seriously, that’s really Trubisky’s nickname), Pro Football Reference gives us this interesting nugget:Two things come to mind when reading that:First - when successful, the Chicago Bears have been - for at least the past forty years - a “defense first” team.And second - their successes have had absolutely zip to do with the quarterback.Jim McMahon (no relation) didn’t win the Super Bowl in ‘85.He was there.The Bears ‘D’ and Walter Payton won that title.And Rex Grossman?Please.But, hey.The Bears put up some offense on Sunday.Even Bears Running Back Tarik Cohen finally busted loose, with 174 yards from scrimmage including 121 and a touchdown through the air.So, I have to give credit where credit is due.Khalil Mack scored another quarterback sack against the Bucs, bringing his season total to 5 and putting him on pace for 20, which would easily surpass the Bears single season record of 17.5, set by Hall-of-Famer Richard Dent in 1984.He also forced another fumble (although the Bucs recovered).He is simply playing at an entirely different level than any offensive player he faces right now.Can he keep it up?Who knows, but even as a Vikings fan it’s been fun to watch.** side note:Brian Baldinger really does a nice job with analysis.Long ago, when he was just starting out,I thought that about Jon Gruden, as well.Gruden traded Khalil Mack to the Bears.I’m not sure there’s a correlation is between these facts, but as I was watching the video above, that’s what popped into my head.I really hope Baldy doesn’t turn out like Gruden.Not-afraid-to-make-a-prediction Prediction: I can’t possibly get this one wrong, can I?The Bears are on a bye this week.I predict they rest up, do some coaching stuff, have a few practices and at least one charity event.Detroit LionsThe saga continues at the Running Back spot for the Lions.Seemingly, Kerryon Johnson is the lead horse.He leads the team in rushing with 38 carries for 216 yards and a touchdown, good for 5.7 yards per carry.LeGarrette Blount has 95 yards on the season, and Theo Riddick has put up numbers in the passing game.Johnson broke the streak of games without a hundred yard rusher against New England, and the fans have been screaming for a heavier workload for him (really, who doesn’t scream for a heavier workload for their Johnson?).And yet鈥att Stafford, it would seem, would like to give his Johnson more touches.Offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter is under fire from Lions fans for not using the young running back.The thing is, the Lions are putting up yardage.Matthew Stafford has a great pair of receivers in Golden Tate and Marvin Jones, and Kenny Golladay has made some plays, as well.But the team - for whatever reason - is reluctant to call Kerryon Johnson the lead back.Stafford had Calvin Johnson in his prime, and rarely had an impact player lined up in the backfield.Imagine if Megatron had a running back like Kerryon Johnson a few years back!Cooter would definitely have a difficult time finding a proper balls-to-Johnson ratio - especially without a decent tight end on the roster.Okay, okay鈥?my inner fourth-grader flared up a little bit there.Sorry about that.Lord, I apologize.Matthew Stafford has, on occasion, been mentioned in the “Elite Quarterback” discussion Authentic Mike Hughes Jersey , but he’s certainly not mentioned with the frequency of Brady, Brees, or Rodgers.But, why not?He’s well on his way to an eighth-straight 4,000-plus-yard-passing season.He has averaged fewer than one interception per game in his career, while throwing nearly two touchdowns per game.He’s had 26 career fourth quarter comebacks, and engineered 32 game-winning drives.Yet, his lifetime record sits at 61-68, and he’s been to a single Pro-Bowl.What sort of rarefied air is he beginning to hit at this point in his career? The Lions defense, however, continues to be a problem.The Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott was a one-man wrecking crew on Sunday, putting up 240 yards of rushing and receiving, with one touchdown.One bright spot was linebacker Devon Kennard, who picked up his fourth sack of the season.He became the first Lions linebacker ever to record at least four sacks through the first four games of the season.Over at our sister site, Pride of Detroit, a bit of discussion has taken place among Lions fans about whether the team should trade Golden Tate.Tate is in the final year of his contract.And at age 30, the team may not have interest in giving him the long-term deal he’ll surely seek.They have plenty of cap space, though, and fans wouldn’t be happy to see him leave.Tate didn’t blossom as a “very good” wide receiver until his first year in Detroit, when he was 26 years old.He’s cocky to a fault, but he’s managed to turn himself into one of the most reliable pass-catchers in the game.That cockiness can be seen in the following highlights:...or lowlights, if you prefer.Not-afraid-to-make-a-prediction Prediction:The Lions take on the Green Bay Packers at home on Sunday at noon.And speaking of the Packers鈥reen Bay PackersThe streak is over!Clay Matthews was not called for roughing the passer!I repeat, Clay Matthews was not called for roughing the passer.Teenage boys and elderly women from Douglas County down to Kenosha County can rest easy tonight - the NFL didn’t screw the Packers over.I mean, they did get that one call against Blake Martinez, who was working over Josh Allen well after the whistle (and he’s not even the one who shoved Allen to the ground right after the play in front of the ref, who totally didn’t see it, at all). Nevermind鈥?No sleep in Packerland again tonight.They’re back at it. Speaking of Blake Martinez, he’s quietly putting together a solid season at linebacker for the Packers, and is the 7th highest graded linebacker in the league, according to PFF.With offensive line play like this, who can blame him for being solid?Vikings fans - do you remember last season when the Vikings defense was doing things like this?It looks really familiar, but where oh where has it gone?I’m just going to leave this here.I’m stuck for any possible decent response to this.Almost anything I’d like to say will be offensive in one way or another.So my only comment will be, “Huh.I’ll be damned.”Any chance Ms. Patrick did one of these numbers after he told her “No.”?Packer fans just can’t understand the level of hatred that NON-Packer fans - even outside the NFC North - have for Aaron Rodgers.Captain Smug was not pleased with his team’s effort offensively, telling reporters that the team “left a lot of offense out there today.”The Packers offensive stats?11-19 on third down.32 carries for 141 yards and 4.4 yards-per-carry.282 yards passing.Oh yeah, Aaron.I’d definitely walk in to that coaches room Monday morning and give them the what-for, if I were you!Not-afraid-to-make-a-prediction Prediction:Hmmm鈥et’s look at some numbers before making this prediction.Rodgers is 41-14-1 versus the NFC North in his career*.29 of those wins have come versus the Bears(16) and Lions (13).He’s had 18 career game-winning fourth quarter drives, and eleven of them have come against the Bears(6) and Lions (5).OF COURSE THE PACKERS WILL BEAT THE LIONS!!* For reference purposes, Rodgers is 12-7-1 against the Vikings in his career, with zero fourth quarter comebacks or game-winning drives.

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      Over the past couple of weeks Youth Customized Minnesota Vikings Jerseys , Minnesota Vikings’ quarterback Kirk Cousins has made a few throws that have left everyone scratching their heads, such as the interception he threw on Sunday against the Detroit Lions. However, according to the folks from ESPN, he also threw what they’ve deemed the pass of the year thus far for the 2018 season, and when you think back about how great a throw it was, it’s tough to argue against it.Over behind the great E$PN paywall, Bill Barnwell went through some of his midseason award winners, and deemed this pass from Cousins to Adam Thielen against the Green Bay Packers back in Week 2 as his “Pass of the Year” to this point in the season.Barnwell breaks the play down further:Honestly, not only is that the pass of the year this season, that’s as good a touchdown pass as any Vikings’ quarterback has thrown in about ten years, at least back to the Zombie Favre season. I have no idea how Cousins got that ball to Thielen, but he did get it there for what was a part of the tying score (along with Stefon Diggs’ 2-point conversion, which is in the video above as well).In fact, Next Gen Stats has rated that particular pass the most improbable completion of the 2018 season thus far.Kirk Cousins may throw the occasional pass that’s less than optimal. But, as we’ve seen through the Vikings’ first nine games, he throws a hell of a lot more good ones. The New York Jets were in this exact spot a year ago.They were 3-4 after seven games and at a crossroads in their season — which quickly spiraled from that point. The Jets lost the following week and won only two more games the rest of the way while stumbling to a 5-11 finish.Safety Jamal Adams insisted there will be no repeat performance this year."Not going to happen," a defiant Adams said after a 37-17 loss to Minnesota on Sunday . "I'm not going to let that happen. Plain and simple."The Jets had gotten back to .500 with victories at home against Denver and Indianapolis, and were looking to sweep their first three-game homestand since 1974.Instead, turnovers — four of them — and missed opportunities ruined that chance against the Vikings."It's not like they came in here and just smacked us ," linebacker Darron Lee said. "It's nothing to sit here and hit the panic button about. We're fine. No one is worried or panicking here. We're fine as a group. We're a lot more close-knit (than last season)."Kirk Cousins threw two touchdown passes, Latavius Murray ran for two scores, and the Vikings (4-2-1) pulled away in the second half for their third straight victory.Lee was right: Minnesota didn't exactly roll over New York. But it did more than enough to temper the simmering confidence and good vibes Jets fans were feeling coming into the game.Now, New York has to prevent the disappointment from lingering — and turning into more losses."I know in a couple years past, since I've been here, the wheels have fallen off and all hell would break loose," Lee said. "But we're fine, and no one is panicking here. We weren't as close-knit as a group as we are now. Nobody has got their head hanging down."In his first game against the Jets since spurning their massive offer in free agency, Cousins was far from spectacular but made some big plays late. With the game still hanging in the balance and the Vikings facing fourth-and-8 from the 34, Cousins connected with Aldrick Robinson for a TD to seal it.Cousins, 25 of 40 for 241 yards, opted to turn down New York's three-year, $90 million deal in the offseason and instead chose to go to Minnesota, which actually signed him to a deal worth $6 million less. The Jets insisted this loss didn't sting any more than usual because it was against Cousins."We don't care," Lee said. "We only care about us and this team. Don't try to make this about him. We don't care. No one ever spoke about that all week. No one cared."After Cousins made his decision, the Jets turned their attention to the draft, where they selected Sam Darnold with the No. 3 overall pick.In their first meeting, Cousins came out on top — while Darnold struggled on a cold, windy day.The rookie was 17 of 42 for 206 yards with a TD pass to Chris Herndon and a TD run Minnesota Vikings T-Shirt , but was intercepted three times as New York's two-game winning streak ended."I've just got to find completions," Darnold said. "That's really it. And, we've got to do a better job executing."Jason Myers, who set the franchise record with seven field goals last Sunday, kicked a 55-yarder to cut the Jets' deficit to 10 at 27-17 with 2:39 remaining in the third. New York finally converted its first third down of the game after missing on its first seven opportunities on Darnold's 6-yard run on third-and-5, but the drive was short-circuited by drops by Isaiah Crowell and Eric Tomlinson."Nothing clicked for the offense today," coach Todd Bowles said.Or, on special teams, for the most part.Tarell Basham was penalized for being offside on the game's opening kickoff — a bad omen. There was later a muffed punt return by Andre Roberts, who was able to recover; a bad snap from Thomas Hennessy to punter Lachlan Edwards, who had to field the ball off the turf; and a 28-yard punt by Edwards that helped lead to another score for Minnesota."Errors in all three phases were critical," Bowles said. "Every time you give up field position in a game like this against a good team, you're going to have a problem. We can't make those mistakes."Not if the Jets have their sights set on being in the playoff mix late in the season.And, especially if they intend on getting back to winning, starting next Sunday at Chicago."You've just got to stay positive, and understand that we played a good football team and they made more plays than we did," Adams said. "We've got to do the little things right at all times and always preach that. We've just got to be more consistent at it."

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      If you’re a Vikings fan Minnesota Vikings T-Shirt , then you’ve seen plenty of heartbreak through the history of the franchise. Whenever the team has it going for them, something promising, it somehow all falls apart. Let’s be honest, this may be the most talented Vikings team that fans have seen in at least a decade. That’s fair to say, right? It’s safe to say that the team has already improved talent wise, since last season. But with the amount of injuries that the offensive line has suffered so far, takes a big hit on depth and being able to build a successful line. It doesn’t matter who you have behind that line, if the linemen can’t successfully do their job, then the offense just will not be as promising as it should be. Offensive linemen Josh Andrews and Cedrick Lang were two of the six players to go down with injuries on Saturday. Andrews hurt his ankle and was helped off the field. However, Lang’s injury looked to be a little more severe. He was carted off the field with a lower leg injury. Minnesota was already out with four starting offensive linemen to begin with: Mike Remmers, Rashod Hill, Pat Elflein and Nick Easton. Head coach Mike Zimmer is expecting Remmers to be back by next week and Elflein to be good to go by the start of the regular-season. He still seems to be unsure about the timetable for Hill’s return. This is what Zimmer had to say about the injury-plagued line:This isn’t the first and won’t be the last time where injuries derail a season. But in all honesty, if Remmers and Elflein can return before the regular-season begins, then the offense may be alright. It’s important for Hill to make a quick return too, although Brian O’Neill is fighting for a starting spot Minnesota Vikings Hats , the two are the only right tackles on the depth chart.With Andrews being out, that only leaves Tom Compton and newly signed guard Kaleb Johnson at left guard. The Vikings are rolling with this “next man up” mentality, but what happens when there isn’t another guy to step up?I’m not panicking, but I’m definitely concerned about the first few weeks of the season strictly because of the offensive line.I know I’m not the only one who thinks that, I do hope it all works itself out. Last year, when Florida State running back Dalvin Cook fell out of the first round of the NFL draft, the Vikings made an aggressive trade to move up early in the second round to get him and install him as the heir apparent to future Hall of Famer Adrian Peterson.Through the first four games, it looked like one of the best trades GM Rick Spielman ever made, as Cook started out with over 350 yards rushing in his a little over three and a half games. In his fourth game, though, he tore his ACL against Detroit, and was lost for the season.It was thought that he would be an integral cog in the 2018 offense, but he started slow, only rushing for 78 yards in his first two games. He hurt his hamstring in week three in a loss to Buffalo, aggravated his injury against the Los Angeles Rams a week later Minnesota Vikings Hoodie , and has been out ever since.All signs were pointing to him playing against Arizona, but he tweaked his hamstring again during warmups and was a late scratch. Now, comes this from Vikings ESPN beat reporter Courtney Cronin:If true, Cook will miss two games before the Vikings break for their bye week, against the Saints this Sunday night and then Detroit. Although it’s another tough break for Cook, who’s missed 14 games in his two year career, the decision by the Vikings to keep Latavius Murray has really paid off. Murray has rushed for 224 yards and three touchdowns in the last two games, including a career high 155 yards against Arizona two weeks ago. In last Sunday’s 37-17 win over the New York Jets, Murray ran for 69 (nice) yards, and had touchdown runs of 11 and 38 yards.Hamstrings can be tricky injuries, and although it’s frustrating, the Vikings can afford to keep Cook sidelined until he’s fully healthy, and ready for the stretch run. For now, they’ll just ride the Tay Train.

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      To Fans This year’s June practices that are open to the public are starting at 11:00 A.M. on June 12th Youth Austin Carr Jersey , 13th and 14th. Fans will get their first look at the 2018 team that will hopefully continue it’s success from 2017.Tuesday, June 12鈥?1:00 am – 1:20 pm Practice – (Open to the Public)Wednesday, June 1311:00 am – 1:20 pm Practice – (Open to the Public)Thursday, June 1411:00 am – 1:20 pm Practice – (Open to the Public)These are a great opportunity for fans to get their first glimpse of the rookie class, headlined by Marcus Davenport. It also provides the opportunity to see current stars Drew Brees, Michael Thomas, Marshon Lattimore, Alvin Kamara and much more! All practices are weather permitting, and fans should arrive early to get a good seat. Also, be sure to bring some Saints swag to hopefully get signed by your favorite player!As always, there are certain things fans must keep note of as we get closer to open practices. The team’s website makes note of the following:Per the Saints Website:FAN INFORMATIONIn the event of inclement weather, (including rain, thunderstorms and extreme heat) Ken Crawley Jersey , the team may move practice indoors with little or no advance warning. Please be advised that fans attending any open practice will not be allowed inside the indoor facility due to space limitations if inclement weather forces the team indoors. We apologize in advance for this inconvenience. Media and fan alerts, updates and schedule changes will be made daily on, Twitter, and Facebook.Gates will open to the public 45 minutes prior to each practice. There is no charge to view practice.Fans are welcome to take photos of the players during training camp. However, video is prohibited. Saints staff may request at any time that you cease using those devices. Small cameras and binoculars will be allowed. No spectator cameras with lenses more than six inches long will be permitted. Binocular cases and camera bags are not permitted.Restrooms are available.Food, beverages and merchandise featuring the newest Saints gear are available for purchase.Parking for fans is available in the New Orleans BabyCakes baseball stadium parking lot.Vistors with special needs should see a Saints representative for appropriate assistance. The ADA dropoff site is in front of the main entrance gate for practice. A viewing area is available for our disabled fans.There are also several items that are not allowed, and the team’s website lists them here:Animals, except service animals assisting those with disabilitiesBackpacks, duffel bags, large bags and hard containersBicyclesCoolers and outside food and beverage, except for fans with medical/dietary needsHoverboards or other self-propelled devicesLaser pensArtificial noisemakers (air horns, bullhorns, whistles etc.)Objects that may obstruct another fan’s view , including umbrellas of over 4’ in diameterOversized purses or handbags (none larger than 16”x14”x13” are allowed)Remotely controlled model aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles and dronesSelfie sticks and video camerasWeapons and firearms (including fireworks, knives, pepper spray and electronic stunning devices)Any other item deemed unacceptable by New Orleans Saints management. Fans are reminded to please leave such items appropriately secured in their vehicles. Prohibited items that are discovered will be confiscated, disposed of and will not be returned.The Ochsner Sports Performance Center is a smoke-free facility and no smoking, lighters or e-cigarettes are allowed on the grounds.Fans can also attend practices in July and August, and you can find that information here. It’s a pretty common occurrence for fans and analysts to make bold predictions about a game or season. If the prediction doesn’t come true, then that’s OK - you said it was bold! If it DOES come true, though... now you look like a genius!So in that spirit, some of the Canal Street Chronicles writers were asked to share with me a bold prediction or two for the Week 8 of the regular season for the New Orleans Saints: a Sunday Night Football match up of the Saints traveling to Minnesota for the third time in two season. This is their chance to look brilliant!Here are a few of the bold predictions provided by some of the contributors at Canal Street Chronicles:Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty ImagesGround Game Strong - The Saints rush for 150 yards as a team. (Bob)VERY Bold - Ken Crawley gets an interception. (Chad)Not as bold - Marcus Williams gets an interception. (Bob) Brees Has a Solid Game - Drew Brees throws for 375 yards and 3 TDs. (Hendrix)Quan-Tum Leap Forward - Tre’Quan Smith has his first 100+ yard receiving game. (Bob)Here are my three bold predictions for the game:Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty ImagesThe Saints triple up the Vikings rushing game.Adam Thielen is finally held to under 100 receiving yards.The Saints attempt a fake field goal.So there are some of our bold predictions for the game. What are yours?

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      First Win in Franchise History We are only one month away from the official beginning of training camp for the 2018 New Orleans Saints. Veterans report to the facility on July 25th New Orleans Saints T-Shirt , about a week after the team's rookies have already arrived. Fans of the team are bubbling with excitement, especially after the return to prominence of the Saints as a contender last season. While we anxiously wait for the 2018 version of the Saints to take the field, we look back today at one of the memorable moments from the team's 52-yr. old past, by continuing the Canal Street Chronicles Triumphs and Tragedies series of the New Orleans Saints. First Win in Saints HistoryThe date was November 5, 1967. The site was Tulane Stadium, home of the expansion New Orleans Saints, who were in their first year of existence. New Orleans had started their inaugural season off with a bang, when John Gilliam returned the first kickoff in franchise history for a touchdown against the Los Angeles Rams in the opening game. The Saints went on to lose that game however, along with their next six, and entered the eighth game of their initial season 0-7, having yet to savor victory as a franchise. The team was coached by Tom Fears, but many of the veterans who were acquired by the team were well past their prime. Visiting the Saints that afternoon would be their Capitol Division opponent, the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles, coached by Joe Kuharich, would come into the game with a 4-3 record. They had one of the league's best passing attacks, led by quarterback Norm Snead and wideout Ben Hawkins. The Saints on the other hand New Orleans Saints Hats , would wind up near the bottom of the 16 team NFL in nearly every NFL category. Veteran running back Jim Taylor, a future Hall of Famer, led the team in rushing but finished with just 390 yards. The team's best offensive production came from a receiver drafted in the 17th round, Danny Abramowicz. Defensively, future Hall of Fame defensive end Doug Atkins still had some effective play left, after being acquired in a trade with the Chicago Bears. Cornerback Dave Whitsell also came from Chicago, via the expansion draft, was the Saints defensive star and the team's first ever Pro Bowl selection in 1967. New Orleans gave up the number 1 overall draft pick to the Baltimore Colts for quarterback Gary Cuozzo to lead the team, but he could do no better than share time with veteran Billy Kilmer during the '67 season. The Saints began their 8th game the way they started their season, by taking the opening kickoff for a touchdown. Wideout Walter Roberts took the Eagles kick 91 yards for a 7-0 Saints lead, and the only score of the first quarter. Roberts, nicknamed "the Flea" because of his size (5'9, 163-lbs.) and elusiveness, had the afternoon of his career against Philadelphia. After the kickoff return, the only touchdown return of Roberts' career, he picked up a teammate's fumble and raced 27 yards for a second quarter score and a 14-0 New Orleans lead. The Eagles narrowed the gap with a field goal New Orleans Saints Hoodie , and a Norm Snead scoring pass to Jim Kelly later in the quarter, but New Orleans took a 14-10 lead into the halftime break. After kicker Charlie Durkee widened the Saints lead with a 3rd quarter field goal Whitsell, who led the NFL with 10 interceptions on the year, picked off a Snead pass and took it back 41-yds. for a touchdown and a 24-10 New Orleans lead to begin the 4th quarter. Snead, who would throw for 292 yards, 3 touchdowns and 2 interceptions on the day, would hook up with Gary Ballman on a scoring pass to close the Saints lead to 24-17. New Orleans would respond when Roberts scored his third touchdown of the day, catching a 49-yd. scoring pass from Cuozzo on his only reception of the afternoon. A late scoring pass from Snead to Timmy Brown only made the final score respectable, as the New Orleans Saints gave their excited fans the first win in team history with a 31-24 victory. Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY SportsThe Eagles would exact a bit of revenge two weeks later in a rematch against New Orleans, with a 48-21 rout in Philadelphia. The Saints would go on to win two more times in 1967, finishing their inaugural season with a 3-11 record. Cuozzo would eventually lose the starting quarterback job to Kilmer, and get dealt to the Minnesota Vikings after the '67 season, going down in memory as one of the worst trades in New Orleans history. Walter "Flea" Roberts would also leave the Saints after the 1967 season, finishing his final two years with the Washington Redskins. He be awarded the offensive player of the week for his performance against Philadelphia that afternoon. Flea Roberts would score just 11 touchdowns in a six year NFL career, but 3 of them on that special day on November 5th, 1967 Cheap Customized New Orleans Saints Jerseys , as he helped the New Orleans Saints to the thrill of their first ever victory. As I walked the streets of New Orleans headed towards the Superdome on Sunday I stumbled across a group of Browns fans gleefully partaking in chant.“We’re gonna tie” , they screamed!Sure it was tongue in cheek but at that moment I smiled and realized I was face to face with fans of an organization who’s expectations for their team were so low that a tie vs Pittsburgh last week was a positive thing.If there is satisfaction to be found in a tie simply because it’s “not a loss” ,then the Saints 18-21 win over Cleveland, regardless of how Wesley Snipes in To Wong Foo it was, has to be that it revealed part of their personalityTheir resolveDown 12-10 with (5:10) left to go in the 4th Quarter Marcus Williams would step in front of a Tyrod Taylor throw for an INT resulting in a HUGE momentum shift for the Saints.The offense would eventually take the lead and well you know the story.However, If you recall that same scenario presented itself last year in Minnesota.Saints are down, Marcus Williams gets a momentum shifting INT, offense eventually takes the lead but instead of a win they lose on a last second defensive blunder.To get the win this time around cannot be understated!Miscellaneous ThoughtsMarcus Davenport’s run defense has been better than advertised.He’s also one of the top graded players on the Saints defense through 2 weeks of a young NFL season.The question of what would happen if we got Drew a #1 WR are over. When asked about if he’s worried about leaning on just a couple guys in reference to Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara, Sean Payton responded by saying “I worry about the workload relative to the running back position”Translation - Mike’s going to get the ball a lot this year.Deuce mentioned last week that Vonn Bell looked like the Saints best safety opposite Marcus Williams and the staff may have agreed.After playing fewer snaps than Kurt Coleman vs Tampa there was a role reversal as he was involved in 65% of the snaps to Kurt’s 37%After being scarcely used in Week 1 Trey Hendrickson found himself inactive vs Cleveland.Going to assume they expected more of a run oriented game plan and his services weren't needed.Drew targeting Austin Carr twice in redzone has to mean he’s trusted in the offense right?Ted Ginn doesn’t attack the ball if it’s underthrown and I can’t help but think that the training camp version of Tre’Quan Smith at least attempts to make a play on that ball.Football is a game of inches and when I watched the ball get placed just out of the reach of Austin Carr I imagined that Cameron Meredith at 6’3 with 32in arms and a 38in vert probably has a chance at that.The defensive line awoke from it’s slumber vs Browns.They generated 3scks, 6tfl, 2pdef, and 4 hits.Definite uptick over last weeks numbers.After two games it’s impossible to tell if the Saints are a playoff team or an 8-8 team.What I can tell you is that they’ll find a way to stand up before the 10 count and they’ll keep fighting until there is no time left on the clock.Not all of those games will end up in a W but they’ll be close and they’ll be competitive.

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      [Saints fans: Take our weekly Saints survey Womens Alex Anzalone Jersey , 3 quick questions a week]Last week I called the New Orleans Saints a “big, gigantic fraud” after the miserable defensive effort they displayed in the season opener in a 48-40 loss against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This afternoon in the Mercedes Benz Superdome, the Saints had a chance to redeem themselves against an underdog as big as the Bucs in week one, the Cleveland Browns. They did none of that and they now look like quite an overrated team in this young 2018 season.1st HALFIn the first half, it was the offense’s turn to look like a shelf of itself, scoring only three points and fumbling the ball twice, one each by Michael Thomas and Ted Ginn Jr.Drew Brees was not without fault, overthrowing a wide open Benjamin Watson in the red zone, forcing the Saints tho settle for a field goal, their only points of the half. The defense on the other hand would look much better than it did last week against Tampa, holding the Browns to six points. At halftime Youth Marshon Lattimore Jersey , the Saints trailed 6-3 and looked alarmingly lethargic. One could only hope that halftime adjustments would ignite the offense and lead it to a better showing in the second half.2nd HALFThe Saints received the ball to start the second half and proceeded to go scoreless in the entire third quarter. The defense finally caved in some and allowed the Browns to take a 12-3 lead into the fourth quarter. After a Cleveland missed field goal, Brees and the offense would finally take advantage of good field position to score their first touchdown of the day and narrow the lead to 12-10. And interception by Marcus Williams would breathe life into the Saints in the late stages of the fourth quarter, as Brees would subsequently find Michael Thomas for a touchdown giving the Saints a 16-12 lead, their first lead since they led 3-0 in the first quarter. The Saints would make the two-point conversion with Alvin Kamara to extend their lead to 18-12.The defense would inexplicably allow Tyrod Taylor to throw a bomb of a touchdown to Antonio Callaway with just over a minute left. The Browns would miss the extra point, allowing the Saints to be tied at 18 with about a minute and 25 seconds left. Brees and the offense would drive down the field and kick a field goal to take a 21-18 lead with 25 seconds left.The Browns would have a shot, missing a long field goal as time expired. New Orleans escapes with a 21-18 win, but it was not pretty and this is a team that has a lot of work to do if it wants to be a contender for anything this season. But a win is a win yes? We’ll take it.***Here is a timeline of the game:1st QuarterSaints win the toss and defer to the second halfSaints force the Browns into a three-and-outMichael Thomas catches a third down ball and fumbles it, Browns recoverBrowns take over near midfield into Saints territorySaints stop the Browns who settle for a 39-yard field goalNO: 0 - CLE: 3Saints get into Browns red zone but stall. Wil Lutz kicks a 30-yard field goalNO: 3 - CLE: 3Browns run the ball as the quarter endsSheldon Rankins sacks Tyrod Taylor on 3rd and 5, forces the Browns to puntThis was the first sack of the Saints’ 2018 season2nd QuarterSaints get into Browns territory and Ted Ginn Jr. fumbles the ball to the BrownsBrowns go for it on 4th and 2 and are stopped at the Saints 38-yard lineSaints get into the Browns’ red zone but Brees gets sacked on 3rd downWil Lutz misses a 44-yard field goalBrowns get into Saints territory in a hurrySaints defense steps up and stop the Browns on 3rd down at the 2-minute warningZane Gonzalez makes a 39-yard field goalNO: 3 - CLE: 6Saints get the ball with 1:55 left in the half and go three-and-outThomas Morstead booms a punt, penalty pins the Browns at their 9-yard lineBrowns run out the clock as the half hits3rd QuarterSaints start with the ball after deferring the coin toss to the second halfSaints stall and punt to the BrownsCleveland gets deep into Saints territoryPatrick Robinson is called on a Pass Interference in the end zoneCarlos Hyde reaches the end zone for a touchdownZane Gonzalez misses the extra pointNO: 3 - CLE: 12Taysom Hill returns the kickoff to the 40-yard lineSaints get into Browns territoryBrees gets sacked on 3rd and 1 near midfield and Saints puntBrowns easily move into Saints territory as the quarter ends4th QuarterBrowns stall and Zane Gonzalez misses a 44-yard field goalAlvin Kamara runs the Saints into Cleveland territorySaints get into Cleveland’s red zoneBrees finds Michael Thomas for a touchdownNO: 10 - CLE: 12Browns take over at their 25-yard line and go three-and-out and puntSaints take over near their 30-yard lineBrees gets sacked on third down and Saints have to puntMarcus Williams picks off Tyrod Taylor and returns it to Cleveland’s 20-yard lineThis is the first takeaway by the Saints in 2018. Fitting that it’s by WilliamsSaints get into the red zoneBrees finds Michael Thomas for a touchdownAlvin Kamara rushes into the end zone for the two-point conversionNO: 18 - CLE: 12After a touchback, Browns take over at their 25-yard lineBrowns get into Saints territoryOn 4th and 5 Womens Austin Carr Jersey , Tyrod Taylor finds Antonio Callaway for a touchdown!Zane Gonzalez misses the extra point!!!NO: 18 - CLE: 18Saints take over at their 25-yard lineBrees finds Ted Ginn Jr. for a 42 yards passSaints stall and Wil Lutz kicks a 44-yard field goalNO: 21 - CLE: 18Browns take over at their 25-yard line and drive to the Saints 34-yard line with easeZane Gonzalez misses a 51-yard field goalThe Saints escape with a 21-18 win4 daily fantasy players from the Saints and Giants matchup If you’re a daily fantasy player, before each game I will look at three/four players from the New Orleans Saints and their opponent’s rosters that I would target in daily fantasy (based off their value and potential results). Obviously, Saints QB Drew Brees is a safe QB for daily fantasy leagues, but spending your money on a top-tier starting QB leaves you scraping the barrel to fill out the rest of your roster. So here are four Giants that provide the most bang for your buck. (Values from Fanduel.)QB Eli Manning (NYG) - $7,100After what the Saints have consistently given up through the air, it is absolute shock to me that Eli Manning comes this cheap. He’s $1,800 cheaper than the most expensive QB available, and is in the bottom third of prices for all NFL starting QBs this week. If the Saints defense struggles again for the fourth week in a row, look for Eli to provide incredible value.RB Saquon Barkley (NYG) - $8,000Reports of the Saints success against the run have been greatly exaggerated. Yes, the Saints have fared well thus far Youth Marcus Williams Jersey , but that’s been against two career back-ups in Peyton Barber and Tevin Coleman, and a mediocre starter in Carlos Hyde. Barkley will be the first real test for the Saints run defense, and he’s a threat both catching the ball and running between the tackles. At $1,100 cheaper than the most expensive RB available (Alvin Kamara), he’s a solid value play this week.WR Odell Beckham Jr (NYG) - $8,600Odell is another Giant cheaper than the most expensive player at the position who also happens to be a Saints (he’s $400 cheaper than the Saints Michael Thomas). He will likely be lined up against Marshon Lattimore for the majority of the game, but Julio Jones’s game last week shows that an elite WR can still put up big numbers against Lattimore.WR Sterling Shepard (NYG) - $6,200Number two wide receivers have torched the Saints number two cornerback all season long - DeSean Jackson, Antonio Callaway, and Calvin Ridley all had monster games. Whether it’s PJ Williams or Ken Crawley lined up as the #2 CB, look for Shepard to spend the majority of his snaps trying to run past Crawley down the seam.My full daily fantasy lineup this week: QB: Eli Manning (NYG) - $7 Womens Sheldon Rankins Jersey ,100RB: Saquon Barkley (NYG) - $8,000RB: Giovani Bernard (CIN) - $6,400WR: Odell Beckham Jr (NYG) - $8,600SWR: ) - $5,000WR: Sterling Shepard (NYG) - $6,200WR: Amari Cooper (OAK) - $6,600TE: Eric Ebron (IND) - $5,500FLEX: Matt Breida (SF) - $6,400DST: Jaguars (vs Jets) - $5,200

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      and Tom Brady can’t get here soon enough.The discussion regarding the game has devolved to the point where Brady was asked to respond to people calling his relationship with Rodgers a “bromance.” (Yes , someone actually asked Brady that question on Friday.)“I don鈥檛 call it that,” Brady said.So what does he call it?“Call what?” Brady said. “My relationship with him? We know each other. We鈥檙e friends.”Brady said that he hasn’t reached out to Rodgers this week, and that Brady wouldn’t give up some of his arm in exchange for Rodgers’ legs.“I鈥檇 love to move as best as I possibly can,” Brady said. “But God gave me this body and trying to use it the best I can to help us win.”That approach has worked well for Brady over most of the last 18 years. Even if it apparently hasn’t been enough to spark an official bromance with Rodgers.Kenjon Barner’s recent punt-return history should lend Patriots a hand Kenjon Barner returned three punts through his first four NFL seasons.But there’s reason to think the New England Patriots agreed to terms with the veteran running back on Tuesday because of the work he fielded deep during his fifth.Barner re-signed with the Philadelphia Eagles late last September after ageless all-purpose threat Darren Sproles landed on injured reserve with a broken arm and torn ACL. He would finish his 2017 campaign having returned 28 punts for 250 yards – and with a Super Bowl LII ring.Prior to then, Barner had 19 yards on his NFL resume in that department.It’d been awhile.The 2013 sixth-round pick returned zero punts as a senior at Oregon and lost yardage in limited reps there as a junior. Yet between Barner’s freshman and sophomore seasons with the Ducks, he took 23 punts back for 269 yards and a touchdown.That background is of use in Foxborough after New England waived Riley McCarron on Monday – the same day Barner was in for a free-agent workout. McCarron, a recent practice-squad promotion, had a punt bounce off his facemask in the fourth quarter of the opener versus the Houston Texans, reminiscent of growing pains the likes of Chris Harper and Cyrus Jones endured in 2015 and 2016.Barner wasn’t immune with the Eagles in 2017, either.He muffed three punts last year courtesy of specialists Michael Palardy, Chris Jones and Marquette King.Two arrived on fair-catch attempts that drifted outside the numbers well inside the 20-yard line against the Carolina Panthers and the Dallas Cowboys. The other arrived against the Oakland Raiders as Barner looked to rebound a one-hopper.All were recovered by the Philadelphia’s unit New England Patriots Womens T-Shirt , and Barner himself recovered a pair of them.But no recoveries were needed on Oct. 8 against the Arizona Cardinals when Barner earned NFC Special Teams Player of the Week. Barner amassed 110 punt-return yards on just three goes of it in that 34-7 win for Philadelphia.It marked fourth-highest single-game tally in franchise history.Barner got 76 yards worth on one that looked dead in the water as Arizona’s Ifeanyi Momah and Tyvon Branch cornered him at Philadelphia’s own 15. He would tightrope the sideline and find a cutback lane to the inside, however.And on a diagonal course the well-traveled runner went to Arizona’s own 15.“With Kenjon, obviously we know him,” Eagles head coach Doug Pederson said of Barner during his day-after press conference. “We’ve had him in here before, so we really felt comfortable with bringing him back in and understanding what he can do. He’s just gotten better in these last couple weeks, had great production in the game.” Barner, who compiled 50 total touchdowns as a rusher, receiver, kickoff and punt returner during his Ducks career, spent his rookie year with the Panthers. He was then swapped for a conditional seventh-round pick and logged his next three years with the Eagles.A spring-to-summer stop with the San Diego Chargers followed before Sproles’ injury sent him back to Philadelphia last fall.In his return, Barner appeared in every game despite touching the ball just 21 times on offense. He averaged 8.9 yards per on punts. And nine of his opportunities doing so New England Patriots Hats , including playoffs, netted a pickup of double-digit yards.Barner, who was in training camp with Carolina before being let go on Labor Day weekend, may get his next opportunity Sunday night against the Jacksonville Jaguars.He finds himself the fourth running back on New England’s active roster for it, with Jeremy Hill placed on injured reserve to begin the week.“We won’t put anyone on the field if we don’t have trust in them, number one,” Patriots special teams coordinator Joe Judge said of the responsibility during his conference call Tuesday, prior to news of Barner signing. “My job as a coach is to prepare everybody on the field the best I can and establish as much depth at every position as best I can, not just for finding the best 11 that are available at the time, but looking past that and seeing the ripple effect that may happen through inactives or in-game injuries or situational adjustments we’re going to have to have.“So, we’re always preparing multiple guys on the team. We’re always working ahead and thinking the ‘if New England Patriots Womens Hoodie , then, what’ type scenarios.”If, then or what, Barner should soon become the 10th player to return a punt in regular-season action for the Patriots since the start of 2015.Julian Edelman, Patrick Chung, Danny Amendola, Keshawn Martin, Damaris Johnson, Bernard Reedy and the aforementioned Harper, Jones and McCarron precede him.

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      The New England Patriots’ 53-man roster appears to be set heading into the regular season opener against the Houston Texans Cheap Devin McCourty Jersey , but that does not mean that the team is not looking at potential additions. Over the course of the last few days, New England brought in 13 current free agents for tryouts: eight on Wednesday, five more on Friday.ESPN Boston’s Mike Reiss shared the list of players that were brought in during the second wave of workouts:While undrafted rookie Tony Adams and second-year man Jake Eldrenkamp have yet to appear in an NFL contest, the other three players visiting New England yesterday bring actual in-game experience to the table (some more than others, though).Kalen Reed, a former seventh-round draft pick by the Tennessee Titans, appeared in seven games over the course of his two years as a pro. However, the primary special teamer, was placed on injured reserve in mid-August after breaking his foot. He was released shortly afterwards and is on the open market since. New England bringing him in might therefore have more to do with physical evaluations than a plan to soon add the 24-year.Like Reed, Spancer Drango was also drafted in 2016 – albeit two rounds earlier by the Cleveland Browns. He started his career as a versatile backup but was thrust into a starting role both last year and during his rookie campaign. In 2017, the Baylor product took over for Pro Bowl left tackle Joe Thomas after an injury ended his streak of having played 10,363 consecutive offensive snaps. Despite his experience, Drango was let go last week.Speaking of experience Ryan Allen Jersey , none of the five players brought in has more than Josh Robinson: the 2012 third-round draft selection appeared in 76 combined games for the Minnesota Vikings and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. While he started his career as a promising defensive back, the 27-year old saw the vast majority of his snaps over the last three seasons in the kicking game. But despite limited defensive contributions, Robinson was still a valuable and productive player for the Vikings and later Buccaneers.At the end of the day, it would be a surprise to see the Patriots sign one of the five players any time soon given their lack of upside. However, there is a chance that the team will keep all five of the players brought in on its emergency call-up lists.The Patriots haven’t had a running back like Sony Michel since...Stevan Ridley? Corey Dillon? Curtis Martin? After Sunday’s victory over the Miami Dolphins, I posed an open-ended question to Twitter. I didn’t give much guidance because I wanted to see how people would interpret the question. I simply asked asked people to fill in the blank: The Patriots haven’t had a running back like Sony Michel since ______.Now my intention was with regards to Michel’s running style. I think Dion Lewis is the most talented running back the Patriots have had since Corey Dillon in 2004, but I don’t think many people would confuse Lewis’ running style with that of Michel. Where Lewis would make twenty tacklers miss, Michel flashed an ability to use patience behind a blocker and then lower his shoulder to get yards after contact.But 10 people offered Lewis’ name as the blank, the most of any opinion. Six people offered Dillon and Curtis Martin, while four said Robert Edwards.I said Stevan Ridley and three people agreed with that sentiment. Perhaps Michel can develop into a receiving back, too, but so long as James White is on the roster I have a hard time seeing Michel being the all-around back of Curtis Martin, the player responsible for three of the four best running back seasons in a Patriots uniform over the past 30 years.Michel only has 5 targets on the season and none of them came last week against the Dolphins. But perhaps they just wanted to preserve Michel after Rex Burkhead’s injury Cheap Cordarrelle Patterson Jersey , and I could see the Patriots trying to have a more defined role for Michel and White.Expectations for Michel were extremely high after the Patriots selected him in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft and he’ll have to match his production against the Dolphins multiple times over the coming weeks in order to satisfy the fans. But out of all rookies, Michel ranks fifth in yards from scrimmage with 202 and that’s even after missing the season opener. He likely won’t catch up to Saquon Barkley (453 yards from scrimmage), but the door is open for Michel to be one of the most productive players in the entire rookie class.Michel had a 23-yard gain and a 14-yard gain against the Dolphins, showing a mix of patience behind his blockers, explosion in traffic, and power at the point of contact that makes me think he’ll continue to improve each week as he settles into the New England offense. He’s a one-cut slasher like Stevan Ridley, but where Ridley sometimes crashed into the backs of his blockers, I think Michel shows an ability to wait for a crease to open. I also think Michel shows a little more athleticism in the open field.But until Michel starts getting involved in the passing game, Ridley’s 2012 season with 1,263 rushing yards and a mere 14 targets is the likely trajectory- and that’s an incredible season, especially if that’s the future for Michel’s rookie year.As for the expectations around Michel as a first round pick, the way teams win through the draft is by getting players that outperform their rookie contracts. For example, the New York Giants made Saquon Barkely the 2nd overall pick Marcus Cannon Jersey , which makes him the fifth-highest paid running back in the league (sixth-highest once Le’Veon Bell returns to the field). It’s incredibly difficult for Barkely to out-perform his contract, so even as he’s ranked fifth in yards from scrimmage for all running backs, the Giants are just getting market value.Michel, on the other hand, ranks 30th in average contract for running backs, behind James White (t-18th) and Rex Burkhead (25th). For context, White ranks 14th in yards from scrimmage and Burkhead is on the injured reserve. Michel ranks 32nd in yards from scrimmage, but he’s missed a game and is trending up. Ultimately, a top-20 season from Michel sounds pretty reasonable and would also be a major win and a solid return on salary cap investment.But I’m getting ahead of myself. Michel’s had one strong game and two replacement-level appearances. He’s by no means a lock to be the next Corey Dillon. But I haven’t hoped for any Patriots running back to be the next Dillon, until Michel came along.Because if Ridley’s 2012 season is the projection for Michel’s rookie season, Dillon’s 2004 season- with 1,635 rushing yards and only 21 targets- could be on Michel’s horizon.

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      Authentic Jonathan Jones Jersey , his leather chair pushed to one side, his sweaty clothes scattered across the floor.He had Jacksonville's season opener against the New York Giants running through his mind, so the mere mention of New England caught him off guard."Oh, we're going way back?" Jack asked last week.Just eight months. Just to the team's final game of the 2017 season. Just to the closest the small-market franchise has even been to the Super Bowl.Just to one play, really. The Play, actually.With the Patriots (1-0) and Jaguars (1-0) meeting again Sunday in Jacksonville, it's sure to be a topic of conversation outside — maybe even inside — the locker rooms.The Jags allowed a third-and-18 conversion in the fourth quarter of the AFC championship game at New England in late January, a lapse that was instrumental in the Patriots overcoming a 10-point deficit and one that still haunts Jacksonville's players and coaches more than 250 days later."I was just starting to forget about that play," Jack said. "I can't believe I have to relive that."The Jaguars did just about everything right through three-plus quarters against the defending Super Bowl champions. The defense pressured Tom Brady, sacking him three times . The offense controlled the clock, keeping the three-time league MVP on the sideline. Together, they built a lead and stretched it to 20-10 with a field goal early in the final frame. Jack even forced a fumble on the next possession that could have been a touchdown.He was ruled down by contact, and the Jags followed with a three-and-out series.Everything started to unravel a few minutes later.With 10:49 remaining and the Pats facing third-and-18 at their own 25-yard line, the Jaguars liked their chances — and for good reason. Jacksonville's vaunted defense ranked fifth in the league in preventing third-down conversions of 16 yards or longer.The unit featured six Pro Bowl selections Womens Rex Burkhead Jersey , two speedy linebackers, the league's top-rated secondary and arguably the best pass rush in franchise history. The Jags had few, if any, holes on that side of the ball.In third-down situations of 16 yards or longer, they had stopped opponents short of first downs 17 times in 18 tries during the regular season.None of those came against Brady.The New England quarterback handled a low snap in a shotgun formation, took a five-step drop to buy extra time, shuffled left to avoid Dareus' rush and then threw a low pass to Danny Amendola in the middle of the field that he hauled in for a 21-yard gain."I remember how big the play was," Patriots running back James White recalled. "I don't remember the exact play call or what-not, but it was a big play. I mean, Danny always comes up with plays like that, finds the right spot in zone. We had good protection; the offensive line did a great job. Tom did a good job finding him. We needed that play in order to get to where we wanted to be, so it was huge play."New England scored four plays later , seizing the momentum from the unlikely conversion and leaving the Jags reeling.Players, coaches and fans point to other reasons for the Patriots' comeback: Brady being Brady; officials ruling Jack down; Pro Bowl defensive linemen Calais Campbell and Yannick Ngakoue getting injured; two busted coverages near the goal line that resulted in touchdowns; and the offense's inability to run the ball late.But the one that sticks out for everyone is the third-and-long play."It still haunts you a little bit Authentic Danny Shelton Jersey , but just like every game, you learn good things and bad things," Jaguars defensive coordinator Todd Wash said. "Would you change things? Would you not change things? I do not think one play determines the outcome of a ball game. I think if you do, you are crazy. Obviously, we would have liked to get off the grass there."Wash called for a zone scheme, "Two Palms" to be precise. It was a calculated move based on the belief that most of Brady's explosive passing plays come against man coverage.After the game, All-Pro cornerback Jalen Ramsey questioned why the Jags played so much zone in the second half, noting how Amendola found holes for the key reception as well as two touchdowns.On the third-down catch, Amendola ran a seam route that started between the left-side numbers and the hash marks. He curled behind Jack, who had taken a few steps right to cover White out of the backfield, and in front of safety Tashaun Gipson.Gipson, who missed practice during the week because of a foot injury, took blame for the reception."That is just one of them things where you got relaxed," said Gipson , adding that he thought the team's pass rush would get to Brady. "I am not going to lie to you. I told myself I would never answer this question again. But that play right there, I would be lying if I said that didn't keep me up all offseason. Got lax."Now the Jaguars are left to deal with The Play forever and relive it this week."Now you're making me sad," Jack said.Shaq Mason reacts to contract extension with Patriots, stresses doing his job moving forward Shaq Mason currently is in the final year of his rookie deal with the New England Patriots, and yesterday the team made sure that it will not be his last one in Foxboro: Mason and the Patriots agreed to a five-year contract extension on Monday, worth up to $50.0 million with $23.5 million in guarantees. The new deal will now keep the former fourth-round draft pick in New England through the 2023 season.Shortly after news of the contract broke, Mason spoke to the media and shared his feelings on it:In typical Patriots fashion, the 25-year old put a lot of emphasis on working: both the work that he did leading up to this deal, as well as the one that still needs to be done moving forward. The regular season is not even two weeks away, after all, and Mason is a lock to start at the right guard spot for the third straight season – and with his new deal in hand, he will continue doing that for the next few years as well.

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      It was reported earlier today that Joey Bosa was seen in a walking boot at today’s practice , and now it is official that the Los Angeles Chargers’ superstar defensive end will miss Sunday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs. Ian Rapoport reported via Twitter:Following his injury early in training camp, Bosa missed all of the preseason and only returned to practice earlier this week. It seemed that his left foot had healed in time for the season, however, and that he would ready to go for the season opener. ESPN’s Eric Williams reports that this was the case, but that Bosa suffered a new injury to the same foot:It seems more likely that Bosa returned perhaps too early and has reaggravated his original injury. We will have to wait to see if that is the case. For now, Chargers fans can console themselves with the news that his foot is, at least, not broken and he remains week-to-week according to Mike DiGiovanna:That hardly qualifies as good news , but it is certainly not as bad as it could be.Los Angeles Chargers Daily Links: Should Chargers Count on Jason Verrett? Ramsey, Bosa grasp NFL quickly, selected top 20 on the PFF 50 - Austin GayleBosa’s onslaught, of course, continued in 2017, as he improved his overall grade to 91.7 and proved even more efficient in the run and passing game. Now, among the 80 edges with at least 400 pass-rush snaps across the past two seasons (2016-17), Bosa ranks fifth in total pass-rush productivity (12.8) , ninth in total pressures (134) and tied for fifth in combined hits and sacks (46). He also ranks 11th in run-stop percentage (8.45) among the 69 edges with at least 300 run-defense snaps over the last two seasons.Using PFF data to identify defensive ends with big pass-rushing potential - Ross MilesIt should also come as no surprise that the likes of Calais Campbell, Aaron Donald, Demarcus Lawrence, Joey Bosa, etc., appear toward the top of the data tables, so to make this a more meaningful analysis with useful fantasy hot takes, I’m going to discount any defensive lineman with more than 10 sacks last season – this means we can focus solely on players with upside.Chargers RB Melvin Gordon has something to prove in 2018 - Will ReeveBut Los Angeles should be looking for more consistent production in regards to yards per carry and at least one more fully healthy year before committing to Gordon as their bell-cow back long-term. And it’s this reality which makes 2018 such a pivotal year for Gordon and his fans.Metrics that Matter: The league's every-down RBs - Scott BarrettTo determine this I looked at all running backs to play on at least 300 snaps last season , and broke down their splits in games played by percentage of total snaps (the below chart is sorted by this), their percentage of total snaps on obvious passing downs (third down with six or more yards to go for a first), and then their percentage of total snaps in all other situations (Other%).Chargers still counting on Jason Verrett to contribute - Eric Williams"It's going to ramp up when we get to training camp," Stewart said. "Right now, it's a feeling out period because it's really our first chance to see those guys kick. They've both done a good job during the course of the offseason in terms of kicking the football, so we're excited about both of those young men."Social Media Information:BFTB Facebook Page: Click here to like our pageBFTB Twitter: Follow @BFTB_ChargersThe Lightning Round Twitter: Follow @Lightning_RoundThe Lightning Round Facebook: Click here to like our pageBFTB Manager: Richard Wade: Follow @RichardWade

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      This past week was the most entertaining of the preseason so far as coaches and fans alike got to watch two exciting football teams go to battle against each other leading up to Saturday night’s contest.Playmakers ran rampant throughout the joint practices as 1-on-1 drills became just as exciting as the actual 11-on-11 drills and other scrimmage situations.When the first whistle finally blew signaling the start of play , the Bolts wasted no time getting the fans on their feet as the defense got a turnover off the jump. On the offense’s first two drives of the game, the starters looked phenomenal as they marched right down the field both times. Unfortunately, they only came away with seven points combined. However, although the first drive ended in a turnover-on-downs, I like the guts to go for it so early on fourth, especially within the Saints’ five-yard line.Rivers attempted to get Mike Williams a jump ball in the back of the endzone but unfortunately the coverage was just too tight. I like the idea and that aggressiveness could eventually payoff in the regular season.Now, here are the rest of my thoughts about last night’s game against Brees and the Saints.Austin Ekeler continues to dazzle and show that he can be the best running back on the team.I know this is crazy to some casual fans. It’s even crazier to those who have spent the time scouting Melvin Gordon in college and have now become a fan of him in the NFL. By all means, Gordon is and has been the best back on the team for the last several years but what the former UDFA RB continues to do cannot be ignored for much longer.After all, he is putting up these efficient numbers with the same everything that Gordon gets. Ekeler consistently looks quicker through the hole and can grind out extra yardage with the best of them. Not surprising for the guy who is arguably the strongest on the team, pound-for-pound.Last night, Ekeler racked 63 total yards on nine touches. That’s an even seven yards per touch. Seven of those came on the first drive as the offense marched straight down the field without much resistance.Heading into the regular season, it would be a travesty to withhold Ekeler’s playmaking potential because the staff feels obligated to get Gordon his touches. The absence of Henry should allow them to run more 3 receiver, 2 back sets and maximize the explosiveness on the field at a time. After Ekeler’s performance last night, I’m not sure they have many more excuses to act on the contrary.Desmond King and the other young defensive backs are holding their own against top competition.Drew Brees was at an advantage in last night’s game as the first-team defense was missing several key players , including both starting cornerbacks. In their place, young cornerbacks Mike Davis and Jeff Richards got extended looks and were able to keep the explosive Saints passing game under wraps through the first few drives.Safety Derwin James snagged his first professional interception in his first professional start. As the single-high safety, James was roaming the back end of the defense before Brees pulled the trigger on a pass to Ted Ginn Jr. up the seam. James diverged on the ball and used his powerful frame to snatch it and haul it in through all the contact between his teammate and Ginn.King was his usual self, showing up like a scheduled transport whenever a Saint’s player was up-ended. The former-Hawkeye continues to be a hell of a player in run-support and an overall crafty defender from his slot cornerback position. He added a quarterback pressureto his stat line as he led the team in tackles with six on the night.While rookie linebackers Kyzir White and Uchenna Nwosu continue to impress, Jatavis Brown has done nothing to help his case.It’s one of the saddest realizations I’ve had to endure while covering the Chargers up to this point.I’ve been a big fan of Jatavis Brown since his days at Akron. My best friend played defensive end at the University of Iowa before finishing his last two years of eligibility at Akron, his first year there being with Brown. He told me time and time again that Jatavis was the best defensive player he had every seen, and that includes all the Big Ten talent that came through during that time.The hype for Brown only grew as he was a sparkplug for the defense during the 2016 season. His performance in the color rush game against the Broncos is the first thing that comes to mind. He forced a fumble by Demaryius Thomas to help swing the momentum in the Bolts’ favor as it all eventually led to the first win over Denver in several years.Last year, Brown’s sophomore slump was largely attributed to a combination of the new playbook and a nagging injury he just never quite got over. It was made known that Brown was back to 100% earlier this offseason and he should be much improved after a full year in Gus Bradley’s system.So far, this is not the case. Against the Saints’, Brown was still in the game with the third-stringers as White and Nwosu got plenty of reps ahead of him. Even against the worst talent on the field, Brown missed tackle after tackle. His abysmal play was just one piece of a dumpster fire that was the defense in the fourth quarter.When Hayes Pullard, the worst rated player by Pro Football Focus in 2017, is looking more explosive and overall like a better player than you are, something major has got to change.Here’s to hoping he fixes whatever happens to be broken.Top Ten Offensive Performance of 2017: #10: Tyrell Williams , week 4 against the Eagles Michael Peterson started the Top 10 defensive performances yesterday. Searching through the box scores there were so many highlight performances on offense. It’s tough to narrow it down and I’m still not sure we have it correct. You won’t see Melvin Gordon against the Patriots due to an 87-yard run that was the meat and potatoes of that performance. You will not see Austin Ekeler’s 2 touchdown performance against the Jags. There were a few Hunter Henry performances we had to leave off as well just because some guys put up gaudy numbers. Against the Raiders in the first match-up Henry had 5 catches for 90 yards. He had a big drop on 3rd & 10 however when the team was driving into the red zone. What you will see is Keenan Allen early and often. Same with El Captain. He had some games later in the season that were about as good as anyone at the position this year. Tyrell Williams had some sneaky good games as well but he also was propped up statistically by a couple 75-yard bombs. Don’t get me wrong, big plays are great! Consistency matters, though.What else matters is winning. Which is another reason some of these performances might seem out of order to you. If a guy put up big numbers but it hardly contributed to a win, it’ll be low or you might not even see it. Vice versa. Tyrell’s 5 catch, 115 yard performance comes in ahead of Allen because he did it more efficiently. Allen had 5-138 but on 11 targets. Williams took 6. More importantly, Williams gave the offense a spark plug. He was timely. Allen did have the huge play in the 4th for 50 yards but his damage came when Philly was playing soft.Up until Williams caught the 75-yard touchdown midway through the 2nd quarter, the Chargers hadn’t done anything offensively. The opening drive seemed promising but was cut short by a sack fumble. Next two possessions were punts. The team takes over down 13-0 after giving up a field goal. One thing you cannot do is come out and punt for a 3rd time in a row. They didn’t have to worry about that.The Chargers had the perfect call on for the defense the Eagles were in. What appeared to be an “Invert Cover 2.” So there was no safety help and with how fast Williams is, all Rivers had to do was let the speedster run under it.The offense wasn’t able to generate points out of this next play, but it’s a 3rd & 14. You can’t help but appreciate the effort on this play. Chips the defensive end to ensure the deeper routes have time to get open. Ends up with the ball and makes a guy miss for a gain of 20 yards.To give you an idea of how the team Chargers’d this one, Branden Oliver had 2 targets before Tyrell had another target. Which, his next one went for seven yards and kept them ahead of the chains and allowed them to pick up another first down.It was an efficient day for Williams. He put the team on the scoreboard early. That kept them in it. That’s why he’s 10 on the list.

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      Gametime is just over an hour away and we have the list of inactives for the Los Angeles Chargers for week 2 at the Buffalo Bills.Travis Benjamin was a gametime decision. After spending this week in a walking boot during practice Womens Darius Philon Jersey , he apparently tested out the foot during pre-game warmups and couldn’t go. This likely means JJ Jones will get a chance to redeem himself returning kicks and punts, while Mike Williams should see increased snaps at WR this week. Start em if you got em. Forrest Lamp being inactive is a bit of a surprise, especially after Anthony Lynn said this week that he could get some snaps this week. Not to mention the fact that this now means the only OL depth are 2 rookies, UDFA T Trent Scott who got called up from the practice squad yesterday, and 5th round pick Scott Quessenberry who can play C or G. Joe Barksdale and Joey Bosa continue to be out. No timetable on Barksdale yet but reports are coming out this morning that Bosa will likely be out into October.11 takeaways from the Chargers 36-7 loss to the Saints The third preseason game for the Los Angeles Chargers, also known as the annual “dress rehearsal,” has come and gone with the home team losing 36-7 to the New Orleans Saints. While the score certainly isn’t very pretty, I don’t think things are quite as bleak as a 29-point loss might otherwise suggest.The truth is, the Chargers starters played pretty well on both sides of the ball. The offense, in particular, put together two solid drives against a talented and well-coached New Orleans defense – even if one ended when Rivers failed to connect with Mike Williams on a fourth-and-goal jump ball. Meanwhile, the first team defense intercepted Drew Brees and limited the Saints to a touchdown and two field goals in three red zone trips.Let’s take a look at some of the things that stood out to me – both good and bad – in Saturday’s loss to the Saints:When in doubt, run left: Mike Pouncey, Dan Feeney Womens Russell Okung Jersey , and Russell Okung look like a major strength for this offense. Austin Ekeler ran the ball six times for 50 yards during the first two drives, including four carries for 38 yards behind the left side of the line. Pouncey, Feeney, and Okung didn’t just control the line of scrimmage, they owned it, and Ken Whisenhunt wasn’t the least bit shy about leaning on them. This is going to be a fun group to watch during the regular season.Austin Ekeler – RB1?: With Melvin Gordon unavailable on Saturday, Austin Ekeler started the game and was the focal point of each of the Chargers’ first two drives. Ken Whisenhunt called Ekeler’s number nine times in the team’s first seventeen offensive plays and was rewarded with 63 total yards. While I’m half-kidding when I suggest Ekeler is RB1, his vision, burst, elusiveness, and hands out of the backfield might have him ready to take on a much larger role this year. He looked fantastic.A glimpse of things to come?: The Chargers’ first drive may have revealed a new, more aggressive attitude on the part of head coach Anthony Lynn. Faced with a fourth-and-goal from the Saints four-yard line, Lynn eschewed a chip-shot field goal in favor of a jump ball for Mike Williams. Granted, Williams didn’t get open and the Chargers failed to convert , but it’s pretty telling that Lynn opted to go for it on fourth down instead of kicking the ball with a somewhat murky kicking competition taking place in camp. It seems like a big vote of confidence for Mike Williams in what has been a preseason of baby steps for the former #7 overall pick.Detrez is the man: There is little doubt at this point that Detrez Newsome is the favorite to win the third-string running back job. While his stats on Saturday certainly weren’t eye-popping, he finished with 14 touches for 44 yards and an eight-yard touchdown run. Newsome strikes me as the ideal complement to Melvin Gordon and Austin Ekeler and, for the first time in years, the Chargers appear to have a dynamic and versatile three-man backfield. Detrez earned it.JJ just misses: The fact that Travis Benjamin and Desmond King served as the primary return men on Saturday probably suggests Jones won’t make the roster. JJ simply isn’t an NFL wide receiver and, even with his potential as a return specialist, I the coaches likely can’t justify keeping seven receivers if the seventh man can’t at least break camp as the primary return specialist. That said, it wouldn’t surprise me if the team tries to protect him by including him on the initial 53-man roster with the intention of transferring him to the practice squad after the rest of the league has announced their practice squads. He could serve as a “placeholder” for an Antonio Gates signing, assuming the team ultimately brings him in.It’s Gates time: The Chargers played a third straight game in which their tight ends struggled to contribute as targets in the passing game. Sean Culkin caught his lone target for a seven-yard gain, but the group was otherwise invisible in the passing game. While I don’t think adding Antonio Gates changes much for this position group in terms of consistent playmaking ability, I do think his signing is probably inevitable. With that in mind, let’s get it done, already, so we can stop talking about it.Let Pooh Bear eat: Derwin James started his first game as a Charger and celebrated with an interception, a couple big hits Youth Caleb Sturgis Jersey , and a couple third down stops. Derwin showed a bit of everything you look for in a free safety when he intercepted Drew Brees on the third play of the game, including anticipation, range and electric ball skills. He’s arguably the best athlete on the team and possesses the best natural ball skills of any safety on the roster. He’s also the only safety on the roster capable of making that play. Stick James back there and good things will happen.White-out at WILL:Derwin James wasn’t the only rookie to start his first game as a Charger, as fourth-round pick Kyzir White got the nod at weakside linebacker (WILL). While he didn’t make any splash plays, White looked really good in man coverage, made a couple stops in the run game, and didn’t miss any tackles. I think he needs to work on how he reacts to play-action (a little too aggressive) and he seemed to be thinking a little out there, but it wasn’t bad for a rookie who missed the second preseason game.Brown on the bubble?: Jatavis Brown looked lost against the Saints. After making consecutive run stops to start the third quarter, Brown promptly missed his next seven tackle attempts, including an embarrassing whiff on Taysom Hill at the goal line. His reads were inconsistent, his angles were extremely poor and he was routinely beat to the edge. He looked even worse than Dwight Lowery did against the 49ers last preseason – right before he got cut. While I’m not totally convinced he’ll get cut, I think next week could ultimately decide Jatavis’ fate.Mager is in: It’s becoming pretty apparent that Craig Mager has the fifth cornerback spot on lockdown. He started the game opposite Michael Davis on the boundary, then played well into the third quarter while rotating inside to the slot. Mager went a third straight game without being targeted and I thought he played with solid technique and was generally in good position. Outside of eating a nasty stiff arm from Michael Thomas in the second quarter, Craig didn’t do anything to make me think he’s going to relinquish his hold on what figures to be the fifth and final spot on the depth chart.Chargers eliminate the dirty laundry: I thought the team executed more efficiently in all three phases of the game against the Saints and , most importantly, they more or less eliminated the mental and physical errors that led to 28 penalties over the first two preseason games. Granted, some of that is the direct result of getting the starters extended snaps, but the team definitely played its cleanest preseason game to date. In addition to avoiding major injuries, that’s the best possible outcome from the third preseason game.Well, those are my notes from the Chargers third preseason game. Overall, I thought the starters played pretty well on offense and defense, the majority of the camp battles have come to their conclusion, and the Bolts cleaned up the stupid mistakes they made through the first two preseason games. All in all, it was a pretty successful dress rehearsal for the starters. Don’t even get me started on the backups.

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      of Ethiopia won the New York City Marathon on Sunday Womens Trae Waynes Jersey , with Keitany dominating the strong women's field for her fourth victory in the event and Desisa surging ahead of two other runners near the finish line.Desisa, 28, held off countryman Shura Kitata by 1.99 seconds for his first win in New York, joining victories at the Boston Marathon in 2013 and 2015. He finished second in New York in 2014 and third in 2015 and 2017.Desisa finished in 2 hours, 5 minutes, 59 seconds, the second fastest time for the course in history. Geoffrey Mutai of Kenya set the record of 2:05:05 in 2011. Last year's winner, Geoffrey Kamworor of Kenya, finished third on Sunday.Keitany, 36, became the second woman to win the marathon four times. She ran the race in 2:22:48, the second fastest time for the course in history. Margaret Okayo of Kenya set the record of 2:22:31 in 2003.Keitany won in 2014, 2015 and 2016 before coming in second last year to American Shalane Flanagan. She joined Grete Waitz, a Norwegian won the marathon nine times between 1978-1988, as the only women to win the marathon four times.NFLMINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Bill Brown, the Minnesota Vikings fullback who was a four-time Pro Bowl pick in 14 seasons in the NFL, has died. He was 80.The Vikings announced the death Sunday, before a moment of silence for Brown prior to their game against Detroit. Brown's son-in-law, former Vikings quarterback Rich Gannon, said on Twitter that Brown "passed away peacefully ." Tweeted Gannon: "He was an incredible man who was so good to me and everyone he ever met!"Drafted in the second round by the Bears in 1961 out of Illinois, Brown was traded to the Vikings after his rookie year. Nicknamed "Boom Boom" for his punishing running style, Brown is fourth in Vikings history with 5,757 rushing yards. His best season was 1974, with 1,569 total yards and 16 touchdowns in 14 games.COLLEGE FOOTBALLLAWRENCE, Kan. (AP) — Kansas has fired football coach David Beaty Youth Adam Thielen Jersey , effective at the end of the season, ending a three-plus year tenure marked by modest improvement but just a handful of wins.Kansas (3-6) has three games left to play against Kansas State, No. 6 Oklahoma and No 15 Texas.News that Beaty would be let go began filtering out Saturday night, shortly after the Jayhawks looked unprepared and uninspired in a 27-3 loss to Iowa State. The defeat left Beaty with a record of 6-39 with just three wins against Power Five opponents and two Big 12 victories.New athletic director Jeff Long announced the firing Sunday with one year left on Beaty's contract. Beaty is owed $3 million.BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — ESPN issued an on-air apology to Southeastern Conference Commissioner Greg Sankey after political commentator and LSU fan James Carville accused the league of favoring Alabama during "College GameDay."LSU was the site Saturday morning of "GameDay" with No. 1 Alabama playing the fourth-ranked Tigers in Baton Rouge at night.Carville — echoing the sentiment of many Tigers — complained about the first-half suspension of LSU star linebacker Devin White, who was called for targeting in the second half of the Tigers' last game. Carville also wore a sweat shirt with "Greg Sankey (heart) Alabama" printed on it.After "GameDay" ESPN anchor Chris Cotter issued an apology to Sankey from the network, calling Carville's actions "over the top."BASEBALLCINCINNATI (AP) — Pitcher Jairo Capellan was killed and two other Cincinnati Reds minor leaguers were injured in a car accident Saturday morning in the Dominican Republic, a team official said.Dick Williams, the Reds' president of baseball operations, confirmed Capellan's death and said pitcher Raul Hernandez was in critical condition and outfielder Emilio Garcia in stable condition. The club released no details about their injuries.Capellan was 19, the same age as the two injured players. All three played on the Reds' rookie team in the Dominican Summer League.WASHINGTON (AP) — The Washington Nationals have signed former St. Louis Cardinals reliever Trevor Rosenthal to a one-year contract with a conditional option for 2020.General manager Mike Rizzo announced the deal Saturday. The contract guarantees Rosenthal $7 million, and he can earn an additional $8 million in performance bonuses.Rosenthal hasn't pitched since 2017 after undergoing Tommy John surgery. The 28-year-old is a hard-throwing right-hander with 121 career saves in the majors, all with St. Louis.HOCKEYLOS ANGELES (AP) — Head coach John Stevens has been fired by the struggling Los Angeles Kings just 13 games into his second season in charge.Willie Desjardins was named the Kings' interim head coach Sunday.Los Angeles is last in the overall NHL standings after a 4-8-1 start. The Kings have been outscored 45-28, but had won two of three after a six-game losing streak.The Kings went 45-29-8 last season, finishing fourth in the Pacific Division and getting swept in the first round of the playoffs.Stevens took over in 2017 after seven years as an assistant in Los Angeles under Terry Murray and Darryl Sutter. The former Philadelphia Flyers head coach was an assistant on the Kings' Stanley Cup-winning teams in 2012 and 2014.NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — The Nashville Predators have signed goaltender Pekka Rinne to a two-year contract extension worth $10 million, keeping the Vezina Trophy winner under contract through 2020-21.General manager David Poile announced the extension Saturday on Rinne's 36th birthday, a couple hours before the Predators host the Boston Bruins.The Vezina Trophy winner in June, in his fourth time as a finalist, will earn $6 million in 2019-20 and $4 million in 2020-21.Poile says both the Predators and Rinne want to keep the goalie with the franchise for his entire career and this extension helps meet that goal.GOLFANTALYA, Turkey (AP) — Justin Rose defended his Turkish Airlines Open title on Sunday to ensure he will return to the top of the world rankings.Rose beat Haotong Li of China on the first playoff hole after the pair finished the final round tied on 17-under par at the Regnum Carya Resort.Rose, 38, spent two weeks as world No. 1 earlier this season after finishing second in the BMW Championship, but a poor third round on Saturday appeared to have hurt his chances of a return to the top of the rankings.SOCCERLONDON (AP) — The Football Association will honor Wayne Rooney by allowing the DC United striker to make his 120th and final England appearance against the United States at Wembley Stadium on Nov. 15.The friendly fixture will be called the Wayne Rooney Foundation International in support of the former Manchester United forward's charitable interests.The 33-year-old Rooney, who joined DC United from Everton earlier this year, retired from international duty in August 2017 as his country's record goal-scorer (53) and having won more caps (119) than any other England outfield player. He is also Manchester United's record goal-scorer (253).RUGBYLONDON (AP) — Sara Cox has become the first female to referee a top-level English rugby union match.The 28-year-old Cox , who became the world's first female professional rugby referee in 2016, took charge of Northampton's 15-14 Premiership Cup victory at Wasps on Sunday.Cox had previously refereed in the second and third tiers of English rugby.SWIMMINGLONDON (AP) — A 33-year-old British athlete has stepped ashore on an English beach after becoming the first person to swim around the coast of Great Britain.Ross Edgley spent 157 days in the water and covered 1,791 miles (2,883 kilometers). He swam in six-hour stints, sleeping in his support boat.He was joined for the final mile on Sunday by hundreds of fellow swimmers, coming ashore at Margate in southeast England — the spot where he began his journey on June 1.Edgley, who had hoped to finish in 100 days, told family members who gathered on the beach to greet him: "Sorry I'm late."UFCNEW YORK (AP) — Daniel Cormier choked out Derrick Lewis in the second round to retain his UFC heavyweight championship at Madison Square Garden.Cormier, who also holds the light heavyweight crown, made quick work of an overmatched Lewis with a rear naked choke to win the main event at UFC 230. Cormier celebrated with both championship belts in the cage as Lewis trudged out of the cage.Cormier became the first UFC fighter to successfully defend two championships.Cormier had a quick takedown in the first round and turned in a dominant yet dull effort to easily take the round. He didn't waste much time in the second and left MSG with a little slice of history.He called out former UFC heavyweight champion and current WWE star Brock Lesnar for a match in 2019. We are less than ninety minutes away from kickoff at U.S. Bank Stadium for this Sunday’s crucial NFC North contest between the Minnesota Vikings and the Detroit Lions. Both teams have released their inactive lists for today’s game, so let’s take a look at those now.We’ll start, as always, with the visiting team.Detroit LionsRB Ameer AbdullahOL Joe DahlOL Andrew DonnalDE Kerry HyderDE Eric LeeLB Jalen Reeves-MaybinLB Kelvin SheppardEzekiel Ansah, who has not played for the Lions since the first quarter of Week 1, is active this week, because Vikings. Cornerback Darius Slay, who was listed as questionable on the Lions’ final injury report, is also active and will start.And now, on to the home team.Minnesota VikingsLB Anthony BarrDE Tashawn BowerOL Tom ComptonWR Stefon DiggsS Andrew SendejoQB Kyle SloterRB Roc ThomasIt’s official for Diggs, as he’ll miss his first game of the season. Sendejo will also be out for the fourth consecutive week. Dalvin Cook is active for the first time since Week 4 and will start at running back, while Riley Reiff also returns after missing three games and will start at left tackle. Xavier Rhodes is also active after missing last week’s game against New Orleans.With Reiff’s return, no word on who will be starting at right tackle yet, whether it’s Brian O’Neill or Rashod Hill. We’ll find out more as we get closer to game time, I assume. Danny Isidora will get the start at left guard in Compton’s spot.There are your inactives for today’s contest, ladies and gentlemen. The Open Thread for the first quarter of play will be up and running at around 11:00 AM Central time.

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      UPDATE: White Eric Kendricks Jersey , as the Vikings have made Rhodes inactive for tonight’s game. Original story follows.Going into their Sunday Night Football matchup against the New Orleans Saints, the Minnesota Vikings are going to be missing some pretty significant parts of their team. However, it appears that they might have the services of a player that most. . .myself included. . .thought they might not have available.Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network is reporting that Vikings’ cornerback Xavier Rhodes is expected to play on Sunday night. If that’s the case, it’s almost certain that he would return to his role as one of the starting cornerbacks in the Vikings’ defense.Rhodes suffered an ankle injury late in Week 7’s victory over the New York Jets when he got tangled up with Jets’ receiver Robby Anderson on a deep route. He had to be helped off of the field, but returned to the sideline later on to watch the remainder of the game.Rhodes did not practice all week with the ankle injury, and reportedly still had a limp when reporters were able to watch the open portion of Friday’s practice. While he was listed as “questionable,” the sentiment seemed to be that he was not going to be able to suit up for tonight’s game, but it appears as though he will.We’ll know this for sure when we get the inactive lists approximately 90 minutes before tonight’s kickoff, and we will have those here for you as soon as we get them. Following their practice on Thursday afternoon Kirk Cousins Jersey , the Minnesota Vikings added a couple more names to their injury report. . .one of whom was quite the surprise and another for whom this is, sadly, appearing to become the norm.In news that has no doubt caused the pucker factor to increase throughout Vikings’ territory, defensive end Danielle Hunter did not practice on Thursday, and he was listed with a groin injury. When asked about Hunter’s status, head coach Mike Zimmer stated that missing practice on Thursday was “part of the plan”. . .whatever that plan might be. . .and that he wasn’t concerned about being thin on the defensive line on Sunday against the New York Jets.In addition, practice squad defensive end Jonathan Wynn did not practice on Thursday, either. Tashawn Bower was once again a full participant after missing two games with an injury.Offensive tackle Riley Reiff, safety Andrew Sendejo Authentic Mike Hughes Jersey , and defensive tackle Linval Joseph each sat out their second consecutive practices, and they’re getting into dangerous territory as to whether or not they’ll be able to go on Sunday having not practiced all week.In other news, running back Dalvin Cook was out of Thursday’s practice after being a full participant on Wednesday. Nobody knows for sure what’s going on with Cook’s hamstring. . .and, apparently, that includes Cook. . .but we’ll once again be waiting to see whether or not he plays on Sunday, and he may again be a game-time decision.The Vikings and Jets will both release their final injury reports tomorrow afternoon, and the purple now have plenty of situations that are worth monitoring as we wait for that to come down.

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      What You Missed: The Vikings got blown out by the Bills , yes. But the week started with the Browns getting their first win in almost two years. The Jaguars, fresh off a win over the Patriots, lost to the Titans, despite the fact that Marcus Mariota was nowhere near 100 percent and didn’t even start the game. The Patriots lost to the Lions and looked awful. Then on Monday night, Ryan Fitzpatrick threw for over 400 a loss. What?Oh, and the Browns have a better record than the Patriots.So maybe the Vikings just got caught in a storm of Week 3 NFL-weirdness. That’s a better explanation for the game on Sunday than anything else I’ve seen, to be honest. Anyways, let’s look around the league.In the North...Matt Patricia got his first win as Lions head coach with the aforementioned victory over the Patriots. Again, people are trying to crank up the panic meter in Foxborough, but the Patriots have started seasons like this before and still won the Super Bowl. I’m not sure what to make of this win for the Lions, though. They started the season with a horrible loss and another pretty bad one, so this is obviously encouraging progress. It remains to be seen if they’ll be able to compete in this division.The Bears were absolutely gifted a game by Sam Bradford and the Cardinals, who blew a 14-point lead at home. Don’t look now, but Chicago actually leads the NFC North at 2-1, with the Vikings and Packers a half game back at 1-1-1. They have some issues to iron out, and I’m still iffy on Mitch Trubisky. But they’re at the top for now.Hey, at least the Packers lost! All anyone wants to talk about from this game is the roughing the passer penalty on Clay Matthews, who’s now been flagged for that in every game this season, including a huge one against the Vikings last week. But the Packers look like they’re in trouble, especially considering the state of Aaron Rodgers’ knee. They take on the Bills next week, which will be interesting.NFC contender watchFor at least this week, this section is gonna have to start with the Rams. They looked dominant once again, this time in an impressive win over the Chargers in the battle for LA. They’ve looked invincible over three weeks, but I don’t think they’ve faced off against a real defense yet. So Thursday will be a huge Womens Brett Jones Jersey , huge game. Carson Wentz returned and looked pretty good, getting the Eagles to 2-1. Drew Brees was spectacular for the Saints, who also moved to 2-1 with an overtime victory over the Falcons. At this point I’m not ready to call anyone else a contender, but hey, prove me wrong, Ryan Fitzpatrick.Ex-Vikings quarterback reportThis is gonna have to be renamed the Case Keenum report unless Teddy Bridgewater gets into a game. As I indicated last week, Sam Bradford was on thin ice going into Week 3. And he fell right through, turning the ball over three times. He was pulled in favor of rookie Josh Rosen in the fourth quarter (sidenote: why would you put your rookie quarterback in for the first time when he’s losing late in the fourth quarter?) who then threw an interception to seal Arizona’s fate. Coach Steve Wilks named Rosen the starter going forward. Bradford is still making $20 million this year, though.Meanwhile, Case Keenum suffered his first loss as Denver’s starter. And it was a rough one — he threw for 192 yards and an interception while finishing with a QB rating of 29.3. It led to a 27-14 loss to the Ravens, which left both teams at 2-1. Keenum hasn’t been great statistically, but he’s done enough to help his team win so far this season. Next up will be a Monday night game against Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs.That’s it for WYM. See you next week.Transcript: Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer, 13 August As we start the final week of Training Camp for the Minnesota Vikings. . .yes, as long as it took for us to get here, it’s nearly over already. . .we got another opportunity to hear from Mike Zimmer about a variety of topics. Naturally, there were plenty of questions about the offensive line, but there were several other topics that were brought up during today’s press availability as well.Below is the full transcript of the question and answer session with Zimmer today, courtesy of the folks at the Vikings’ Public Relations office.Q: What stood out to you about the two big runs Latavius Murray had?A: He’s been running well all camp. The thing I liked about it is the acceleration through the hole when he found it, and he dropped his pads when he gets contact. But he’s been doing that all camp, so he’s looked really good.Q: How do you think Rashod Hill has looked since returning from his illness early in camp?A: Rashod is doing a good job. He’s an extremely athletic guy that has been getting better and better. Sometimes later in the game his concentration leaves him a little bit, so that’s where we’ll have to extend him more plays so he gets used to doing those things. He’s done a really nice job, he’s moving well in the running game, when he sets good in the passing game he’s really hard to get around. He’s done some good things.Q: How was Tom Compton looking? Are you thinking he might settle in at the left guard spot?A: I don’t know yet. We’re still looking and we haven’t made any decisions that way, but he played pretty well the other night , was solid. He really didn’t have any miscues in there, so we’re just going to continue to look. We still got a couple of more weeks before we go.Q: What makes Aviante Collins a good fit on the interior, particularly where he was at left guard?A: I was just sitting there one day, and I said, “Let’s just look at him at guard and see what he can do.” Run-game wise, the footwork is similar between a guard and tackle, so that’s not a big change. But pass sets are different, things happen a lot quicker in there, but he’s a very, very athletic guy. It happens a lot quicker in there, so that’s kind of the thing we have to find out about with him. He’s got a little bit of a nasty streak, and that’s good. He’s a big guy, so I just thought let’s look at him.Q: How difficult is it to move a young player between the guard and tackle positions?A: Like this week with Aviante, when we went from tackle to guard it kind of took him a series to get back and say, “Okay, I got to do it this way now.” That will come, but it’s good for him to do those things, because on game day he could play almost anywhere.Q: When you get together with another team to practice, what are the key parameters that you establish with the other head coach?A: The biggest thing is that we want to get work done against a good team. It’s important that our guys know that we’re not going to put up with any trash talking, we’re not going to put up with any fighting. We’re not here for that, we’re here to get better. Hopefully our guys will know that, and they’ll have the same thing. Coach Marrone and I have talked about it. We’re really all about getting work done, we don’t way to get in any kind of conflicts like they apparently had in Washington. I didn’t see it, but things like that.Q: Do you have a history with Coach Marrone at all?A: Not really. Adam [Zimmer] was with him in New Orleans Authentic Dalvin Cook Jersey , and I know Tom Coughlin pretty well. They have done quite a bit, so when they called me I just expressed my concerns that I don’t want this to be a fight or anything like that, I want to go out there and try and get better.Q: Now that Jalen Ramsey and Dante Fowler are not going to travel here with Jacksonville, does that take any value out of this?A: They’re a good football team, went to the AFC Championship game last year. Whoever they bring, they bring, and whoever they don’t, they don’t. We’re just going to go out and try to improve. They’re defense is very similar to a lot of defenses that we’re going to face this year schematically, so I think that that will be good, especially for our offense. They’re a downhill, power running football team, which is going to be good for our defense.Q: Is there anything you got out of the joint practices in Cincinnati in 2016 that you’d like to see happen again?A: Yeah, I got to go to the ranch for about three days, that was the number one reason. No, schematically everything was pretty similar defensively to both sides. We got a lot of good work done I thought that week. It was really, really hot and humid. I’m thinking back on it, but it’s always good when you get to go against A.J. Green. We get to go against [Leonard] Fournette this week. We’re not going to be pounding him or anything like that, but it’s good to see great players on the other side of the ball.Q: What were your impressions of the backup running backs on Saturday, such as Roc Thomas and Mike Boone?A: All three of them, including Mac Brown, had some very good runs. We missed a protection one time with one of them that got us a sacked. But they showed some explosiveness. I was actually pleased with those three guys, hopefully we can continue to work with those three and see where that leads. Q: On defense, how did you think Mike Hughes applied the techniques he’s been taught during camp?A: Mike did very well for the first time out. We were talking about some of our other corners and how their first game out was a little bit different compared to his. I thought that he played really well. He made a couple of nice tackles, the deep ball down on our sideline that he covered Womens Tom Compton Jersey , I thought he was going to intercept it. He made a blitz one time when he was at the nickel and tackled the running back from behind. He did a lot of very good things, it was a good step in the right direction. Q: How about the special teams and in the return game?A: Yeah, you know he dropped the one ball which was not good, but he probably got what was there. We need to do better on special teams overall then we did the other night. That was not good enough so we are going to put a big emphasis on that now.Q: What does Jaleel Johnson’s position flexibility allow you to do as you try to build the depth of the interior defensive line? A: The biggest thing is on game day we can possibly dress one less defensive lineman because we can move guys around. It is good for him because it is two different techniques when you are playing nose and when you are playing the three-technique. It is good for him to do both, and it allows us to see what he is doing better, is this better or is that better?Q: Is there anything you noticed when watching the film of the first offensive drive? A: What I was probably most impressed with was the way we came off the ball with our offensive line. I thought we were physical up front, I thought we came off the ball well, and we did a nice job getting to the second level with the linebackers. I have been saying this in practice, our guys have been coming off the ball [well], it looked like it does in practice. So those things were really good. I think the footwork for the most part with the offensive line when they were in there was good. There were some other things, obviously Stefon Diggs’ catch. Kirk Cousins’ one-yard touchdown pass that he threw was a heck of a throw. He was getting pressured, he got it out quick and stuck it in there. People probably don’t appreciate that kind of a play as much as the one down the sideline. That was a really good throw. Q: What was your impression of Brian O’Neill and Jalyn Holmes?A: Jalyn did some good things. What he has been working on is, especially in the running game, it is kind of a different animal, you have to bow up and get thick and used to the pounding. I thought he did that better the other night. He showed some flashes in the pass rush. I wouldn’t have given him the same grade that Pro Football Focus did though. Somebody told me what his grade was. I didn’t look at it obviously. Actually, O’Neill played pretty well. Some of the things we were working on that he had been doing previously, he did not do, which was good. In the running game he was pretty good. Getting in the second level, blocking his guys. I thought he improved this week, yes.

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      Saints release Michael Mauti New Orleans Saints Hats , The New Orleans Saints parted ways with a couple of fan-favorites at linebacker this week, namely former special teams captain Michael Mauti.Mauti, a New Orleans native and son of former Saints special teamer Rich Mauti, joined the team in 2016 as a roster cuts poaching from the Minnesota Vikings.He made a strong impression quickly by scoring a touchdown off of his own blocked punt in a 2016 Monday Night Football victory over the Atlanta Falcons.Since then, Mauti has been a key special teams contributor and reserve linebacker despite struggling with a serious medical condition that made it almost-impossible to make playing-weight.Mauti battled back from that challenge to earn to Saints’ Ed Brock Courage Award.His story and personal New Orleans history has resonated with fans, making him a popular target for autographs after last summer’s organized team activities.The Saints also waived former CFL all-star linebacker Adam Bighill this week.Bighill played well in the 2017 preseason but spent all but three regular-season games on the practice squad, appearing sparingly on special teams.His age, lack of size and speed probably kept him seeing a bigger role.Bighill’s activity in his foundation for helping children born with facial defects and scrappy style of play endeared him to Saints fans, making an easy guy to root for.These are tough roster cuts but it’s kind of what you want to see.Linebacker has been an area of such glaring weakness in New Orleans for years, truly ever since Jonathan Vilma retired.It speaks to the top-to-bottom talent level there now when players like Mauti and Bighill don’t make it to training camp.Other recent contributors such as Craig Robertson and Nathan Stupar may not even be safe.Between the hiring of linebackers coach Mike Nolan New Orleans Saints Womens Hoodie , drafting of Alex Anzalone and signing of veterans like Manti Te’o, A.J. Klein, and Demario Davis the last two years, it’s clear that New Orleans has prioritized a facelift in the middle of their defense.The Saints have gotten better, even if there’s growing pains like these to be had along the way. Fights during joint practices at NFL training camps have been a common sight this year, a trend Los Angeles Chargers coach Anthony Lynn does not expect will continue when the New Orleans Saints join them for two days of workouts beginning on Wednesday.The Chargers and Saints practiced together without incident for two days last year in Orange County, which makes Lynn optimistic there will not be any trouble this time around."We had good, clean, physical practices last year against this group, and I expect the same thing Womens Customized New Orleans Saints Jerseys ," Lynn said Tuesday. "I know (Saints coach) Sean Payton. I've known him for a long time. I know what he's telling his guys and I know what I'm telling my players, so I don't expect any fights or anything like that tomorrow."Baltimore and Indianapolis became the latest teams to scrap during training camp, with multiple donnybrooks breaking out during their workout Saturday.Other notable fights this month included a session between Washington and the New York Jets that devolved into a large brawl between both teams, and a fracas between Houston wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins and San Francisco defensive back Jimmie Ward which led to Texans coach Bill O'Brien booting Hopkins from practice.Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen understands why the competitive atmosphere of joint practices can become combustible."Going against our guys everyday, now we get to go against another defense and compete, see where we at," Allen said. "You're out here competing, everybody trying to make a play and it gets physical. Just got to be able to take it."The Chargers were unable to avoid the temptation during joint practices with the Rams last year, as Allen and other Chargers wide receivers got into it with Rams defensive backs on several occasions.Offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt is more interested in using the Saints as a measuring stick for evaluating a deep, but unproven wide receiving group rather than as a punching bag."That's a spot that's not always easy to find guys , so to have guys competing for spots on our team and doing a good job, it really helps us," Whisenhunt said.Lynn likes how the wide receivers have performed in training camp, with 2017 first-round pick Mike Williams continuing to impress by making several more standout touchdown receptions Tuesday. However, he won't turn the Chargers into a "run-and-shoot" offense just because of how the group does in practice."We have one guy, two guys, one and a half guys that have production," Lynn said. "These other guys are strictly projections. Mike Williams hasn't done a whole lot in NFL games. I love what he's doing in these camps. We don't want to get too far ahead in how deep we are at that position until we get into the season."The Saints' secondary should be a good tool for gauging where the Chargers stand at wide receiver. New Orleans finished in the middle in the pack in terms of yards passing allowed per game last season, but ranked third with 20 interceptions.Allen is looking forward to matching up against Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore, who had five picks as a rookie. However New Orleans Saints T-Shirt , Allen wishes the joint practices had come earlier in training camp and not before the crucial third preseason game, which serves as the final dress rehearsal for the start of the regular season.Still, Lynn sees the joint practices with the Saints as a welcome device for breaking up the monotony of training camp."They can stop looking at each another and hitting one another and practice against someone else. It should be fun. Last year we got a lot of good work in, so we're looking forward to the same thing this year," Lynn said.NOTES: Cornerback Casey Hayward appeared to sustain a hamstring injury late in practice, but Lynn said Hayward did not believe it was serious. ... Wide receiver Tyrell Williams is limited because of a sore foot that Lynn said might be caused by a bone bruise. ... Left tackle Joe Barksdale missed practice because of an illness.

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      coming into the season with all sorts of high expectations Cheap Mark Ingram Jersey , the Saints were thoroughly dominated by the Tampa Bay Bucs in the season opener, then squeaked by the Cleveland Browns in week two.The task was not getting any easier this afternoon in Atlanta, as the Saints faced their division archrival, the Atlanta Falcons, with each team looking to go to 2-1 and put their opponent in an early divisional hole.1st HALF The Saints came out of the gate smoking, after the Falcons had won the toss and deferred to the second half. New Orleans marched 75 yards down the field in a blink to take a 7-0 lead on a Drew Brees’ pass to Ted Ginn Jr. The Falcons would answer on their second possession, with Matt Ryan finding Calvin Ridley who abused P.J. Williams on that drive, to tie the game at 7. The Saints defense would tighten things up, with rookie Marcus Davenport notching his first NFL sack. Drew Brees and the offense would flirt with the end zone but only come up with field goals to extend the Saints lead to 13-7. In the process, Brees became the NFL all-time leader in completions when he reached 6,301, passing Brett Favre.The Falcons would wrestle the lead back in a two-play, 75-yard drive that saw Calvin Ridley continue to roast P.J. Williams, catching a 75-yard touchdown pass from Matt Ryan and giving Atlanta a 14-13 lead after the extra point. After a punt by the Saints, the defense forced the Falcons into a three-and-out, giving the Saints the ball back with 40 seconds left. In two passes to Alvin Kamara and Benjamin Watson Wil Lutz Jersey , the Saints got into field goal and Wil Lutz converted a 45-yard field goal to give New Orleans a 16-14 lead at halftime.2nd HALFThe Falcons started the second half with the ball, quickly getting into the Saints red zone on a pass interference by Ken Crawley on the unstoppable Calvin Ridley. Matt Ryan would find Ridley again for a touchdown, giving the Falcons a 21-16 lead. After a punt by the Saints, the defense would step up once again and force the Falcons into a punt, which was blocked by the Saints. Craig Robertson returned the punt to Atlanta’s 16-yard line. Drew Brees would then find Cameron Meredith for his first touchdown as a Saint to put New Orleans back in front 23-21.The Falcons would not wait to respond, driving right down the field on their next possession, with Matt Ryan hitting running back Tevin Coleman for a touchdown, and the Falcons converting the two-point try to retake the lead 29-23. In a game of: “anything you can do I can do better,” the Saints marched right down the field, actually mixing up the run and the pass and using a Wild Cat formation to run Taysom Hill deep into Falcons territory. On 4th and goal from the one-yard line, Drew Brees found fullback Zach Line for a touchdown and the see-saw after continued with New Orleans taking a 30-29 lead, the seventh lead change of the game.The Falcons would waste no time getting back into the Saints’ red zone on a 58-yard bomb to Julio Jones. The Saints thought they had held Atlanta to a field goal try, but a personal foul by David Onyemata who hit the center on the field goal attempt gave the Falcons a first-and-goal. On the very next play, Matt Ryan hit Mohamed Sanu for a touchdown, followed by a two-point conversion to Sanu again, to give the Falcons a 37-30 lead.What did you expect would happen? Of course , the Saints then drove right down the field and into Falcons territory on the back of runs by Alvin Kamara and Ted Ginn Jr. and they would get into the end zone with a run by none other than quarterback Drew Brees himself. Wil Lutz would tie the game at 37, with a minute and 15 seconds left in the game. The Falcons would have one last chance to go ahead, but the Saints defense stopped them to take the game into overtime.OvertimeThe Saints would win the toss and take the ball, immediately driving deep into Falcons territory. Never giving the Falcons a chance to possess the ball, New Orleans would punch it in the end zone with Drew Brees’ patented “Fleur-de-Leap” to give the good guys a 43-37 win. Phew! and WHO DAT Y’ALL, the Saints are 2-1***Below is a timeline of the game:1st QuarterFalcons win the toss and defer to the second halfBrees finds Michael Thomas for a 39-yard reception on the first playSaints get into the red zone in the blink of an eyeBrees finds Ted Ginn Jr. for a touchdownNO: 7 - ATL: 0Falcons take over at their 25-yard lineSaints defense forces the Falcons into a three-and-outSaints take over at their 21-yard lineSaints go three-and-out and have to puntFalcons take over at their 19-yard lineFalcons get into Saints territoryMatt Ryan finds Calvin Ridley for a touchdownNO: 7 - ATL: 7Saints start at their 25-yard lineSaints get into Falcons territory at the 44-yard line as the quarter ends2nd QuarterSaints’ drive stalls and they puntFalcons start at their 20-yard Marcus Davenport sacks Matt Ryan and forces the Falcons to puntSaints take over at their 38-yard line and get into Falcons territoryBrees ties Brett Favre for the all-time lead in completions in the NFL at 6,300Saints stall and Wil Lutz makes a 49-yard field goalNO: 10 - ATL: 7Falcons take over at their 25-yard lineFalcons stall and have to puntSaints take over at their 27-yard lineBrees finds Michael Thomas for apass near midfieldBrees is now the all-time leader in completions in the NFL with 6,301Saints get into the red zone on a pass to Ben WatsonSaints stall and Wil Lutz makes a 21-yard field goalNO: 13 - ATL: 7Falcons take over at their 25-yard lineMatt Ryan finds Calvin Ridley who roasts P.J. Williams again for a 75-yard touchdownNO: 13 - ATL: 14Saints Get to their 44-yard line but stallFalcons take over at their 9-yard lineFalcons go three-and-out and have to punt Saints take over at their 42-yard line with 40 seconds left in the halfSaints get into field goal range in two passes to Kamara and WatsonWil Lutz makes a 45-yard field goalNO: 16 - ATL: 143rd QuarterFalcons start at their 25-yard lineFalcons get into the red zone on a pass interference call on Calvin RidleyMatt Ryan finds Calvin Ridley for a touchdownNO: 16 - ATL: 21Saints take over at their 25-yard lineBrees gets sacked by Vic Beasley and the Saints have to puntSaints penalties mounting, giving the Falcons great field position at their 47-yard lineSaints defense stiffens and forces the Falcons to puntSaints block the punt, Craig Robertson picks it upSaints take over at the Falcons 16-yard line Brees finds Cameron Meredith for a touchdownNO: 23 - ATL: 21Falcons take over at their 17-yard lineAtlanta easily gets into Saints territory and into the red zoneFalcons are knocking at the door as the quarter ends4th QuarterMatt Ryan finds Tevin Coleman for a touchdownFalcons go for two and convert easilyNO: 23 - ATL: 29Saints take over at their 25-yard line with 14:11 left in the gameSaints use Taysom Hill in a Wild Cat formation to get into the red zoneSaints have a 4th and goal from the one-yard line and go for itBrees finds fullback Zach Line for a touchdownNO: 30 - ATL: 29Falcons take over at their 25-yard lineMatt Ryan finds Julio Jones for a 58-yard bomb right into the Saints red zoneCameron Jordan sacks Ryan on third and goalA David Onyemata personal foul gives the Falcons a first downMatt Ryan finds Mohamed Sanu for a touchdownRyan finds Sanu forthe two-point conversionNO: 30 - ATL: 37Saints take over at their 19-yard lineSaints get into the red zone in the blink of an eyeSaints have a first and goal as we hit the two-minute warningOn second and goal, Drew Brees runs into the end zone for a touchdownWil Lutz ties the game at 37 with the extra pointNO: 37 - ATL: 37Falcons take over at their 26-yard lineSaints defense forces the Falcons to puntSaints have the ball at their 13-yard line and take a kneeOvertimeTaysom Hill returns the kick to the 20-yard lineSaints get into Falcons territory and into the red zoneSaints get inside the five-yard line for a first-and -goalDrew Brees finds Alvin Kamara inside the five-yard lineBrees leaps into the end zone for a touchdownNO: 43 - ATL: 37Saints Win! Saints Win! The Baltimore Ravens are playing team defense so well, it's almost impossible to pick the best of the bunch.Eight different players had a least one of Baltimore's team-record 11 sacks on Sunday in Tennessee. Za'Darius Smith had three, Patrick Onwuasor rang up his first two of the season and Terrell Suggs , the team career leader in sacks, was among a half-dozen Ravens to take down Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota once."We bring a lot of pressure. We bring different people from different places," coach John Harbaugh said Monday. "Everybody can blitz on our defense. When you do that Marcus Williams Jersey , a lot of times you're going to have all the rush lanes filled up, and it just kind of ends up being who gets there. Sometimes, the guy with the best rush doesn't get the sack."And sometimes, an opposing quarterback may have no option but to hit the turf when none of his receivers are open. That was the situation Mariota faced quite often in Baltimore's 21-0 victory.After looking at film of the game, Harbaugh said, "We had really good coverage. There are a lot of times you'd stop the tape and say, 'If you were the quarterback, where would you go with the ball?' Really, most of the time there was nowhere to go."Suggs, safety Eric Weddle and middle linebacker C.J. Mosley have more than a dozen Pro Bowl appearances between them. This Baltimore defense is getting consistent contributions from several players — and the results have been impressive.Baltimore (4-2) is allowing an NFL-low 12.8 points per game and has yielded a total of 15 points after halftime (including three in overtime). The Ravens are the only team in the NFL that has not given up a touchdown in the second half."It's definitely something that they're aware of, but not talking about," Harbaugh said of his defense.Much of the credit goes to first-year defensive coordinator Don Martindale, formerly the team's linebackers coach. Martindale loves to bring the pressure, which is easy to do if the backfield takes care of business.That is precisely how it played out on a soggy afternoon in Tennessee."We were just a step ahead of them with what they were doing," Weddle said. "Early on we felt like our pass rush was getting home, and if we could cover on the back end it would really make things cloudy and not clear for Mariota."The shutout marked the end of a three-game road trip that began with a victory in Pittsburgh and an overtime loss in Cleveland. Now Authentic Alvin Kamara Jersey , with four of the next five at home, Baltimore is in position to make a move, beginning Sunday against the New Orleans Saints (4-1)."In the NFL, you need to stack wins. You need to find a way to get on a roll," Harbaugh said. "If we can stack a win on top of (Sunday's in Tennessee), then it really starts to mean something. But it's a huge challenge, whether you're on the road or at home, playing against the Saints."The last time the Ravens were 4-2 was 2014, which is also the last time they reached the playoffs."We're in a good place," Harbaugh said. "Not as good as we could be, but you can't look back and lament that. We're happy to be where we're at. We've got to make the most of it."Offensive lineman Alex Lewis, who was carted off the field in the fourth quarter and taken to a hospital with an apparent neck injury, appears to have recovered."It looks good," Harbaugh said. "There's no serious kind of injury there in terms of neuro-type issues. He's possible for this week as far as I know right now. We'll have to see as the week progresses and see how he comes along. That could change."

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      in 2017 Authentic Marshon Lattimore Jersey , the Giants gave cornerback Eli Apple a fresh start this year.It lasted seven games. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Giants are trading Apple to the Saints. The Giants will get a聽a 2019 fourth-round pick and a 2020 seventh-round pick in return.Apple was a 2016 first-round pick and showed promise as a rookie before things went awry last season. He has 23 tackles and a forced fumble in five starts last season.The Giants are now left with B.W. Webb, Antonio Hamilton, Grant Haley and Michael Jordan (not that one or that one) at corner to go with starter Janoris Jenkins.The Saints have been discussed as a possible landing spot for Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson, who has reportedly asked for a trade out of Arizona. This deal may take them out of that market.Apple will find some familiar faces waiting for him in the New Orleans secondary. Cornerback Marshon Lattimore and safety Vonn Bell were also his teammates at Ohio State. Safety Kurt Coleman also played college ball in Columbus, but predated the rest of the Buckeyes.Saints snap counts: A.J. Klein, Demario Davis see all defensive snaps in win over Falcons Week 3 ended up being a wild and much-needed win for the New Orleans Saints, as they knocked off the Atlanta Falcons in overtime to pick up their first NFC South win of the early season. The 43-37 win helped the Saints improve to 2-1 on the year, and showed the league how potent the offense still is under Drew Brees and Sean Payton. Here’s a look at the snap count detail and playing time percentage for the black and gold. (Note: All data is provided by the NFL)OffenseMax Unger, Ryan Ramczyk, Larry Warford, Josh LeRibeus, Terron Armstead, Drew Brees - 75 (100%)Brees caught fire against the Falcons, going 39-of-49 for 396 yards and 3 touchdowns for a 120.7 rating. The 39-year-old quarterback also had two rushing touchdowns, which included one of the funniest and craziest spin moves I’ve ever seen by a quarterback.Michael Thomas - 75 (95%)Thomas made more NFL history on Sunday, breaking an old receiving record previously held by Julio Jones for most catches through the first three games of the season. His stat line of 10 receptions for 129 yards on 10 targets was simply spectacular, as Thomas leads the NFC and NFL in receiving yardage and receptions.Alvin Kamara - 67 (85%)Kamara had a really busy day with 31 total touches. He had 16 rushes for 66 yards, which was just over 4 yards/carry (long of 17), but it was his receiving that made all the difference in the world for the Saints offense. Kamara was targeted a whopping 20 times by Brees, finishing with 15 receptions for 124 yards. He’s third in receptions and sixth in yards right now.Ted Ginn Jr. - 52 (66%)Outside of the first drive, Ginn was pretty quiet on the day. He finished with 3 catches for 12 yards and a score on 6 targets, and added a 20-yard run on a jet sweep (or Ginn-da-round as I like to call it).Josh Hill - 49 (62%)Hill wasn’t much of a factor on the stat sheet outside of his lone catch and target for 17 yards Authentic Michael Thomas Jersey , but it was still a great play for him on the tight end screen that looked to go for a loss or minimal gain.Benjamin Watson - 45 (57%)Watson also proved that age is only a number on Sunday, finishing with 71 yards on 5 catches (6 targets). Sean Payton challenged his tight ends after last week’s game, and it looks like Watson heard the call loud and clear.Cameron Meredith - 34 (43%)Meredith had just one catch and one target in the game, but it was a big one. The 11-yard touchdown from Brees helped the Saints take a late third quarter lead. Once Meredith really gets going, it could be even more interesting for the New Orleans offense.Tre’Quan Smith - 26 (33%)Smith didn’t register any catches or runs on the stat sheet. On a day that saw the Saints go for 534 yards on offense, him not being involved is a really scary thought.Austin Carr - 13 (16%)Carr had two targets on Sunday, finishing with 1 catch for 25 yards. It arguably might have been the best throw from Brees on the day, as Carr hauled in a great catch.Zach Line - 12 (15%)2 catches for 6 yards for the fullback isn’t eye-popping at all, but the decision to go with him on the 4th and Goal to get a touchdown was a gutsy call by Payton, and it paid off.Jonathan Williams - 9 (11%)The preseason camp champ had a single carry for a single yard, and had a single reception for a single yard. Mark Ingram returns soon, and it’s needed for the ground game.Taysom Hill - 5 (6%)3 rushes for 39 yards to go along with 3 kick returns for 64 yards (21.3 average). The Saints used Hill at tight end too to block. This guy is becoming a legend before our eyes.Mike Gillislee, Jermon Bushrod - 4 (5%)DefenseA.J. Klein, Marcus Williams, Marshon Lattimore, Demario Davis - 68 (100%)Klein had an encore performance from last week’s win over the Browns, which is a good thing. Klein finished with just 3 combined tackles, but did have tackle for loss, quarterback hit, and pass defense in addition to his key plate late in the game where he blitzed Matt Ryan to force an incompletion. Davis led all tacklers with 8 combined (5 solo), and also had a QB hit.Cameron Jordan - 62 (91%)Jordan had a pretty strong day, finishing with 2.0 sacks , 5 combined tackles, 2 quarterback hits, 2 tackles for loss, and a pass defense. Jordan said he could have and should have had more sacks.Vonn Bell - 54 (79%)Bell tied with four others (Jordan, M. Williams, P.J. Williams) for second-highest on the team in tackles with 5 combined.Sheldon Rankins - 52 (76%)3 tackles for Rankins on the day, and 2 of them were for a loss.P.J. Williams - 50 (74%)No Saints defender had a worse outing than Williams, who was victimized by Calvin Ridley after getting the start over Ken Crawley. He ended up getting pulled, and came back in working the slot after Patrick Robinson went down. New Orleans has a lot of questions in their secondary.Alex Okafor - 44 (65%)Okafor’s blocked punt was a critical moment in the game, but aside that, just a single tackle.Ken Crawley - 42 (62%)Crawley took a real bad penalty on Calvin Ridley with safety help over the top from Williams. Let’s hope he returns to form soon.David Onyemata - 41 (60%)Onyemata took a really bad special teams penalty after messing with the center on a field goal try that directly led to the Falcons putting a touchdown on the board. Perhaps it’s growing pains, but either way the Saints had a really undisciplined outing.Marcus Davenport - 34 (50%)The first-round pick nabbed his first sack of his career, and it probably couldn’t have come against a better opponent. Davenport had 2 quarterback hits and a tackle for loss. It looked like Atlanta was double-teaming him most of the game.Taylor Stallworth - 27 (40%)Patrick Robinson - 23 (34%)According to early reports, it’s a high ankle sprain for Robinson. Of course, we’ll know more eventually, but at this point we have to count him out for several weeks.Kurt Coleman - 22 (32%)Alex Anzalone - 13 (19%)Jay Bromley - 12 (18%)Special Teams (Top Reps)Taysom Hill, Craig Robertson - 29Chris Banjo, Vince Biegel, Justin Hardee, J.T. Gray - 25

    • huangjian123 hat den Blog-Artikel "The New England Patriots have a busy three days behind them." geschrieben. 05.12.2018

      On Sunday Authentic Jeremy Hill Jersey , the won their seventh game of the year by defeating the Green Bay Packers 31-71. On Monday, they signed linebacker Ufomba Kamalu to the practice squad and had free agent linebacker Albert McClellan in for a visit. On Tuesday, they made six transactions including signing McClellan and former second-round draft pick Obi Melifonwu.The Patriots were not done, though, as they also hosted two more free agents on visits (via ESPN Boston’s Mike Reiss):RB Josh FergusonIllinois’ Josh Ferguson joined the Indianapolis Colts after going undrafted in 2016. The versatile receiving back made the team and went on to appear in all of its 16 games that year, finishing with 35 offensive touches for 156 yards from scrimmage. 2017 and 2018 went differently, however: Ferguson was placed on injured reserve both times and later let go. But while he re-joined the Colts last year — he went on to appear in 10 games, primarily on special teams — Ferguson did not this year. Instead he was signed to the Houston Texans’ practice squad last month. One week later, he was on the open market again.OT Menelik WatsonA second-round draft pick in 2013, Menelik Watson spent the entirety of his four-year rookie contract with the Oakland Raiders. After seeing irregular playing time in Oakland, the 6’5, 315 lbs lineman signed a three-year contract with the Denver Broncos in 2017. He earned a starting spot at right tackle but saw his season come to an end in early November because he hurt his calf. The 29-year old also was placed on injured reserve earlier this year — he suffered a pectoral injury — and was ultimately released by the Broncos in early September.None of the two should be expected to join the Patriots’ 53-man roster immediately, but with Ferguson being practice squad eligible he could be used to bolster depth there. After all, New England just released running back Kenneth Farrow off its scout team yesterday. Watson, meanwhile, appears to be an emergency call-up option. With Brian Schwenke going on injured reserve and Cole Croston getting released (he might re-join the practice squad), having someone potentially available could pay dividends. Don’t look now folks, but the Patriots offensive line is starting to get some much-deserved respect — particularly on the interior.According to PFF, the Patriots are deploying the NFL’s third and seventh-highest graded guards in Shaq Mason (injury aside) and Joe Thuney, as well as the league’s seventh-highest graded center in David Andrews. And, the numbers are there to back it up. According to Football Outsiders, New England’s offensive line is ranked third in adjusted line yards and second in adjusted sack rate so far this season.As pointed out in last Sunday’s column, much of the Patriots’ success can be attributed to the consistency that their interior trio has achieved over the past three seasons. The team’s week-nine victory over the Packers marked just the third time since the start of the 2016 season that the entire trio was not active for game day, as Shaq Mason missed the contest with a calf injury.The Patriots took the first step towards long-term solidification of the unit with the signing of David Andrews to a three-year, $9 million extension last May — a deal that might be among the best values in football. Then came the news in late August of this year that the organization had struck a deal with Shaq Mason and his management team to keep the talented guard in Foxborough through 2023. The deal — which is worth $45 million (up to $50 million with incentives) and included $23.5 million fully guaranteed at signing — was another home run for the organization, as the $9 million per-year average represented a discount given the recent explosion of the interior offensive line market.Naturally, that brings us to left guard Joe Thuney. A former North Carolina State standout currently in his third season after being selected in the third round (78th overall) of the 2016 NFL Draft Youth Danny Shelton Jersey , Thuney and his team will be eligible to negotiate a contract after the completion of this season. While it certainly would not be a surprise to see him play out the final season of his rookie contract without an extension, Thuney appears to fit the mold of past and current Patriots players who have signed early with the organization.Signing an extension with a season remaining on a player’s rookie contract has benefits for both sides. The player receives a large amount of cash sooner, his injury risk is nullified, and he is provided with more long-term security in a environment with which he’s become comfortable. The team generally receives a slightly better contract figure than if they were bidding for the player’s services on the open market, and they are afforded more cap flexibility on the back end of the deal because the prorated portions of large bonuses begin on the year the contract is signed. Currently, the Patriots have seven players who signed extensions before the start of the final season of their rookie or undrafted rookie free agent contracts:Tom Brady - Drafted in 2000, signed a four-year extension in August, 2002.Rob Gronkowski - Drafted in 2010, signed a six-year extension signed in June, 2012.Ryan Allen - 2013 UDFA, signed a three-year extension in June, 2015.James White - Drafted in 2014, signed a three-year extension in April, 2017.David Andrews - 2015 UDFA, signed a three-year extension in May, 2017.Joe Cardona - Drafted in 2015, signed a four-year extension in June, 2018.Shaq Mason - Drafted in 2015, signed a five-year extension in August, 2018.Heading into 2019, Thuney will be carrying an estimated cap hit of $2,268,357 after qualifying for the Proven Performance Escalator (PPE) — a provision in the CBA that bumps the fourth year rookie salary of a player drafted after the second round up to the level of that year’s lowest restricted free agency tender. Players can earn the PPE by participating in 35% of offensive or defensive snaps in two of his first three seasons, or by participating in 35% of all of those snaps over his first three years. There are numerous factors that go into the valuation of a player’s potential contract extension. The major components are talent, age, health, position 4Stephon Gilmore Jersey , and the current league salary cap in the year that the deal is to be signed. That last one is big. As pointed out this week by BSJ’s Miguel Benzan, if the salary cap rises to $190 million in 2019 — which many anticipate — that would mean a 22% increase over just three seasons. No one is more cognizant of the impact of league salary cap increases than NFL agents.From a talent perspective, no one would argue that Thuney’s skill set rivals Shaq Mason’s, but it has been consistently underrated in his time in New England. The Dayton,OH area native — who turns 26 in a couple weeks — is a strong, intelligent player who has improved with each season. But, his most impressive asset is his durability. In fact, not only has Thuney started every game since becoming a Patriot in 2016, but he has missed just nine regular season snaps in his career thus far.When attempting to set a reasonable floor for which to project Thuney’s contract value, a good starting point is the contract that Houston Texans guard Zach Fulton signed this past March. Fulton — who averaged 11.5 starts per season in his four years in Kansas City — secured a four-year, $28 million deal with $13 million fully guaranteed at signing. Thuney is clearly a superior player, so the expectation is he’ll get more than $7 million per year, but things really start getting wild when you venture past Fulton on’s current left guard contracts. Next on the list is Denver’s Ron Leary, who signed a four-year, $36 million deal with $18.65 fully guaranteed at the age of 27 last offseason. From there, Cleveland’s Joel Bitonio checks in at $10 million per year, followed by Tampa’s Ali Marpet at $10.825 million per year. There is simply no way New England is going to pay Thuney more than Mason, so where does that leave us? Well, here’s a possibility:This deal — worth $32,425,000 in new money — would give Thuney a $9 million signing bonus as part of the $17 million in full guarantees, and a first-three-year cash total of $20.5 million. The total value of the contract would be $34.5 million, with an average annual value of $8.445 million over the four new years of the extension. $500,000 in per-game roster bonuses would start in 2020 and run through the remainder of the contract. Essentially this projected deal is the same as the four-year, $29 million contract that Jets guard Brian Winters signed in 2017, but adjusted for an estimated 2019 league salary cap of $190 million. Too hefty? Not rich enough? Perhaps we’ll gain more clarity in March.Follow Brian Phillips on Twitter @BPhillips_SB

    • huangjian123 hat den Blog-Artikel "Patriots vs. Dolphins: Fan Notes from the Game" geschrieben. 05.12.2018

      So what are you guys planning on doing this January when the Patriots’ season is over?Wait Youth Dont'a Hightower Jersey , what? What’s that? It might be a little too early to start making posteason plans, because it’s still September and the Patriots are figuring things out? And they beat the Dolphins handily yesterday and all that doom and gloom of the past few weeks might have been a little reactionary? Oh, OK. Good to know. For aminute there I thought that this team sucked and we may as well just give up now. Glad everyone set me straight!I went to my first ever Patriots game as a kid in 1993, a 28-14 beatdown at the hands of the Houston Oilers. When I went off to college in the Providence area, I started going to at least one game a year, and that tradition has continued for almost two decades now. I have been to at least one Patriots game a year since about 2000 or so. I’ve been to divisional matchups, playoff games,Peyton Manning showdowns and last second Kenbrell Thompkins game winning catches. I’ve even been to a certain Super Bowl that may or may not have taken place at the end of the 2007 season.And in the 30 or so Pats games I have attended since then, this was the second-biggest blowout I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing live. Number One was the AFC Championship Game against the Colts back during the 2014 season...but that took place on a cold, rainy January evening where I was soaked through to the bone before the first half was even over. Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous Fall afternoon where it was 24-0 at halftime, the game was never in doubt, and all seemed right with the world. Going to be tough to top a viewing experience like that.I’m going to get the negative out of the way now and focus more on what went right, but it’s worth saying right off the bat: yesterday was a good game. I’m not going to call it a great game and magically assume that everything is back to normal in New England. Tommy B still isn’t throwing with the same accuracy he should be. He threw behind the receiver on several occasions, including a wide open Gronk on the seam route on their opening drive. He had two boneheaded throws, both of which ended in picks, and a few more of his passes bounced into the air before hitting the turf. He’s not looking like his old self - and I don’t want to say he’s looking like his new old self, but the Pats left points on the board yesterday and Brady is responsible for that.Speaking of Gronk...I’ll go ahead and chalk up his pedestrian day to the ankle injury he’s still nursing, because he’s still the best blocking tight end in the game. I still think it’s just a matter of time before he goes off Youth Joe Thuney Jersey , but it’s not quite there yet.I was also unimpressed with the foot long hot dog I got yesterday. I usually take down three of those things during the course of a game, but found them to be soggy and lukewarm. So I only ate two.Other than that, what was as close to a must-win Week 4 game as it gets, the Patriots came out and absolutely curbstomped the Dolphins in a game that was over by halftime. Ryan Allen only punted once all game and Ryan Tannehill’s longest drive of the day lasted five plays - and went five yards. Of Miami’s 10 possessions (11 if you count the end of half kneeldown), three were 3 and outs that netted negative yardage and two ended in turnovers. So on half of Miami’s drives, they either went backwards or gave the ball away. What exactly caused the defensive turnaround? What did the Patriots do differently? From where I was sitting all the way up in section 332, it was the linebackers, specifically Dont’a Hightower. A Bill Belichick defense lives and dies by its linebackers, and Hightower looked back to form in yesterday’s game. I don’t know if he was still shaking the rust off or getting fully healthy or threatened by the emergence of Ja’whaun Bentley or what, but that’s no matter. Hightower was an animal yesterday in the best kind of way - the way that doesn’t show up on the stat sheet. For example:On three separate occasions, Hightower crashed the center of the line and forced Tannehill to throw it before he wanted to. The result was two incompletions and a catch for a loss.I lost count of how many times Hightower, wearing the green dot, signaled behind him to the secondary to change the play at the line. Seeing as how Miami only had 11 first downs and were 3 for 11 on 3rd down, he’s obviously seeing things much more clearly nowEdge contain was a massive problem for the defense over the first three weeks of the season; not so much yesterday. Linebackers spread wider to prevent the stretch run, and it worked to perfection. Kyle van Noy was probably the best at this; besides the fumble recovery, he forced multiple runs for a loss and had the backs turned around on several occasions.There was even a well-timed blitz and sack from DE/LB hybrid John Simon, who the Patriots signed just this past week.As for the offense...I’m just glad that the Patriots saw it in their heart to give draft bust and national disgrace Sony Michel just one more chance to prove himself. Seeing how he has been on the team and totally active for all of training camp preseason Week 1 two games, it’s understandable as to why everyone was ready to cut him and move on to Ralph Webb. I hope that his 112 yards and a touchdown at least made some small dent in earning the coaching staff’s favor back.The best part of Michel’s day White Jonathan Jones Jersey , though, was his blitz pickup and what he did as a chip blocker. Tommy B wasn’t sacked all day, mainly because of the offensive line, but also because of what Michel was able to do out of the backfield. 175 total yards on the ground is just fine with me.I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that James White may be the most important player on this offense not named Tom Brady. In a wildly up-and-down first quarter of the season, White has been the only player who has consistently been playing well. And he’s doing it all, too - running between the tackles, bouncing outside, fielding toss plays, serving as the outlet receiver on checkdowns, and even running a few legit passing routes.His TD reception was an out and up from the backfield made possible by Chris Hogan drawing the safety to the middle of the field and leaving the corner end zone uncovered...but that was a great route and an excellent sell of the sit-down. If you had asked me what I thought Cordarrelle Patterson would bring to the team when they first signed him, yesterday’s game is exactly what I would have envisioned. A few gadget plays, about 50 yards on three receptions, and maybe a TD.I could, however, do without the seemingly weekly play where he catches a screen in the backfield and trips over his own feet for a loss. My favorite thing about Philip Dorsett isn’t his somersaulting TD catches. It isn’t the way he comes back when Brady is in trouble to provide an outlet. It isn’t the way he can make guys miss in space. It’s that the Colts used a first round pick on him and couldn’t figure out how to make him fit into their system. It just makes me happy.That’s everyone on offense, right? Nobody else of note playing yesterday?Oh yeah! Josh Gordon. About him...There’s are many reasons I love going to games, and one of those reasons is listening to extremely hydrated Patriots fans break down the game like they have any idea what they’re talking about. There was a man with his wife sitting next to me, and it became almost immediately obvious that she wasn’t a football fan at all and was just there to ogle Tommy B and support her man in something he clearly loves. And good for her Youth Malcom Brown Jersey , I say; we should always support the things our significant others are into. Anyway, I don’t think this guy had less than two beers in his hand at any point from whistle to whistle, and as he got more and more hydrated his analysis became more and more hysterical. But the one element that never wavered from the first quarter to the fourth was his adamant insistence that Josh Gordon was wearing #84. I don’t know if it was Patterson’s dreadlocks covering up his entire last name except for the “on,” but even after Patterson scored and John Rooke announced his name over the loudspeaker, this guy stayed all in. And the woman, Tebow bless her, she was all in on Joshdarrelle Gatterdon. That’s a ride or die wife right there.As for the actual Gordon, wearing number 10...very solid first outing. Two catches for 32 yards is nothing to write home about, but one of those grabs was a contested third down conversion and the other had his strength and athleticism on display as he broke tackles and picked up 19.Gordon was also the blocking receiver on James White’s TD run and created a massive lane for White to rush through. Gillette Stadium went nuts every time he touched the ball - which you also figure would have tipped off that guy to my right that maybe he had his wires crossed.It’s really too bad that the Patriots couldn’t stop the fabled Osweilier-to-Gore connection, otherwise they could have preserved the shutout. But I don’t think any team in NFL history has ever been able to stop Osweiler to Gore, so I guess I don’t feel too bad.No time to enjoy this one - Indy is coming to town on Thursday in what I’m sure is going to be a clean, effective, well-planned game between two teams that have both had plenty of time to rest and recover.UPDATE: A friend of mine not-so-subtly pointed out that he and I went to the 2009 game between the Pats and Titans in which they won 59-0 in an absolute deluge of wet snow and freezing rain. I guess I blocked that game out because I was wet and miserable the whole time, but a game is a game. This game is actually the third biggest blowout I have attended. But the biggest blowout I have attended with the sun shining. So there’s that. Cyrus Jones was sure his tenure with the Patriots was over when he was cut at the end of training camp earlier this month.New England chose to sever ties with the cornerback and return man, a second-round pick in 2016, after an underwhelming two-year tenure.It included fumble issues and a right knee injury that caused him to miss the 2017 season.It is why Jones said he was "blown away" when he got a call from his agent Monday night saying that the Patriots wanted to re-sign him.A deal was completed, and Jones was added to the 53-man roster on Wednesday. He practiced for the first time with his old team Thursday."Everybody was excited to see me, as I was excited to see them ," said Jones, who had been on the Baltimore Ravens' practice squad since being released by New England.Jones has been working with the safeties since his return, a position that took a hit when starter Patrick Chung suffered a concussion during New England's loss at Jacksonville.Devin McCourty, Duron Harmon and Nate Ebner — a primary special teamer — are the only other safeties on the depth chart. So, if Chung isn't cleared to play this weekend against Detroit, the chances are high that Jones will see at least some action.McCourty said he started beaming when he saw Jones back in the team cafeteria."Even when he left and went to Baltimore, I was texting him to see how he was doing," McCourty said. "It was a good feeling seeing him come back in here."Jones appeared in 10 games for the Patriots in 2016, making one start. But he had more fumbles (five on 19 punt and kick returns) than tackles (three) on defense.He was making progress this spring after his knee surgery, but it wasn't enough to secure him a roster spot when New England made its initial 53-man cut.He said he's not looking at this second opportunity as a chance at redemption."I'm just here to do a job, just like everybody else," Jones said. "I don't look at it like that. I look at it as another opportunity, just like it was when I was in Baltimore. Just like I did when I left here. Trying to be the best guy on Sundays."But Jones acknowledged "it hurt" not being on a roster to open the season."I get that opportunity being back here, so I'm going to make the most of it," he said.Jones said he's put the past and the circumstances surrounding his initial departure behind him. He said he respects the Patriots reasons for letting him go."Whether I was working my way back from injury or whatever — who wants to get cut?" Jones said. "It really didn't matter the circumstances of why I got cut. It didn't matter. That wasn't important to me. It happened, and I dealt with it like a man and moved on."Fortunately enough, coach thought enough of me to bring me back and to help this team win. That's what I'm gonna focus on doing."Notes: TE Rob Gronkowski was limited in practice Thursday with an ankle issue. Chung and DE Trey Flowers both sat out the second straight day as they continue to go through the league's concussion protocol.


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